The collective consciousness is raised in a much more powerful way when meditation is done as a group!

Much of what is happening around us is the result of all our past actions. At least in this present moment, let us create more and more positive consciousness and energy so that we will avoid the same challenges and calamities in the future. If we get agitated and disturbed, then we will create more violence and negativity in our efforts to try to stop the existing violence. Violence cannot stop violence. Blood cannot wash away blood.

Buddha says beautifully that if we start thinking in the line of ‘an eye for an eye’, the whole world will become blind! If we start working with the logic of ‘an eye for an eye’, then a person from this group will take an eye from a person in the other group, and a person from that group will take an eye from a person in this group. Then the whole world will become blind!

The only thing you can do is start creating more and more positive and peaceful ambience inside your being, and continuously work to create peace and love outside your field. That is the only possible solution.

Give the intelligence to others to make better choices, that is the real help you can give

Just decide, ‘Yes, in this moment, with the power that I have, I will do a little service with whatever I have available to me. I will send out peaceful prayers, thoughts, and positive energy. Whatever I have under the control of my body and mind, I will make it positive.

Getting agitated is not going to be productive in any way. It is agitated people who create wars. If we also get agitated, how do you think we are going to solve the problem? We are only going to add more problems. When you get agitated, you have already lost the game. The only way is to do whatever we can without getting agitated. The only way is by being ‘here and now’, adding more and more joy, bliss, and silence to the whole consciousness. Anybody who tried the way of revolution only created one more system, one more tradition, and one more power game. It ended up in one more war. So, the only way is the way of Buddha, the way of peace, the way of silence, the way of Shiva. Working with ourselves, becoming masters of ourselves, doing things that need to be done without getting agitated, is the right way.

We should become productive people, not agitated people. We should do as much as we can towards peace, silence, and bliss, and help people who are stranded by wars and conflicts. We should try to bring more and more peace into the consciousness of the leaders by bringing it into ourselves. We should show compassion to help the person. But the important thing is we shouldn’t start suffering ourselves. For example, if a rich person distributes all his wealth to poor people, what will happen? We will have one more poor person! Because he would have given away all his wealth. Not only that, the people receiving also might not have the intelligence to maintain and increase the wealth received.

Like this, many times, instead of lifting the other person, you actually start suffering. Express love and compassion but don’t start suffering yourself. If you start sharing true love, you will actually start giving better choices to others. Give the intelligence to others to make better choices, that is the real help you can give. If you decrease the temperature of a system, the chaos and agitation in that physical system is reduced. For example, if you reduce the temperature, liquid water becomes solid ice. Also, the impurities in the system are removed. If you freeze salt water, you can see that the salt remains at the bottom while only the water becomes ice. In the same way, when the collective consciousness of society is transformed, the chaos reduces and the system begins to clean itself.

Various studies have been done to measure the effects of group meditation on communities. Some observed the effect of a critical mass of people who meditated using the technique of Transcendental Meditation™. These studies showed an 8 percent decrease in the crime rate in the cities where group meditation was conducted. Other reports showed a significant 17 percent reduction in acts of violence and a 13 percent increase in cooperative, helpful acts. In war-stricken areas there was more than 50 percent drop in daily war deaths and more than 25 percent drop in war injuries. The overall statistics showed with group meditation, reduced crime rates, fewer hospital admissions, and reduced violence, leading to an increase in the overall quality of life. 21 September is observed as the International Peace Day. Millions of people worldwide come together in prayer, meditation, celebration and collaboration for world peace and global harmony. On this occasion every year, Nithyananda Mission’s centers conduct collective group meditations worldwide.

c When matter is shared, it reduces in size. For example, if an apple has to be shared by four people, it has to be cut into four pieces. It reduces in size. When it comes to electrical energy, when the voltage is shared, it does not reduce, it remains the same. For example, if we have 10 volts of electricity in a wire, one person touching the wire will feel 10 volts, and four people touching the same wire will also feel 10 volts. But it is different in the case of the powerful, subtle energy of meditation. When meditation is done by a group of people, it multiplies! Rather than diminishing or staying the same, the benefit is shared and amplified among the entire group and beyond. If one person meditating generates 10 ‘volts’ of energy, then 100 people sitting together in a collective meditation generates 10 x 100 or 1000 ‘volts’ of energy. Just imagine! The strength of energy that is generated will simply cleanse the entire space where the meditation is done. That is why collective, group meditation is encouraged. This can also be compared with the difference in intensity between an ordinary light and a laser. The coherence in the laser, the group effect, causes the intensity to be magnified.

source: Living Enlightenment

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