Acceptance is the deep humility towards the profound Existence that takes care of everything including you

Immense trust leads to surrender. Surrender is simplicity of the heart. It is the knowing that you do not have to decide about the Truth, that you just have to go by it. When you awaken to the powerful presence of the Truth, surrender happens.

If you observe your pet dog, you will find that even if you cheat him once in a while, he will come back to you with utmost trust. His trust is absolute and innocent. The trust comes with no reason. He has no questions, so no answers need to be given. He sees no utility in anything. He just exists like an open book, that’s all.

Two gold fish were in a water tank. One asked the other, ‘Do you trust in god?’ The other replied, ‘But of course. Who do you think changes our water everyday?’

It is only innocence that is capable of taking the leap into trust and surrender. Knowledge somehow sees utility in everything. It looks for reason in everything. Surrender and reason are mutually exclusive. Surrender is to do with trust. Surrender is possible only out of innocence, because out of innocence arises trust. With trust arises acceptance as well.

Acceptance does not mean compromising to life, situations and persons. No. It means welcoming life and all its forms as a wonderful gift from Existence. Each person or situation is a fresh happening. Accepting it at a deep level is surrender. People and situations have to be handled with the required tact. But the spontaneous and deep acceptance of the moment is surrender. Acceptance is the deep humility towards the profound Existence that takes care of everything including you. It is again saying ‘yes’ to Existence.

When you say yes, you are acknowledging the presence of the all pervading life force that is conducting this universe. That is surrender. Out of surrender arises deep relaxation. Out of surrender arises a fresh intelligence that knows on a different plane. On this plane, there is no worry of result, there is only action driven by pure energy. And energy is intelligence.

Trust does not mean inaction. It means continuing to be in action with intelligence instead of intellect. It is having trust in thought, and intelligence in action.

A disciple came riding on his camel to the tent of a Sufi master. He dismounted from the camel, walked into the master’s tent, bowed down low and said, ‘Master, so great is my trust in god that I have left my camel outside untied, convinced that god protects the interests of those who love him.’ The master shouted, ‘Go tie your camel you fool! God cannot be bothered doing for you what you are perfectly capable of doing yourself!’

source: Living Enlightenment

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