Will we contract another person’s karma when they give advice, or touch them? How vulnerable are we to other people’s karma?

Understand, you cannot get karma from somebody else. You have enough of your own! So do not bother about catching karma from another person.

Either by touching or by giving advice or by close physical contact or physical proximity, karma can never be passed on. You may acquire the mental setup of that person in close proximity, if you are continuously around him, but never his or her karma. Of course, you have to be mentally strong so that you don’t get his or her mental setup! But if you are solid within yourself through the clicks that have happened in you, even this won’t affect you in any way.

Understand one more thing, I do not interfere with your karma. Like how when the sun rises the darkness disappears on its own, in the same way in the presence of the master the karma gets burnt.

Karma, like darkness, has got only negative existence. It does not have a positive existence.

What I mean is that you cannot take it and throw it out like how you can take say a microphone and throw it out. Just like how lightlessness is only called darkness, karma is just lack of inner light in us. It is just ignorance. It is energylessness.

Any karma can be burnt through remembering the clicks and living life according to the understanding through the clicks. Karma is nothing but the faith of your fear in it.

Karma does not exist even to the depth of your fear. Fear will go to the depth of your causal body, the energy layer that you fall into in deep sleep. If you sleep with a knife above your head, you will automatically touch the causal body because of the intense fear. Karma does not have even that much depth. It is just your own doing and can be undone with understanding and awareness, and a conscious decision not to incur more karma through thought, word or deed.

It is very important to live a life only exhausting karma and not accumulating more. It is this idea that is promoted in the vedic marriages. In the vedic marriages, the couple takes a vow to put their spiritual life ahead of their married life and live together. It is simply deciding to cooperate and exhaust each other’s karma without causing any further karma for each other.

Normally in marriage, the man will operate from lust and the woman from fear. The man exploits the fear aspect of the woman and the woman exploits the desire aspect of man. This vow states that they will work only towards exhausting each other’s karma and not towards exploiting each other or multiplying their karma.

source: Living Enlightenment

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