Why should we do puja ?

Puja is a ritualistic offering. Puja is nothing but an everyday remembering of all the clicks that have happened in you till date, so that the necessary click will automatically come up whenever you have a problem.

When a master teaches, it is not even a teaching, it is a powerful experience. When you do not use the initiations received through him, when you do not again and again use those shaastra-shastras – knowledge-weapons given to you by him, not only do they lose their power, you may not even be able to remember them again. This is the important thing to understand here.

For example, let us say you have a cot. If you do not use the cot for two years, the cot will not become unusable or it will not disappear. After two years, you can still use it again. But if you do not use the knowledge given to you, the initiations given to you, for two years they will not be sitting in your bedroom waiting for you to use them! No! They will simply disappear, that’s all.

So how do you remind yourself every day of all the clicks that have happened in you? Every day, sitting and reminding yourself of all the clicks that happened in you is what is puja or ritual. Pujas are designed with this intent.

Automatically, everyday, whether you want it or not, when you sit for the ritual, you will remember the initiation experiences. The clicks that happened with the master will arise from within you. The ritual brings you back to pure consciousness every day. The engrams start losing their power.

When the engrams with which you were born start losing their power over you, further collection of engrams stops. When the collection stops and the existing karmas also lose their power over you, then, the person who brings you back to the superconscious zone again and again, the master, appears when you leave the body and burns your sanchita as well.

For example, if your child sits and tries very hard to build a small house, what will you do? You will say, ‘Alright, do not bother. I will build it and give it to you.’ In the same way, when a disciple sincerely works to remove his prarabdha and agamya, the master’s grace simply happens and removes the sanchita also!

Understand one important issue. The master’s grace that we are talking about here is not just dependent on me.

If anybody sincerely does penance or meditation, then in spite of me, the grace will land on him! It is not even dependent on me. It is an automatic mechanism!

Be very clear, it is dependent just on your own receptivity, not on me. I am like an ocean, constantly available to whoever comes with whatever size vessel they wish to carry. If you come with a coconut shell, you will carry back that much of me. If you come with a little bigger vessel, you will carry back that much quantity of me. If you come with a bigger container, you will carry back what that container can hold. If you are intelligent, you will simply jump into the ocean of bliss!

So initiation or puja means, reminding yourself everyday of all the initiations and all the great experiences that happened with the master and bringing yourself back to the same high consciousness repeatedly.

When you are ready every day with the same high spirit, it means that you are ready for the next 24 hours of the drama of life that is going to unfold! For the next 24 hours, you have the energy required. This is the reason behind doing puja.

source: Living Enlightenment

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