Reaching out to an Enlightened master, doing what the master says and acting without intention is life!

If the depth of the intention is more and the action is less, the person is lazy. He is lazy or in tamas.
If the depth of intention and of the action is the same, the person is in restless action or rajas.
If there is no intention but only the action, he is in purposeless action or sattva.

That is why Krishna says in the Bhagavadgita, ‘Fight, O Arjuna.’ It is not the act of ‘killing’ that will be recorded but the intention that will be recorded. The intention of Arjuna is the intention of Krishna, who is a being with no intentions as He is one with the Cosmos!

When you act in tune with the Cosmos, the whole Cosmos blesses you. You attract all kinds of positive coincidences around you. That is why when people contribute even a little to the cause of such a person they are showered in abundance from all corners.

We have seven layers or seven bodies of energy, which are physical, pranic, mental, etheric, causal, pleasure and nirvanic.

Please understand, in the causal layer our gathered or agamya karma is completely available for us. See, in the causal body, you may have the skills to play cricket, golf and tennis. But if you get up from deep sleep with a strong will or intention to play cricket, then you will also bring from the causal body the intelligence to play cricket. You will be naturally led into the situations, the atmosphere and the intelligence for it. If you go to sleep at night with a strong intention to play golf and you wake up in the morning with the strong intention to play golf, then you will bring with you that intelligence to play golf.

The causal layer is an exchange place. It is like monetary exchange. In the causal layer you can exchange anything. When you go to the causal layer the karma of this birth itself can be changed if you have that strong intention every day. This is true freedom.

Strong intention has the capacity to change the gathered agamya karma and the prarabdha karma of this birth. It cannot change the total sanchita karma. Sanchita karma can only be changed by the grace of the master , one who is without karmas.

Reaching out to the master, doing what the master says and acting without intention, are what the whole game of life is all about.

Action without intention is mission.

If you are acting with intention, you are like a machine.

If you are acting without intention, you are the mission.

Machine or mission, the choice is yours.

Till you act with my intention without adding your intention, I will keep training you. Just do what I say without asking inspiration from your intention, from your greed and fear.

Pure action without intention will lead to fulfillment.

source: Living Enlightenment

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