Your entire struggle in life is nothing but the struggle for freedom! Choices are not freedom, Integrity is freedom!

One of the ultimate laws that is very difficult to understand is that nobody can live his life based upon any law. When I say nobody, I mean NOBODY. When I say any law, I mean ANY LAW.

Life is much superior to laws. Life is live intelligence. Any law, rule or regulation is based on a certain understanding of life. But life is beyond all our understanding and logic.

People ask me, ‘Why is this life created at all?’ I tell them, this ‘why’ can never be answered because it is based on your logic. But life is based on god’s logic. Your logic and god’s logic can never meet with each other. His logic is so big, so vast and so infinite.

Life is created by Him. Rules are created by you. Life is created by Him. Laws are created by you. Naturally, your laws can never match or fit with god’s logic or god-created life.

Life is natural. Laws are societal.

Life is physical. Laws are mental.

All your ideas, all your do’s and don’ts, all your morality, all your ‘right or wrong’ are given to you by society. Rules are needed to co-exist peacefully with a common understanding of the way certain things are. But beyond that, one’s own intelligence needs to be awakened so that life may be lived to its optimum.

By your very nature you are searching for freedom. When some morality is taught to you as a rule, either you try to get around it or if you can’t, you take revenge on the people who imposed the rule on you. Imposed morality always causes you to be or feel revengeful. You may not be obviously revengeful, but it will be there in you as a subtle thread.

For example, people repeatedly tell me, ‘My son is not taking care of me.’ Be very clear that your son may be your foremost enemy because you have given him so many rules, so many regulations throughout his life. Naturally, while one part of his mind will have respect for you, the other part will always harbor revenge towards you.

Don’t think this is something new that I am telling you or this has to do with your son alone. No! This is a basic fact in society. It is not spoken about because it is too much truth for people to bear! Which son or which father will agree if I told them this fact? This is a very deep-rooted truth that most people are blissfully oblivious of. It is my duty to draw your attention to such truths of life.

Your entire struggle in life is nothing but the struggle for freedom. Even your search for money is the search for freedom. If you have more money, you have more choices or more freedom to choose a bigger house, a bigger car, more comforts etc. Your search for more choice is your search for freedom. Whatever you may be searching for, whether it is relationships, wealth or titles, it is only the search for more freedom.

The first thing a rule does is to put you in fear of violating it at any time. Even if you don’t break the rule, you are left with a feeling of fear and guilt about it. When you are with this fear and guilt, you feel your freedom is curtailed. You start living in a dull and dead way because by your very nature you aspire for freedom.

By your very nature you are a nithya mukta, eternally free person. You never want to be curtailed. You never want to be a slave of any rule. In order to be that way, you just need to bring in more awareness and follow the rules with the right understanding.

source: Living Enlightenment

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