What is being ?

Being complete, total, integrated, expressing your full energy, is what I call ‘being’.

If you are partial in your experience or expression, be very clear you are being hypocritical. Even your anger is hypocritical. You just choose whether to express your anger or not. Your anger is also directly related to your logic. You never get angry beyond your logic. It is always managed by your logic. You analyze, ‘Am I going to lose anything here in this situation?’ If you are sure you are going to lose something, you just suppress your anger. If you are clear, ‘I am not going to lose anything. I can shout at this person. What can he do?’, then you just explode and express much more anger than what is necessary.

Whatever you have stored in stock, you open up everything and give!

Be very clear, when your logic manages your anger, you will have two problems.

  • First, you unnecessarily shout or unnecessarily show your anger when it is not necessary.
  • Second, even when you are not expressing, you will be suppressing it.

First, if you are expressing, you will be expressing too much, much more than what is necessary. Next, if you are not expressing, you will be suppressing it. Be very clear, both are wrong. Suppressing and expressing both are not going to help.

You may ask, ‘Then what are we supposed to do?’

You are not asked to do anything, just be.

J. Krishnamurthi says beautifully, whenever an emotion overtakes you, if even once you can just be without moving your body, without co-operating with your emotion, you will be liberated from that emotion. If you stay without moving your body when you are flooded or overpowered by any emotion, even once, immediately you will be liberated from that emotion. I am not saying you have to constantly practice this. No, just once, only once, and you will be liberated from that very emotion.

source: Living Enlightenment

2 thoughts on “What is being ?

  1. I love reading from “Living Enlightenment” it is such a powerful book.Thank you for sharing Swamiji’s words and for being a divine being ! !


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