Meditation technique to raise intensity

If you are not getting the burning intensity, pray intensely for the intensity to happen. It will happen.

Remember how intensely and anxiously you run behind things that give you joy. Suppose I tell now that whoever prays intensely will get a ten million dollar prize, you will show the intensity of your life, is it not? Just because you think there is some product that will fulfill you, you are intense. With money you know it is going to add something to your life. In the same way, enlightenment is also going to add something to your life. In order to have intensity towards enlightenment, you can start by creating intensity towards things that you have experienced a desire towards.

For example, if you desire health or wealth, be intense about that. That yearning will become integrated and will get directed to the unknown, to enlightenment. Not only that, your unfulfilled desires can be simply burnt with the intensity. Whatever you experience as fulfillment, yearn for that. The intense yearning is enough, it will evaporate you. And the fulfillment you experience will be many times more than the fulfillment you may have ever experienced before.

Here is a beautiful technique from Shiva Sutras, delivered by the enlightened master Shiva to His consort Devi. Shiva says,

‘Consider your essence as light rays rising from center to center up the vertebrae, so the livingness rises in you.’

Understand the importance of this technique. I have added this same part as the third step in our Nithya Dhyaan technique. Visualize you, what you think as you, as the light and move from chakra to chakra. You will see the livingness, intensity, is rising when you move from center to center up higher and higher. Your intensity will also be moving higher and higher. Consider your essence as intense light and rise from energy center to energy center, from the root chakra or muladhara to the being center swadishthana, from swadishthana to the manipuraka chakra in the navel region, and so on. You may be thinking how visualization can lead to beyond visualization. It is just like you can always choose choicelessness! Understand, you can always visualize in order to move beyond visualization. Then suddenly you will see you are using visualization as a jumping board to dive into the super-consciousness.

source: Living Enlightenment

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