What is the greatest service one can do to the world ?

The boundaries between these three (Self, world, God) exist only as long as the not accepting or the fighting ego exists. The moment non-acceptance disappears, acceptance happens and ego disappears. Suddenly only celebration remains. Some people ask me, ‘How do we express our deep gratitude to you?’ I tell them that the only way to express their gratitude is to live enlightenment the way I have just described it to you. That is the best you can do for me and that I can do for you.

The reason why you feel so much gratitude towards me is because only when an enlightened master happens in your life do you start knowing what gratitude is!

Until then, gratitude remains just a social habit from your periphery. When the master happens, when the transformation starts, you start feeling a movement inside you, a deep joy… an inexplicable feeling not from your periphery but from your being. That feeling is gratitude. That is what is called devotion. You cannot express it with words. That is the beauty of real gratitude. Just relax into it and allow it to transform you. It will transform you from your being. That is enough. Then the work of the master is done!

People ask me, ‘What service can we do for the mission?’ I tell them, the greatest service one can do to the world is working for the flowering of one’s own consciousness. Once this happens, automatically, you will serve where required, not out of ego but because you are celebrating and overflowing. Then it is not called service. It is just an overflowing. That is the way service should happen, not as a giving, but as a spontaneous sharing.

People generally do service to gain credit. Society has taught us that service will get us a place in heaven, that service will somehow nullify our bad deeds.


Service will not reserve any place for us in heaven. Heaven does not run any exchange offer for us in this fashion.

When you overflow within yourself, you automatically feel there is nothing more to be done, and you start serving, that’s all. The overflowing does not have anything to do with your material wealth or anything. It has to do with the state within you, the state of causeless bliss, of gratitude towards the Whole.

Service, when done in this way, can itself lead you to enlightenment.

source: Living Enlightenment

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