How can mere listening lead to enlightenment ?

Just this moment accept yourself in the outer world and the inner world. You will go out enlightened. For so many years, completely accepting what the master said, Satyakama just was. What else can happen to him but enlightenment? You may think, ‘How can simple acceptance do such a big job?’ The problem is that even spiritual knowledge is approached by us with the space of an intellectual mind. It is from that intellectual space that we ask the ‘how’. Intellect always questions. Innocence straightaway starts practicing what the master says. That is the difference.

Shiva says in the Shiva Sutras, ‘Absorb the ultimate truth, senses shut down, and be liberated.

He means that in that utterly innocent and open state, initiation is enlightenment.

Why is he using the words ‘senses shut down’? How do you find out if you are completely lost in something? Your senses will not work! You will not see or hear! That is the way to find out. If your senses still work, you are still not lost. Shiva says, ‘Absorb the ultimate truth, senses shut down, and be liberated.’ When your senses are working you may think you are hearing, but you may not be actually listening. The sense organ may work, but not the energy that activates the sense organ. Hearing is different from listening. If you are only hearing then the intellect is still at play. If you are listening then you are lost. Then the intellect is no more. The click happens. You sit completely melting. You exclude everything except you and the master. You are utterly innocent and open like Satyakama. Then just one word from the master is enough and you become enlightened!

He means that in that utterly innocent and open state, initiation is enlightenment. Just a word is enough to enlighten. Shiva is giving initiation itself as a technique. He says, ‘Just listen while the master is expressing the truth, and become enlightened!

How can mere listening lead to enlightenment? Why did it happen to Satyakama when it is not happening to us?

First thing, he was innocent and therefore intelligent to receive the master’s instruction.

Second, he was courageous enough to live with it. He had complete trust in the master.

Innocence always comes with trust. I am not asking you to get me a thousand cows. No! I am asking you to come with the same mood as Satyakama. Come with the same innocence. You don’t have to do exactly what Satyakama did. But you have to be like Satyakama. If your being is like that, in this moment the transformation can happen. Just in this moment the transmission of light can happen.

source: Living Enlightenment

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