If my body is again and again replacing itself, rejuvenating itself, then why am I carrying the same disease?

Not only yoga, but also medical science, confirms that our body constantly rejuvenates and replaces itself. We are constantly replacing ourselves. This is the first truth.

The second important truth is proven not only by yoga and ayurveda, but also by biology and medical science, that our mind creates our body. Our body is directly guided by our mind.

There is a book called ‘The Biology of Belief’ written by scientist, Dr. Bruce Lipton. After thirty years of research in the field of biology, he came up with some very powerful conclusions. He clearly proves that our positive and negative emotions control our body in a bigger way than even DNA or cells do. Our body is guided by our beliefs, faith, and our positive and negative emotions.

He says that even our body structure can be altered by our mind. Step by step, he proves very clearly that all our genetic, physical and mental problems are created by our faith alone.

Research has also been done with children who were separated from their biological parents from birth. The children grew up thinking that the parents who had adopted them were their real parents. In these cases, the children even expressed all the symptoms of the hereditary diseases of the foster parents!

There is a small story about a woodcutter:

A woodcutter was once cutting a tree near a river. His axe slipped and fell into the river. Suddenly, a goddess appeared in front of him with a golden axe and asked, ‘Is this yours?’ He said, ‘No’, Just a few moments later, she reappeared with a silver axe and asked, ‘Is this yours?’ The woodcutter again said, ‘No’. Then she disappeared and came back with his axe, made of iron and asked, ‘Is this yours?’ He said, ‘Yes, yes, it is mine!’
The goddess was very pleased with his honesty and handed over all the three axes to him!

Now, I will tell you the extension of this story, the second edition!

The same woodcutter was cutting a tree by the same river. His wife was assisting him. Suddenly, by accident, his wife fell into the river!

The same goddess appeared bringing a beautiful woman with her. She asked the woodcutter if she was his wife.

The woodcutter replied, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’

The goddess got very angry and said, ‘How dare you lie, you greedy fellow! Last time, when the axe fell into the river, you told the truth, but now when your wife fell in, you are telling a lie!’

The woodcutter replied, ‘No, no, you don’t understand my problem. Last time you asked first whether the golden axe was mine, then whether the silver axe was mine, and then you showed me my axe. When I said the last axe was mine, you gave me all three. Now again if you give me three women what will I do! I know what suffering I am going through with just one! That is the reason I took precautionary steps. Anything is okay, but please just leave me with one wife, not more!’

Anyhow, just like the goddess who asks the woodcutter about the axes, in the same way, Existence, the Cosmic Mother always asks you, ‘Is this your new body?’ Existence creates a new body for you every passing moment. Our cells constantly rejuvenate themselves.

When the Cosmic Mother comes and asks, ‘Is this new body yours?’ you say, ‘No, no, no! Bring my old one to me!’ That is the problem. That is why, in spite of the natural rejuvenation process, you find that no big change has happened to your body over years and years.

Our body has enough intelligence to replace itself. You may ask, ‘If my body is again and again replacing itself, rejuvenating itself, then why am I carrying the same disease?’

You carry the same disease in your body because you strongly believe in the same mind. Because you are carrying the same mind, you reproduce the same problems in the body. By clutching, by connecting, you stop the self-healing that could happen in your body.

The moment you allow the inner healing to happen, the outer healing will simply start happening.

The moment you allow the inner healing to happen, the outer healing will simply start happening.

The moment you understand that you are an unclutched being, that moment depression will disappear and I promise that you will create a completely new body. You will not carry your diseases forward to your new body.

You carry the same disease because you believe that you are connected and that you are a continuous flow, which is supported by all of the shafts that you have created. When you create new cells or organs, you carry the same disease over into the new body also.

You can see this in your own life. Let’s say that as a child, you are taught by your mother that if you go out in the rain and get wet you will catch a cold. This concept is constantly reinforced during your childhood. Once you grow older you won’t even have to go in the rain. All you need to do is to watch the rainfall from a window and you will sneeze!

But when you understand you are unclutched you can work on your physical aches and pains. They will heal quickly. Also, you will not make and reinforce shafts that keep you in illness and suppression. For example, the knee pain you had ten days ago, the knee pain you experienced nine days ago, the knee pain you had eight days ago are all unconnected, independent experiences. But when you connect all of them and put a label, ‘I have knee pain,’ you make a shaft out of it.

If you strongly believe that you had knee pain for ten years, naturally you will strongly believe you are going to have the same knee pain for the rest of your life. This faith is more than enough to reproduce and create knee pain in the new body that you create every morning. Because you clutch and connect with the same mind, you reproduce the same disease in the new body that you create every day.

When you stop carrying the same mind and the same old identity, you stop reproducing the same diseases in the new body. You stop reproducing the same pain, the same depression, the same difficulties, and same disease in the new body. You are liberated.

If you are unclutched, you allow your body to heal from the disease that you already have and you create a new body, a new system, that is healthy, energetic and alive. You will live like children. Children are so alive because every moment they create a new body. They are not stuck with a shaft, so they don’t have any idea about themselves. That is the reason that even if yesterday you fought with them, today they will be smiling at you as if nothing happened! They don’t carry records in their minds. They don’t carry any identity about themselves. They do not connect yesterday’s fight, the day before yesterday’s fight, and the fight that happened one month ago. They are free from the shaft.

source: Living Enlightenment

2 thoughts on “If my body is again and again replacing itself, rejuvenating itself, then why am I carrying the same disease?

  1. I want to learn about body transformation like swami Ramblinga valallar of vadllur Tamil nadu, who transformed his body into Divya deha,ever lasting how? I want to follow
    I want a siddha guru who can help me to become like big siddhis to serve God’s creation n more


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