If you are in a low mood without a reason, means you have a chemistry which has been trained, many times by you, to fall in low moods with a reason

People ask me, ‘After enlightenment, can enlightened beings enjoy?’ I tell you, only after enlightenment can you enjoy! Before that, you can only think or imagine you are enjoying.

After enlightenment, you don’t even need sense objects to enjoy. You will simply be enjoying all the time. There will be such an intense excitement for no reason.

If I have to define enlightenment in two words, I will say it is ‘intense excitement’ for no reason, intense passion directed towards no object. There is no object, but there is intense passion. There is no reason,
excitement. That is what I call enlightenment.

People ask me, ‘How can we be happy without a reason?’ I tell them, most of you know only one secret, how to be sad without a reason. You have mastered that habit. You have a doctorate in that line! Just change it a little, that’s all. When we know that, why can’t we learn this?

Many times, you will be in a low mood, but you will be searching for a reason why you are in a low mood! You will not be able to identify the reason, but you will be sad. Your chemistry itself is trained to fall into low moods without any reason, because so many times you have trained yourself to fall into low moods with a reason. After some time, your chemistry learns this habit. Then you don’t need a reason. Just by the chemistry, just through the in-built system, you fall into low moods.

Enlightenment does not mean escaping somewhere. Tasting life here and now is what I call enlightenment.

source: Living Enlightenment

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