Even if you had a conscious glimpse of the truth at least once in your life, then you can enter into death with awareness and fully conscious!

When you enter into the dream state and start dreaming, this whole world in which you live now becomes black and white because you are in the dream world. You forget this whole world of your waking state and the dream world becomes very real and seen in multicolor. If you come out of the dream, this whole world that you wake up to is again seen in four dimensions, 4D.

Now when you are in this physical body and in the waking state, you experience this world as 4D, in multi-color. When you are in the dream world, you experience that world as 4D. So, when you are here, the dream world becomes black and white, and this world becomes 4D, and when you are there, the dream becomes 4D, and this world becomes black and white.

In the same way, when you move away from the physical body to the pranic body at the time of death, this whole physical world will become unreal and seen in black and white. All your achievements, your pride, your efforts, your sorrow, your happiness, everything will no longer have any meaning and will appear in black and white. You will wonder, ‘Why did I do all this work? Why did I think of all this as a base for my life?’

Let me explain why this happens.

When you are alive you invest in your personality. You build up your personality based upon a few pillars like money, name and fame, relationships, pride that you have a big community, support circle, and so on. If somebody asks you, ‘Who are you?’ what will you say? Your response will be, ‘I am an engineer’, ‘I am a doctor’, ‘I am a lawyer’, or ‘I am the owner of four houses’, or ‘I am her husband’, or ‘I am her daughter’. Our personality is built on these few pillars. When you move from the physical body, all these pillars, all these foundations will be completely shaken. You can’t sign your name on your checks any more. Your signature is not accepted. Your bank balance is no more related to you. You can’t handle your bank account. Your car will not be useful to you. At the most, only the ambulance will be useful! Your house will be filled with all your near and dear ones weeping at your death. But neither your house nor your near and dear ones will be useful to you. You can’t even relate with your near and dear ones. None of them can come with you beyond the point of your death. Only the conscious glimpse can come with you. Whatever has been the foundation for your being will be shaken. When the foundation is shaken, naturally you won’t have anything to hold on to.

Understand this one thing. If we suddenly hear of some loss in our business, we will feel that our whole body is suffering. The suffering will not be just in one portion. The whole body will be suffering. It will be almost like our being is crushed.
So understand that when something moves away from us, our whole body suffers. When we move away from the physical body the same suffering starts happening in us. Whatever we thought was a foundation for our life is shaken.
As of now, this whole world will appear in 4D. All this talk about spirituality, meditation, growing the inner being, consciousness etc. will appear as black and white. That is why, when I call people for meditation, they tell me, ‘I don’t have time to meditate. Let me finish all my work and then come. I have a few more years to think about it.’

Be very clear, never say, ‘I don’t have time to meditate.’ Be very clear to yourself and say, ‘I don’t feel that it is that important in my life right now.’ If you are not ready to meditate and say, ‘I don’t think meditation is so important in my life,’ then you are honest. But if you say, ‘I don’t have time,’ then you are just fooling yourself. Everyone has got the same 24 hours on hand to do what they feel they should. It is not that the few who are meditating are jobless. It is just a question of priority, of what you really want in your life. If spirituality and meditation appear as black and white to you now, you will not divert your energy in that area, that’s all.

But this is what happens when you move away from the physical body at the time of death. Whatever you thought of as real and 4D when you were living disappears totally. Everything material is totally shaken and appears as black and white! At that time, all these things that attract you now will not have any basis at all. That is the reason why death is always a suffering. But at that moment, if you have had a conscious glimpse of truth at least once in your life before, then you can enter into death with awareness and fully conscious!

You see, now we are in two dimensions, the material world and spirituality. Right now, what is happening is that however many pillars we build our personalities and life upon, all those pillars are based on the material world which appears to be 4D. Not a single pillar is based on consciousness or our inner space. Our whole personality is built only based on the outer space, our name and fame, what society speaks about us, etc. If everyone’s opinion of us is that we are great, we think we are great. If everybody says, ‘You are useless’, we start getting depressed. This happens because not even a single pillar of our building, our inner core or our being, is based on spirituality. The entire structure is based on the outer space. That is the reason that when those pillars are shaken by anybody, we start suffering terribly. If we have even one pillar based on consciousness, we can depend on that to stand straight without suffering.

One more thing: these outer world pillars are not in our control at all. Anyone passing by can easily shake them. Even if a small child comes up to us and says, ‘You are a fool’, we will get a little shaken, is it not? That child might have even said it only to try a few new words that he is learning! But you get shaken. So understand that these outer world pillars are that weak.

If we build at least one pillar based on our inner space, this pillar will shine in 4D at the time of death and help us leave the body beautifully.

That is what the Bhagavad Gita, the ultimate teaching of Krishna, says, ‘What comes and stands in your mind at the time of leaving the body will alone decide about your next birth or enlightenment.’ If we have at least one pillar on consciousness, naturally we will not have suffering when we leave the body. All the other pillars will become black and white. But even if the other pillars become black and white, this one pillar will be there in multicolor, 4D and will take us through.

As of now our problem is that we have no pillar to take us through. Our entire personality is based on the outer space. All our pillars are made up of what we think is 4D now. There is nothing solid in our inner space either. That is why, like a football, people can kick us from corner to corner in the outer space. Anybody can just throw one word towards us to make us depressed. If somebody says we are mad, we shout at them and prove that we are mad!

Please understand that if we build at least one pillar based on our inner space, this pillar will shine in 4D at the time of death and help us leave the body beautifully.

source: Living Enlightenment

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