When you remember this whole life is maya and fall asleep being aware of the third eye, you will naturally be able to heal yourself!

Be very clear, these are not theories. These are all the truths of thousands of years of research and development by our rishis on the human consciousness.

Let you be very clear, this technology, these techniques can directly develop the quality of your life from today. You don’t have to think, ‘Oh! If I practice this technique for ten years, maybe in the eleventh year, it will give results.’ No!
Let you be very clear, because we do not know this technology, we started suspecting the science itself. For example, in some way if the theory of gravity is useful, applicable in your life, you will not suspect the science of the theory of gravity. But if it doesn’t have any direct application in your life, if you don’t have any direct benefit in your life from the theory, naturally, you tend to forget, you tend to question, and you tend to suspect it. Finally, you tend to completely throw out the whole science itself.

Just because we have not practiced this technology, this kind of truths and techniques in our life, we started suspecting the whole spirituality itself, ‘Is it going to really work for me? Is it going to really help me?’

Understand two things: now, whatever I have said is not only going to help you for your death, it will also help you in every moment of your life. You may think, ‘How can it help me every moment?’

Actually when you master the prana, you understand that death as you think doesn’t exist

Actually, the dream state means the lower energy state of prana, that of prana moving towards the heart center. If you can be aware at that time, naturally you will be able to control your dreams. Not only will you be able to control your dreams, you can bring yourself up in energy at any moment.

Whenever you are aware of the low prana, you can increase the percentage of prana in your body. The awareness that the prana is becoming low is enough to bring more prana into your body. Same way, when you are dying, relaxing from the body, when the prana falls to the lower level, you can stop and bring it up.

Your prana slowly falls into the anahata chakra not only at the time of death, but also when you are sick. The more your prana falls towards the anahata, the more you start falling sick. If you can stop the prana movement and bring it up, you will naturally heal yourself. It is the ultimate technique to heal your body and rejuvenate your body.
Actually when you master the prana, you understand that death as you think doesn’t exist. As of now, you are afraid of death mainly because of the uncertainty. It is not even fear of death, it is the uncertainty. That only creates more and more fear.

See, everyone knows that one is going to die and nothing can be done about it. But we don’t know when, how and after that, what. These questions and the uncertainty create a big problem in our being. The psychological suffering which we go through when we remember the idea of death is more related to uncertainty and is not directly related to death itself. Once this uncertainty is cleared the very idea of death is totally demystified. The negative impact the idea of death has in our being will be completely cleared.

You will have more freedom not only to choose, but you will also have freedom to postpone or predict, to know death itself. This is the ultimate gift you can have from any spiritual technique.

Above all, even when you fall sick, the prana directly may not go completely into the anahata but it will start traveling towards anahata. You know you are falling sick and you can bring it back. You can try this: be aware of the forehead, third eye when you are falling asleep. When you lie down in the bed, when you decide, ‘Yes, now I am going to fall asleep’, just be aware when your consciousness is getting diffused, when you are just disappearing into the darkness, into the deep sleep.

Next, the whole day, whenever you remember, remember and think this whole life is maya, you are just dreaming even when you are awake. Just try to think again and again, ‘Whatever I am seeing is just a dream.’ Do not look at this logically. Do not bother whether it is fact or not. Immediately then you will wonder, ‘How can I think that? It is not a fact. This world is a reality.’ Please be very clear, fact and truth are two different things. When I say that the whole world is a dream, it may not be a fact according to you because the reference that you have to measure whether something is a fact or not, is itself not a fact.

Once you practice this over a few days, you will understand the truth behind these words. It will lead you to the truth.
You will see it just gets diffused and you will see the screen on which this whole dream is played. When you start seeing the screen on which you are projecting this whole dream, you will also start seeing the same screen with awareness when you are dreaming. The screen on which you project this whole dream and see is what I call consciousness.

The next question your mind will ask, ‘If I am dreaming in the waking state, why should I act? Why should I do anything?’ Why should you not act? If you are dreaming, why should you not do anything?

Understand, you don’t want to act because you take the action seriously. You relate your action with something you need to attain. You become attached to that action because of the result you expect. If you remember you are dreaming, you become aware that dreaming or non-dreaming is in no way going to change anything. Whatever happens will happen. You will let it happen.

Just be very clear that life is a dream. Suddenly your intelligence will be awakened. You will be awakened to the truth that the whole drama of life is your projection.

Death is not merely an event that happens at the end of your life, it also means the death that happens during your life. For example, if your money is taken away from you, the identity that you are a millionaire dies in you. If your brother dies, the identity that you are brother of somebody dies. If your father dies, the identity that you are son of somebody dies. In all those moments, some part of your being dies.

Please be very clear, ‘complete’ death happens at the end of your life. Even during your life, the ‘part death’ happens as some parts of your being die. With this understanding of death, even in those moments, you will not go through the pain and suffering. You will be able to work, manipulate, postpone, move or even stop those deaths.

source: Living Enlightenment

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