If you can look but not be affected by what you see, then you have found the right way!

Actually, jealousy has no solid existence. In that way it is like darkness. Darkness does not have an independent, positive existence. Darkness is not the presence of something. Darkness is just the absence of light. In the same way, jealousy has no independent, solid existence by itself. It is just the absence of knowledge or awareness.

There is no end to comparison because comparison exists in the mind, not in reality. The jealousy that arises from comparison also has no basis.


Some people ask me, ‘Then, is it better for us not to look at others and their achievements? Then there is no problem of comparison at all! Isn’t that the best way out of jealousy?’

I tell them, you can’t escape from your mind just by ignoring your thoughts! If you can look but not be affected by what you see, then you have found the right way. If you can accept and welcome what you see and what happens, then you are centered within yourself and nothing can shake you.

Just by condemning the object of jealousy, you will not be liberated from jealousy itself because the moment you start condemning another person, it means that there is a wound inside you that you are trying to cover up, knowingly or unknowingly.

By condemning the object of jealousy, you might be liberated from that particular object of jealousy, but you will simply get fixed on another object of jealousy, that’s all! It is like saying ‘sour grapes’ and moving on to another vineyard! So, trying to overcome the object of jealousy is not the solution. You need to work on the subject, that is, you.

The sage Patanjali, the father of yoga, says, ‘When somebody is blissful, feel blissful and friendly.’ The secret is that bliss is a quality that belongs to everyone. It is there for anyone to share, just like a flower’s fragrance spreads choicelessly and is available for everyone, like a beautiful sunrise that is there for anyone to enjoy, or like a beautiful piece of music available to everyone!

You can choose to tune into bliss, and that is all that is needed to experience it!

Because of jealousy, you suffer inside yourself. You feel something is missing in your life. To get that missing element, you try to become what you are not by nature. This is the start of hypocrisy. You try to imitate others and become what you are not. This is a vicious cycle. The more you pretend, the farther you go from your true nature. This leads to further dissatisfaction and jealousy, which in turn leads to more pretense.

The only way to break out of this vicious cycle is to realize your own uniqueness and express it. Be authentic in everything that you do.

This new experience of freedom will help you tremendously to find your unique and authentic dimension of creativity. Love yourself just as you are, as the unique creation of the Divine. And watch the self-created myth of jealousy just drop.

There is a beautiful verse in the ancient scriptures that says the power of maya, the energy which runs the universe, uses jealousy as a tool to make you do whatever it wants you to do.

In India, there are people who do circus shows with monkeys in the street. They will have a small stick. Once they pick up the stick, the monkey will do whatever they say. If they just gesture to the monkey, it won’t listen. Even though it knows that the man can pick up the stick at any time, unless he picks up the stick, the monkey won’t listen. If he picks up the stick and tells the monkey to walk straight, it will walk straight. If the man tells the monkey to jump three times, it will jump three times.

The man will use the stick like the ringmaster uses it in the circus. In the same way, the power of maya uses peer pressure and jealousy as a stick to make you do whatever it wants. Understand, peer pressure is just a big ego game. Actually, it is not at all necessary for you to grow. There is enough food, shelter, medical care and clothing in the world to satisfy all of our basic needs. There is no need to compete!

source: Living Enlightenment

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