Just be in the present by saying a complete ‘yes’ to life, by allowing future to pass through you to become past, to have its own course

In the Vedic tradition, Shiva, the lord of destruction, is considered auspicious. The very name ‘Shiva’ means ‘causeless auspiciousness’. You will be surprised to know that in Sanskrit if you literally translate the word for destruction, ‘samhara’, it does not mean destruction, it means rejuvenation. The word that we use commonly for destruction actually means creating space for new things to happen. Even destruction can be looked at from a different dimension of rejuvenating or creating a new space for better things to happen.

Even the disease which happens to your body just creates a new space so that you can start having a new body and so that you can get ready to live a new life. You can just restart the whole process. See, actually restarting the whole process can heal many of your wounds. There are some wounds that can be healed by falling asleep and coming back. You will forget them when you wake up. There are some wounds that can’t be healed by falling asleep and coming back. At that point you decide, ‘Let me restart the whole process, let me just start afresh.’ Then you allow the body to have some disease so that the rejuvenation process can start.

According to the vedic tradition no experience goes waste. Every time when you move from one moment to the next moment you are expanding, you are growing, and you are learning. If you look from this angle even your death is auspicious because you are going to the next step. Only if you are not clear about the next step you will feel the fear of death.

Understand, the future becoming the past is the present. Present moment is the point where the future is slowly becoming past. Present moment is the possibility of rejuvenation. When you are in the present, you will see very clearly that the future coming inside you to become the past leaves so much energy in you. Every moment you are just overflowing with energy.

  • If you are caught by future you are in the world of fantasies, building castles in the air. You are left with no energy to live in the real world. So long as you are caught in the future, you will feel insecure, afraid.
  • If you are caught in the past, you will feel things are inauspicious, that life is dull and dead. You will be just like a rock which can’t be moved, which is dead with no energy.
  • If you are established in the present, you will feel whatever is happening is auspicious. You will become like Shiva, who is the rejuvenator, who is constantly creating space for new things to happen.

You will be fearless. The moment you are fearless about the things happening, you will feel everything happening around you is causeless auspiciousness. You will be just like a flowing river, flowing energy. You will be just radiating the causeless auspiciousness.

When you are in the present moment, through you the future moves and becomes the past and you are there like a hollow bamboo, untouched by time, beyond death. Conquering death is a simple technique. Just be in the present, allow time to flow through you, allow time to penetrate you, and allow time to do its activity through you. When the future comes inside, you don’t be greedy and just catch it. Let it pass through you, let it become past, and let it have its own course. Just be in the present and you will see you are living in eternity.

When you are in the present moment, through you the future moves and becomes the past and you are there like a hollow bamboo, untouched by time, beyond death.

Every day your energy frequency increases. Every moment, your life only expands. Even your death is one more expansion. It is expansion in a dimension that your logic may not be able to relate with. But it is still an expansion nevertheless.

What needs to be taken away from you is taken away, what needs to be added to you is added. Constantly the auspiciousness is expressing itself through you. Your mind which is saying ‘no’ to this change is the most inauspicious thing. Your mind that is trying to give you the false promise of security is the most inauspicious thing.

Look into your life. Have you ever said a complete ‘yes’ to anything even once? Saying a complete ‘yes’ to life even once is what I call enlightenment.

Decide this very moment that you will say a complete yes to life. Then so many insecurities will come upon your mind. What if something happens? Decide that you will take the next half an hour to say a complete ‘yes’. Your mind might say, ‘No no. Then what will happen to my life? I may die. I may not get food’. These are all the tricks your mind plays to keep you under its control, under the control of the ego, which is the root cause of all misery.

When you keep on strengthening the mind that keeps saying ‘no’ by its very nature, the mind becomes so strong that it starts saying ‘no’ to anything and everything. By and by, the ‘no’ gets engraved even in your breathing. ‘No’ getting engraved in your energy flow is the first reason for cancer.

Just like life if you go through it with a complete yes, death also leads you to a higher frequency. On the other hand, even life can lead you to a lower frequency if you go through with a big ‘no’. Whether you are going to enter into the higher frequency, higher consciousness, or lower consciousness is going to be decided only by your ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

A true story:

The great master from India, Paramahamsa Yogananda, had moved to USA in 1920 and settled there. How he left the body is very interesting. Till the last moment he was doing his routine of giving discourses and attending programs.
On the day of his passing away, he was attending a banquet in honor of the then visiting Indian Ambassador to USA, Binay Ranjan Sen, in Los Angeles. At the conclusion of his speech, he just relaxed from his body and died.
His body did not deteriorate for more than twenty days. No odor of decay came from his dead body at any time. There is a beautiful write-up about his death in his autobiography as an appendix. It was such a beautiful experience. Even his death was auspicious for him.

source: Living Enlightenment

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