Innocence is keeping the consciousness at the level of the heart, not allowing it to settle in the head!

We always think children are immature. We think that the grown ups who cry are immature. We are conditioned to believe that expression of any emotion is immature. Expressing the emotions in an unfiltered way is a sign of innocence. The cunning ones edit even their emotions. Once in a while it is good to cry in front of people. What is wrong with it? What are you trying to hide? By crying you are only expressing your true feelings. What is there to hide?

The problem is that society has always taught us to hide our true nature and show only our projected personality. That is why with time we forget what our nature is. We forget how to be innocent.

One teacher told the parent during the parent teacher meeting, ‘Your daughter is very good in all her activities. She is just a little emotionally immature. But she will be alright.’

The parent looked at her in a puzzled way and asked, ‘At three, how else do you expect her to be?’

Just by being with children as their friend, as their playmate, it is possible to get back in touch with the innocence. When you are with them don’t pretend to be like a child. Take it really seriously and become a child! It is the greatest favor you can do to yourself.

The problem is that we are afraid of losing what society taught us. From society we learnt how to build our personality. But our character is different from our personality. Character is real. Personality is a built up image. If we work towards solidifying character, we are working in the zone of reality. If we work towards solidifying personality, we are working in the zone of dreams.

You may have noticed that when you are sitting at the table and eating with your children, they will hold up the little potato chips and admire the shape of each chip before eating. They have the ability to be enchanted by life’s eternal mysteries and wonders. That is their greatest blessing. They don’t think, they just enjoy, that’s all. When the child draws our attention to the chip, we ask him to eat fast! We miss the moment of getting led into life’s mysteries. We miss stumbling upon our own innocence. There are umpteen ways to rediscover the child hiding in you.

Just play hide and seek with children or learn how to make cookies or watch Tom and Jerry cartoons or eat different color cotton candies or make mud dolls! All these will bring out the child in you. Your solid identity will dissolve. You will become fluid like a river and flow. The weight of your seriousness will drop and you will become light and blissful.

Seriousness is ego. When you are afraid of getting hurt, when you are afraid of losing your control or power, you become serious. When you are too centered on yourself this happens. When you let go and play and touch your innocence again, you will suddenly enjoy a break from yourself. That break is the falling of your seriousness. In that gap you will realize there is nothing to hold on to. There is only free spirit. When you become aware of this you can work on it consciously and move towards becoming completely innocent and sincere. Innocence is keeping the consciousness at the level of the heart, not allowing it to settle in the head.

source: Living Enlightenment

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