How to come out of guilt, fatigue, allergies and phobias ?

The ayurvedic science says that we get stomach problems like constipation, etc., only if we constantly hold on to our body. If we can just relax and witness, if we start understanding that we are not the body, we will never have stomach problems. I tell you from my experience with millions of people that I have met and worked with, if you have stomach problems, try this technique for just two or three days. Constantly think that you are not the body. I assure you, you will be liberated from any stomach problem. Your stomach will simply be healed.

If you have stomach problems like ulcer, constipation, irritation, or any problem related to the stomach, this technique will help you. For two or three days, just continuously think, ‘I am not the body,’ ‘I am not the body.’ Just relax and allow the body to function. I tell you, within two or three days you will be healed.

All your allergies and your phobias are nothing but the connection of independent thoughts. The only thing needed is the courage to be unclutched. Please be very clear, I have healed at least one thousand people with allergies in the last three years.

When I was giving discourses in Hyderabad, India, a man complained about twenty five years of allergies to lentils. Even if he ate a spoonful of cooked lentils, his whole body would start swelling. I said, ‘Bring the lentils and eat them in front of me.’
I sat next to him as he ate. I just told him, ‘I’ll take care. I’ll heal. Don’t worry.’ He ate and there was no swelling. The allergy simply disappeared. All that is needed is giving these people the courage to be unclutched. When I said that I would take care, he was able to break that shaft of fear which was causing his allergy!

Let me tell you an incident from the days of my spiritual journey:

I went to a village where there were many elderly Lamas. I asked one villager, ‘Can I see an elderly Lama?’ He said, ‘Go to that field. There is a Lama working there. You can speak to him.’ I went up to the Lama and spoke to him while he was working in the field.

I asked, ‘I heard that you are a very elderly person, can I ask about some of your experiences, something about your life?’
He started laughing. He said, ‘What? Elderly!? I am only a middle-aged man. I am only 136! There are so many people who are 190 and above, go and talk to them.’ I was shocked! I asked, ‘How do you live so long?’

He simply replied, ‘What is there to say? From childhood onwards we know that the human lifespan is 300 years.’
From the beginning they are taught that they can live up to 300 years. Your body is just like a child. Whatever you tell it, it will follow. All you need to do is create a correct, strong belief. If you are unclutched, things will take their own course. You will constantly rejuvenate yourself.

You are made to believe that human beings age and die by seventy to ninty years. By the time you become seventy, you are prepared for death. You constantly say, ‘Oh, I have become old, I am ready to die.’ Then you prepare your body for death.

Solution for fatigue

Your body creates or maintains a particular disease according to the identity that you create with respect to that disease. Tiredness, chronic fatigue and all these related disorders are directly related to this identity. We can call it the ‘identity shaft’. What do we mean by identity shaft? Take tiredness for example. You connect yesterday’s tiredness, the day before yesterday’s tiredness, the tiredness that you experienced one month ago, etc., and create an identity shaft for yourself that says, ‘By eight o’clock tonight I will become tired’. Then every day, by six o’clock, you start preparing your mind, ‘By eight o’clock I will start feeling tired….’ You feel compelled to fulfill your identity!

So you start creating dullness or lethargy by six o’clock. You have to prove your identity because you created it. Sometimes you may even forget to prove your identity to the outer world, but you will never miss proving your identity to yourself! If the outer world doesn’t believe your identity that is okay, but if you start suspecting your own identity, that is too dangerous for your ego. You will never let that happen!

Even if you felt the fatigue one year ago, there is every possibility that you can update yourself today. You may not actually have that problem anymore, but you are not interested in trusting that you are free from fatigue. You want to retain the old identity. Your ego can sacrifice anything except your identity. That’s why you play a very polite, but cunning game, you hold onto the belief of the fatigue and become fatigued.

Solution for guilt

One person came to me and said, ‘I constantly suffer because of my smoking habit. The moment I get up in the morning, I have to smoke. But after one hour I have deep guilt. After two hours, when I am getting ready for work, again I have to smoke – again an hour of guilt. What should I do? I am constantly suffering with guilt and I am always suffering from this habit. What should I do?’

I told him, ‘You should either drop smoking, or drop the guilt. Drop either thing. You will be liberated from this habit.

He was shocked to hear this. He said, ‘You know that I am not able to stop smoking. If I drop the guilt also, I will smoke even more! How do you say that I will drop smoking?’

See, it is a vicious cycle. When you have guilt, what will you do? You will constantly keep repeating, ‘I should stop smoking,’ ‘I should stop smoking.’ Naturally what will happen? In your mind you give power to the word ‘smoking’. So the memory of smoking keeps getting engraved deeper and deeper into your system. How do you expect that you will be able to stop smoking?

When you cannot forgive yourself, it is called guilt. When you cannot forgive others it is called vengeance.

When you unclutch, both guilt and vengeance disappear. Not only will you forgive, you will also forget because there is no longer a connection between your behavior and these thoughts.

You may ask, ‘If we unclutch, then how can we learn from past experiences?’ Real learning from the past happens only when you unclutch from your past experiences. When you unclutch from your past experiences, the essence of your past experiences, the teachings that you need to learn from them will become part of your being.

When you are continuously clutched to the past, only the pain, suffering, and guilt reflect in your being. You will never pick up the essence or the ‘juice’ from the past and update your intelligence. Also, if you have a deep respect for or dependence on your past, you will never be able to live in the present moment. You will be always carrying the past into the present, corrupting it and your future. How can you live blissfully if you do that? You can’t! Unclutch from the past, let the lessons be easily integrated and celebrate life in the present moment.

Because you believe some thoughts are connected and that they are joyous, you start giving life only to those thoughts. If you believe some thoughts are painful, you try to take energy away from those thoughts. Because of this, you don’t live your whole life, you keep choosing which part to live with.

Because you have gone to such an extreme of relying on your mind, you cannot understand that you can live without the mind. You are afraid that you might go to the other extreme of being a mindless person with no morality in your life.

Let me tell you, a person who understands that by their very nature thoughts are unconnected will naturally lead a moral life without society’s rules to tell him how to live.

Let me tell you, a person who understands that by their very nature thoughts are unconnected will naturally lead a moral life without society’s rules to tell him how to live.

It is only in this type of person that you see a strong, deep sense of conscious morality. It is only in his or her life you see an extraordinary discipline. This discipline can never be shaken and this morality can never be taken away from him or her. It will be a morality that does not come out of fear or greed. True morality is the flowering of deep understanding of the self, world and god.

source: Living Enlightenment

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