Do not try to renounce your pain, because by your very nature it is getting renounced, flowing away from you!

When we unclutch, happen to us will be a deep silence and peace in us. 

  • The first thing that will an inner healing effect. 
  • Second, that inner healing will start radiating as physical wellbeing, which is our health. 
  • Third, naturally it will start radiating in our relationships also. 
  • Fourth, because these three are going beautifully, we will be creative and productive!

People come and tell me, ‘Swamiji, for the last twenty years I have had knee pain.’

No, it cannot be!

Please understand that in reality it cannot be. I am not disrespecting you or adding more suffering to you by saying all your problems are only in your head. I am just telling the truth: all your problems are in your head! I am just stating the truth.

The knee pain you experienced two years ago, the knee pain you experienced one year ago, the knee pain you experienced two months ago, and the knee pain you experienced two hours ago are independent experiences. Only because you connect all of them, you conclude that you have been having knee pain for twenty years. Is it really true that you have knee pain continuously for twenty years? What happens to the moments of ‘no knee pain’ in between? The important thing you need to understand is that because you connect and see all these as one continuous incident, you block the possibility of self- healing.

The depression that happened one month ago, the depression that happened one year ago, and the depression that happened three years ago are independent, individual, unconnected, and unclutched. The problem is the same as with physical pain. You start connecting them and concluding that you are having the same depression continuously. You create an idea that your life is depression. Then you start fighting with it. That only gives more life to the depressive thoughts.

When you strongly believe that your last ten years have been filled with suffering and depression, you create a strong mental setup surrounding it. Naturally you start thinking that your future is also going to be painful and filled with depression.

Suppose there is a person sitting in front of you who you think is an enemy. Suddenly if you notice that his head is separate, his legs are separate and his hands are separate, would you even feel like fighting with him? No! He is not even worth fighting! He doesn’t even have a solid existence, as you imagined him to have. So what is there to fight?

In the same way, only when you imagine you have a huge problem in front of you, that a big person is in front of you, you start fighting and getting into more trouble. Your depression is not the huge enemy that you think it is. It is just like the person with disjointed body parts. It is you who joined the parts and gave it life. Your fighting with depression is the root cause of your depression.

In Ramayana there is a beautiful story. Whoever stands in front of the monkey king Vali and fights with him, loses half of his power to him. In the same way, whoever stands in front of the thought shaft and starts fighting with that shaft, half of their power will go away to that shaft.

The moment you unclutch from the shaft, you experience the neutral space, and inner healing starts. The moment inner healing starts, physically also you are healed. Do not try to renounce your depression, because by your very nature it is getting renounced, flowing away from you. By your very nature just as joy disappears from your mind, depression also disappears from your mind. The moment you try to eliminate the depression, you will extend it and give it more life.

If you have a deep depression, will you stop going to the office? No! You may carry the depression in your mind but your body moves. You work. You may not be that productive or efficient. But your body still moves.
Instead of ‘living depression’, I am saying, ‘live unclutched’.

When we live in depression, we don’t have all these questions, ‘If I am depressed, how can my body move?’ We don’t have such questions. The depression becomes part of our life. In the beginning you may have questions, ‘How can I live unclutched? How will I even move my body?’

Understand that the constant remembrance of unclutching does not interfere with your mind or body movements. It only removes the depression because it lets the depression thoughts rise and fall without clutching to them.

source: Living Enlightenment

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