Technique to handle one’s dreams and incidents of life

This technique has two parts: one that you do when you fall asleep, when you are lying in the bed and the second one that you do whenever you can remember during the whole day.

The first one will create more energy to do the second part and vice versa. They are complementary to each other.

First part:

When you lie down, before falling asleep, just remember the area near the ajna chakra or the third eye, the center of the forehead. Do not concentrate. If you force yourself, if you start concentrating, your sleep will be disturbed and you will have a headache. Just remember that area in a relaxed way, the way you look at a flower, just casually. Slowly, you will see that you are relaxing, you are slowly dropping into the deep sleep state.

Just be aware of this movement into deep sleep, that is enough. First day, you may feel that you are not falling asleep at all and that your sleep is getting delayed by ten or fifteen minutes. Don’t bother about it. Just be aware of the prana movement in the ajna chakra.

You will be aware that you are dreaming. If you want to continue the dream, you will continue. If you don’t feel like it, you will come out. But you will not have nightmares. There will be no intensity to the dream.

As of now, your dreams can shake not only your mind, but even your body. If you have a nightmare and get up you will see that your heart is beating fast and your pulse rate is high. Your body will feel the impact of the dream. You will not have that effect if you are aware of dreaming. This is the first effect of this meditation.

The next step, you will start having the dreamless sleep. That is the deeper level. Once you start having the dreamless sleep you will also start having the dreamless day. Dreamless day means that your energy will be conserved without day-dreaming.

If you are aware of the prana, that is enough. It will automatically come back to the higher energy and your body will heal itself, as the flow of prana is directly related to all your diseases. Above all, when you are able to change your dream, when you are able to handle your dream, you will have the intense power and energy to handle the incidents of your life.

As of now, you are just a victim of your life, victim of your dream. You can’t handle anything. You can’t even stop a small sneeze. You can’t stop anything not only in the waking state, but even in the dream state. Things just happen to you, that’s all. At the most, you can have the illusion that you are doing things. If you can be aware of the dream state, you will have true freedom and your consciousness will become more expanded.

source: Living Enlightenment

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