Avatar is the door gifted by the Existence to say yes to it and rise in love with it!

Sannyas is saying ‘yes’ to Existence. Saying ‘Yes’ is surrender. Saying ‘yes’ is love and compassion.

The human mind is trained to always say ‘no’. Saying ‘no’ boosts the ego. ‘Yes’ makes the ego vulnerable, so the mind continues to say ‘no.’ Sannyas is saying ‘yes’ to Existence.

Existence created you. It is waiting to express its divine play through you. By saying ‘yes,’ you allow the divine play to happen through you. When the divine play happens, things happen exactly according to the flow of Existence. Then, everything becomes auspiciousness! That is the meaning of dropping the mind, becoming sensitive to the flow of Existence and working in tune with it. That is surrender. That is obedience to Existence.

Sannyas is saying ‘yes’ to the master without asking for an explanation.

In the effort to say ‘yes,’ you start softening. Sannyas is about becoming soft. As long as you say ‘no,’ you remain hard. When you make an effort to say ‘yes,’ you start softening. When you make a conscious decision to say ‘yes,’ it starts. That is where the master plays a role. Sannyas is saying ‘yes’ to the master without asking for an explanation. When you start trusting the master completely, sannyas starts happening in you. Somewhere you get the click that the master knows better than you. Then you start letting go of your hold over your mind and start holding the hands of the master. The master’s hands are always stretched out, but you were not ready to hold them. Once the ‘yes’ starts happening, you hold his hands.

Real love is an expression of the overflowing energy that starts happening in you when you start saying ‘yes’ to Existence.

Then a space is created where love starts happening. Love happens only when you start saying ‘yes.’ By saying ‘yes,’ not only do you start loving, you allow the other person to love you as well. Then your inner space that was like a rock earlier, starts becoming like cotton! It becomes soaked with love. The love is not just towards one person or for any reason. It is an overflowing energy. It is towards the whole of Existence for no reason. You start communing with the trees, with everything around you. You feel that life is a song, the song of Existence of which you are a part. You are in a deeply resonant mood with everything and everyone around you, including yourself. Your actions simply become an outpouring of the joy and ecstasy that is enveloping you all the time.

When you are resonating with Existence, you enjoy everything, including yourself. You don’t see yourself as separate from anything else. You see no separate reason for anything. There are people who commune with nature but fail miserably when it comes to people. Then, even their communion with nature is not real communion. Feeling only for nature is not a scale by which to measure love.

People tell me that they are already communing with Existence. Trees and animals don’t create trouble for you. That is why you claim to commune with them! They keep quiet. You can simply express anything to them. You can thrust your feeling on them, pull it out, and feel good, that’s all. It is just an ego trip. The essence is in the ability to always commune with the whole of Existence. If you can create that space of love under those conditions, then you are communing.

A poet once wrote a love song and sent it to his friends. A few days later, he received a letter from a lady to whom he had sent the poem.

She wrote to him saying, ‘I am so touched by your poem. Please come home, meet my parents, and ask them if you can marry me.’

The poet was surprised. He wrote back to her, ‘That was a poem of love from my heart that I wanted to sing to a few souls. It was nothing more than that!’

She replied, ‘You are a hypocrite. Because of you, I will never again entertain a poet in my life.’

The problem is, everything happens with the reason of the intellect. Love has been reduced to mere lust for the other person’s body. That is the problem. Real love is an expression of the overflowing energy that starts happening in you when you start saying ‘yes’ to Existence.

source: Living Enlightenment

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