There is no such thing as 99.9 percent enlightened or very close to enlightenment or very near to enlightenment, either you are enlightened or you are not!

People ask me during meditation programs, ‘I felt a deep peace and a strong energy during the meditation. Does that mean my enlightenment is near?

First I want you to understand, we are always near enlightenment. That is the important thing. We are always near to enlightenment. It is a very foolish and wrong idea to think that one person is closer to enlightenment than another. There are only two categories, either you are enlightened or not, that’s all. If you are not yet enlightened, then be very clear, you are as close to enlightenment as all others in your category.

Even if you are 99.9 percent enlightened, you are not! Enlightenment is a complete and total change. It is just as water becomes steam only at 100 degrees Celsius, even at 99 degrees it is still only water, never steam. Only at the 100th degree does it become steam. At any point in time, it is either water or steam, never both. Even hot water can put out a fire. That means it still carries the quality of water, not steam. Can you put out a fire with steam? No. So even though it is hot water, it can only have the quality of water. In the same way, at any point in time, you can be either enlightened or not, never both and never ‘nearly’.

Understand, enlightenment is not a continuity of yourself. It can never be a development of yourself. It is a quantum leap, not a continuity. If you feel some growth, some development, clarity, inner healing etc. during the spiritual process, it is okay. All these just give you the indication that you are on the right track, that’s all. When you see a road sign saying ‘Los Angeles, 100 miles’, it is a helpful sign always. You know you are on the right track, that’s all. But it does not mean you have arrived.

We always want somebody to give us some consoling words. You seek their support and give your support to them in return. But the master does not need your support, so he will straightway tell you the actual truth.

There is no such thing as 99.9 percent enlightened or very close to enlightenment or very near to enlightenment. Either you are enlightened or you are not.

Enlightenment is like a complete ‘yes’ or a complete ‘no’. There are no steps in between. Enlightenment itself is not a step-by-step process happening in stages. Enlightenment is like replacing a gas cylinder, the old one is completely removed and a new one is put in its place!

After the evolution from monkey to human being, it is now time we take the quantum leap to the next level, to the ultimate level. A quantum leap in consciousness is the real goal of enlightenment.

When you are on the path, you don’t have to stop and make records about your past. As long as you are stopping and taking record or accounts about your past, be very clear, the breakthrough has still not happened.

When a clear breakthrough, a quantum leap happens, you don’t need to and you will not be able to check whether you have grown and how much you have grown. The jump will be beyond your logic.

After the quantum leap, you will be a totally different species, a totally different being. Your body may look like a human body, but your whole inner space will be totally different. Your way of living will become totally different.

source: Living Enlightenment

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