Staying in the presence of an enlightened being will straightaway change the hardware for it to hold on to the transformation and the software and the entire process.

There is an interesting research done by the Institute of HeartMath, USA:

In this experiment, the characteristics of light-photons were studied in a light scattering chamber. The graph looked like a typical plot representing random motion of the photons. Next, a DNA sample was placed in the scattering chamber. The graph now changed showing an interaction between the DNA and the photons of light.

Then the DNA was removed from the chamber. When the DNA is removed, you would anticipate that the graph would be the same as before the DNA was placed in the chamber. Surprisingly, the graph after the removal of the DNA looked clearly different from the one obtained before the DNA was placed in the chamber.

In spite of the removal of the DNA, it influenced the behavior of the light-photons. Not only immediately after removal but for several more days, the lingering effect of the DNA on the light- photons persisted.

One interesting observation is that this effect is not seen with the DNA of lower forms of consciousness. So, one can conclude that the consciousness of a particular object or a particular person is always radiating and it contributes its own effect. We can also note that in nature, the higher forms of consciousness, by their very presence, will influence the other forms of lower consciousness. (The complete paper is available at http://

You can then imagine how a superconscious energy, that of an enlightened being can influence the consciousness of everything and everyone around them. Staying in the presence of an enlightened being will straightaway change the hardware for it to hold on to the transformation and the software and the entire process.

Understand, even your physiology changes with enlightenment. When a master touches, that software of enlightened physiology is also downloaded into you changing your physiology.

When you are completely open during the touch, the software of enlightened physiology is downloaded into you. Your body learns that it can be better than what it is now! Your bio-memory learns the lesson that the possibility for better existence is there. With the master’s love comes love for the fellow disciples. It is no longer ‘I’, but ‘we’. A bond develops with fellow disciples, that is stronger than even biological family bonds. There are no conditions here except for the need of radial love for the master. The peripheral love automatically flourishes. ‘Vasudeva Kutumbaha’, Krishna’s vision that the whole world is our family, becomes true.

You grow collectively in energy, yet the relationship with the master is unique to each individual. The affair may start with the intellect or the heart. Very soon it ascends to an affair of the being. When a being merges with another, the disciple’s with the master’s, it is liberation, everlasting bliss. Living enlightenment is living with the master…it is that easy!

source: Living Enlightenment

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  1. Photons are all through the body and the energy of all is carried on the scalarwave as a Torsion Field – this invthe presence of super consciousness , as stated , the info carried by the Torsion Field will influence every cell in others . However the recipients require the consciousness to accept this transforming energy ! Great article !



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