Meditation technique to establish you in the awareness of the present moment

Mahamantra meditation

The Mahamantra meditation is an ancient Tibetan Buddhist technique to awaken the anahata chakra, located at the heart center. This meditation makes your mind firm and stable. Your mind is all the time oscillating with thoughts. This meditation makes your mind still by making it enter into the zone of no-mind. It is like a jumping board into infinity. It should be done on an empty stomach, preferably early in the morning, or two hours after any meal. It can be done either alone or with a group. When done with a group, it effectively energizes the place where it is done.


Total Duration: 30 minutes

Step 1:

Duration: 20 minutes

  • Sit cross-legged in a comfortable position on the floor.
  • Your head, neck and spine should be in a straight line. If you are not able to sit on the floor, you may sit on a chair. Feel relaxed and close your eyes.
  • Even after we close our eyes, we see forms and images from behind the eyelids. To handle this, imagine that your eyeballs have become stone-like. Just harden them with mental pressure, then the images will die. The movement of our eyes is very closely related to the movement of thoughts in our mind. That is why you are asked to arrest the movement of your eyeballs. Don’t be too worried about keeping them arrested. Just proceed with the meditation.
  • Keep your lips together and produce the sound ‘Mmmm…’ from inside. If you were to put your face inside an empty aluminum vessel and make a humming sound, the sound generated would be like this. Note that this is not ‘Hum…’ or ‘Om…’, it is simply keeping your lips together and producing the sound ‘Mmmm…’.
  • This humming should be as lengthy as possible before taking the next breath. It should also be as deep as possible, from the navel center, and as loud as possible.
  • Don’t make an effort to take in a deep breath after every ‘Mmmm’, the body itself will take breaths when needed. Don’t become tense.
  • Put in your whole being and energy into creating this vibration. Just become the humming. Let your whole body be filled with the vibration of the humming.
  • After some time, you will feel that the humming continues without your effort and that you have become simply a listener to it!

The humming is a powerful means of bringing your awareness to the present moment. If you hum intensely, you cannot have any thought at that time. So your Thoughts Per Second (TPS) automatically comes down. The energy generated by the humming cleanses the energy blocks in the mind-body system. When you are intensely humming, all the ideas which you have about you will be completely shaken. Like an earthquake, this is a technique for a ‘mind-quake’!

Step 2:

Duration: 10 minutes

  • After stopping the humming, keep your eyes closed and remain silent and inactive with a smiling face and blissful mood.
  • If any thought comes to you, let it come. Simply watch your mind as if you are watching the television, without resisting your thoughts or passing any judgment on them.
  • Remain silent and blissful.
  • During this time, the energy created by the humming will enter all the corners of your being and cleanse it deeply. It establishes you in the awareness of the present moment.

This awareness is all that is needed to dissolve the negativities, bring clarity and enable you to experience your true potential.

source: Living Enlightenment

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