If you are not dissatisfied with yourself, if you accept yourself as you are, what you really need can be fulfilled here and now.

According to me, guilt is the worst killer of intelligence. It will never let you move in your life.

Most of our ailments are due to psychological disturbances where guilt plays a major role.

Most of the time, our energy flow gets blocked because of guilt. If you look deep, wherever you are not able to move, wherever you are not able to take decisions, wherever you have fear, there will be some guilt lurking.

Acceptance (Completion) is a wonderful tool to relieve yourself of the pull and push between the past and future.

With acceptance you fall into the present straightaway. The first thing is to accept all the happenings of the outer world and all the happenings of the inner world. Whatever problems you have in the outer world and whatever problems you have in the inner world, just accept them in their entirety. Summarize all that you experience as problems and accept them in totality.

Accept all guilt, all mistakes and all failures. Even if you cannot accept, accept that you cannot accept. You will then relax and guilt will drop from your mind.

Just try this small experiment:

Just relax for three days with complete acceptance. If you relax for three days without the pull and push in the inner and outer worlds, are you going to lose all your wealth? Surely not! So there is no problem. In three days you are not going to lose anything. Why don’t you give it a try?

Just for three days, sincerely, utterly, accept everything in your life one hundred percent!

If you are not able to accept one hundred percent, then accept that you are not able to accept one hundred percent.

Even the acceptance of ‘I am not able to accept myself in the inner world and outer world’ will make you drop from the pull and push between the past and future.

The moment you understand, ‘I am unable to free myself from the pull and push of desires and fears, I am not able to accept my reality,’ that very understanding will start doing its job.

If you can fall into the present moment, relaxing from the outer world and inner world things, in three days you will have a glimpse:

What is life? What does it mean to live in the present moment?

If this happens to you, you will experience such ecstasy, such a different space, such a different life that you have never experienced before.

You have lived based on your philosophy for maybe the last thirty years. Just for three days, don’t try to alter anybody in the outer world. You will see that when you experiment with such great techniques, they work miracles in your being. They start a great alchemy process in your being. If you are not able to be sincere, accept that you are not able to be sincere. Even that sincerity is enough. You will start seeing a different space in you.

Let you be very clear, you can never help yourself by creating guilt. Is there a single person who says, ‘No, I changed myself by creating guilt’? Never!

You might have stopped expressing the guilt attitude. You might have stopped doing that act for which you feel guilty. But unless you get to the root of guilt and work, it does not leave your system completely. Only the symptoms change.


The society which is created based on power and politics, by business people and politicians naturally will have techniques only to keep people in guilt. They need to control, so they will put people in guilt.
Only through guilt people can be easily controlled. But the social system created by enlightened masters helps people to be liberated and move towards more and more expression of freedom. Understand the big difference between the society created by enlightened masters and the social structure created by politicians and businessmen.

In the system created by the masters, they constantly give you confidence. Even when you fail, they say, ‘No, don’t worry. Just because you committed a sin, you are not a sinner. Committing a sin is different, being a sinner is different.’ There is no word ‘sinner’ used to address people in the ancient vedic system of enlightened masters. They address human beings as amrutasya putraha or Sons of Immortality!

Just look at animals. You cannot find guilt in any animal. It just is. It has no ideals, no perfectionist attitudes and no discontent. That is why it is beautiful and innocent. But in the case of man, he always has an image of how everything should be, including himself, his family, situations, society – everything. He is always yearning to be what he is not.

This can be healthy and unhealthy. When you are yearning to actualize your potential, it is a healthy yearning. But most of the time we yearn to achieve only based on the ideas society imposes on us and the ideas we borrow from others.

Once you are caught in these imposed desires and ideals, you can never relax and enjoy the journey of life. You will always be discontented. And the more dissatisfied you are with yourself, the more it becomes impossible to reach your ideal. It is a vicious circle. In the soil of dissatisfaction the seed of intelligence, spontaneity cannot grow. You become like the horse with blinders, with a narrow vision of how you think things should be.

If you are not dissatisfied with yourself, if you accept yourself as you are, what you really need can be fulfilled here and now.

Society teaches you constantly that you are not complete. It induces in you a fear, an inferiority complex so you will not be confident and independent. Then your intelligence gets suppressed and you follow the rules put down by society. You are already what you can be. All you need to do is just relax and let the energy of Existence flow through you.

If you are caught in bettering yourself, you cannot relax. You will be tense and always anxious that you are lacking in some way.

True religion says you are complete as you are. How else can you be when you have emerged itself from fulfillment? Man as such has emerged from fulfillment. So his very nature is fulfillment. This is what is implied in the great declarations such as Tat tvam asi – That Art Thou, Aham Brahmasmi – I am Brahman*.

You are complete and you are total. You don’t have to reach anywhere since you are already there. You don’t have to become something because you are already that. It is just a question of waking up to this Truth.

source: Living Enlightenment

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