Cosmos responds to your thoughts, to your prayers, to your being, because it is intelligence!

Whether it is the energy in the atom or the energy in the cosmos, there is a big chaos in the energy play. Within that chaos, there is an order that you cannot even imagine. When chaos moves in an order, it creates what is called consciousness or intelligence.

Anything in chaos is wild and energetic. Anything that has order is dull.

In our life, we can see: anything in chaos, anything wild, radiates energy. We can see that when kids are allowed to be free, they are so wild. They radiate so much energy. In our own lives, if we are allowed to break some rule, we feel so much joy. We radiate so much energy. Chaos is directly related to energy. The freedom of chaos, and not being bound by rules, is the reason why we feel so energetic while dancing freely, without any decided steps. The moment we know we are bound, we will be dull. The dullness will automatically enter into us, even if it does not affect us directly physically.

For example, if you are sitting in the hall and you know that the hall is open, and you know you can leave at any time, you will be alive, fresh and joyful. Suddenly, if you get the information that the hall is locked and you cannot leave, will you be able to sit comfortably?


Science is still not able to prove that there is order in the chaos of the universe, that there is order inside the atom, because that understanding requires us to go beyond the intellect.

Any rule curbs freedom, reduces the energy. Any regulation brings your energy down. Even in your house, if somebody says, ‘Do not sit in that place’, you will feel like sitting only in that place. But until that rule is made, you will never even bother to sit there! Even habits like smoking are maintained for the subtle mental satisfaction that you are wild, that you are not bound. If you scan yourself consciously, you will understand that almost all of your happiness comes only when you break some rules, when you are chaotic!

The whole of Existence is chaos. In the universe, so many planets are moving. There are no traffic signs or cops or signboards! Yet, the planets are moving so beautifully in order. In the same way, in quantum physics, the smallest elements are not even particles. They are both particles and waves, and a multitude of probabilities! But there is an order in that If the universe is chaos without any order, it will head toward destruction. ‘Chaos in order’ is what I call ‘cosmic intelligence’.

The cosmos itself is the creator because it has its own intelligence. The cosmos is a living energy. You are sitting inside a living energy.

Take the planet earth on which we are living. Even if a single thing is missing, whether it is temperature or water or air or fire, if anything is missing, we will not be able to live on this planet earth as we live now. So, this is not just an accident. The whole chaos has some order. Science is still not able to prove that there is order in the chaos of the universe, that there is order inside the atom, because that understanding requires us to go beyond the intellect. The rishis, the vedic scientists are very clear that there is an order in the chaos. This is what they call ‘cosmic intelligence’.

I had an opportunity to meet Dr. Charles Townes, the Nobel laureate and physicist, who is well-known for his work on the laser and maser devices. He told me so beautifully, ‘I feel the whole universe is something special, the whole universe is a spiritual being. It has its own intelligence. Even though I am not able to specifically prove it with mere words, I feel it is an intelligent and spiritual being.

Please understand, the whole universe has its own intelligence. It is not just power. It is energy also. There is a difference between power and energy. Power plus intelligence is energy. Energy without intelligence is power. The cosmos is not just a force. It is ‘force plus intelligence’. It responds to your thoughts, to your prayers, to your being, because it is intelligence.

Once somebody asked Buddha, ‘Who is the creator of this universe?’ Buddha replied, ‘The universe itself is its creator.’ If the creator and the created are two a separate entities, it means only the creator is intelligent and the created is not intelligent. The cosmos itself is the creator because it has its own intelligence. The cosmos is a living energy. You are sitting inside a living energy.

The Taittreya Upanishad says beautifully,

‘From the Consciousness, or god, or the Ultimate Consciousness, came ether, space. From ether came air. From air came fire. From fire came water. From water came the earth. From the earth came food. This is the way existence has happened.’

Thus, mystics again and again emphasize that we are from Consciousness, we are from god. The creation itself is the creator, it is simply intelligence expressing itself. As long as you believe that what you see as the universe is material, mechanical, without any intelligence, you will have nothing to aim for in life. ‘Might is right’ will be the ultimate law. Believing the world is just matter is the basic mistake. This belief is the root of all terrorism and violence on planet earth. As long as we believe the universe is just dead matter, it is going to create only more and more thirst for power.

If we feel the whole world is chaos, then naturally we will think, ‘When everything is chaos, let me catch hold of whatever is possible and live as much as I can.’ We will be inspired to live with the idea ‘might is right’. Again and again, the cosmic intelligence proves that it responds to our thoughts. There are hundreds of experiments done, not only with plants and animals, even with stones, fire and water. All these things respond to our thoughts.

The experiments done by the Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, prove how water responds beautifully to our thoughts and how it changes its very structure according to those thoughts that it is exposed to. Only when we realize that the universe has its own intelligence, when we realize the universe is a spiritual being, the seed of peace is sown. Only when we understand that our thoughts are responded to, our way of life is rewarded, our prayers are answered, there is a living intelligent force and there is an order in the chaos, only then we can realize and work for peace, bliss and spirituality. Then, instead of trying to own or expand our boundaries and borders, we will try to expand our consciousness. The moment we start believing or trusting that the universe is ‘intelligence’, we can simply relax, trusting It.

There is a beautiful Zen story:

A disciple goes to a Zen master and asks, ‘Master, please explain to me how you started, how you traveled the path, how you attained the ultimate experience.’

The master says, ‘When I started, mountain was a mountain, river was a river and tree was a tree. When I was traveling, mountain was not a mountain, river was not a river and tree was not a tree. Again, when I attained, mountain is a mountain, river is a river and tree is a tree.’

Before achieving, even though you think you are extraordinary, you are ordinary. After achieving, even though you are extraordinary, you understand you are ordinary. There is a wonderful chaos in what you call as ‘order’, your body, mind and being. When you experience that there is an order in the chaos of the cosmos, the macrocosm (brahmanda), you realize there is a chaos in the order of the microcosm, the body (pindanda). You are not just a simple body. You are not just a microcosm. You are the macrocosm in miniature form. You realize you are the ultimate, endless ocean of potential energy just like the universe. You experience you are something beyond, something more than what you think.

Now you think you are in an order, because you think your boundary is very small. The moment you experience the cosmic consciousness, the order in the chaos, you will realize the chaos inside your order. You will realize the energy, the consciousness inside your body. Then you will never bother about how to keep yourself in order, it will simply happen. You will not work for discipline, discipline will simply happen in you! Only when you realize the cosmic consciousness in your body, the macrocosm in your microcosm, you will really become orderly, you will really learn how to be orderly without reducing your energy. As long as you try to become orderly, you will only suppress your energy, and you will also be suppressing everyone else. First, when you realize the order in the chaos, you will become a spiritual being, you will experience love and bliss. When you realize the chaos in the order, you will become a compassionate being. When you realize the order in the chaos, you will experience the experience part of love, bliss. When you realize the chaos in the order, you will express the expression part of love, that is compassion.

source: Living Enlightenment

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