Only God or Cosmic energy grows or expands, nothing else grows!

Be very clear, enlightenment is not the end. It is the ultimate experience, but not the final experience.

You need to understand these two words ‘final’ and ‘ultimate’, they are very different. For example, after the first day of discourse in this series, one person came to me and said, ‘You have said everything. Why do we need one more class?’ Yesterday another person said, ‘Swamiji, on the first day, I thought you could not take us any deeper, it is over. Today, suddenly I felt that you have taken us deeper than yesterday, and you cannot take us any deeper than this. Every day I feel that you cannot take us much deeper than this, but we do keep going deeper.’ Every day the person felt that the experience was the ultimate.

Ultimate means living every moment totally, completely. Ultimate is not final. It can be updated.

There is a big difference between these two words, ultimate and final. If it is ultimate, it is happening every moment, it is not final.

People think that after enlightenment masters don’t grow. I tell you, after enlightenment, not only are they constantly updated, every moment growth is happening, expansion is happening. God grows. Only god grows! Nothing else grows.

In your space you may think you are growing. But the actual growth or expansion happens only in the cosmic energy.

When a being becomes enlightened, not only does he experience his potentiality, but he also starts creating more enlightened beings. He starts creating the possibility of more enlightened beings.

source: Living Enlightenment

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