How does trust develop between a disciple and a master? Is the disciple justified in demanding some proof or does the master expect unconditional surrender?

First thing, neither can the disciple have unconditional surrender nor can he stop asking for proof. Disciple means he will be demanding solid proof from the master to prove he is authentic. Second thing, he will not have all the qualifications to be a real disciple. That is a disciple. He will not be a perfect disciple but he will ask the qualities from a master to be the perfect master. That is the quality of the disciple. Don’t worry about it.

The quality of the master is that he will not ask for unconditional surrender and constantly he will be giving you the proof that he is the real master. That is the master’s qualification.

One thing, even if you are asking for proof or not ready to have unconditional surrender, it is ok. There is no need to give unconditional surrender. You can’t give it also. Go on demanding for the proof, don’t bother. You will have it. As you receive the proof, unconditional surrender will simply happen in you.

Can anybody become the master or is he the chosen one?

Nobody needs to choose you. You need to choose you, that’s all. Understand, fortunately masters are not chosen the democratic way! Nobody needs to vote for them! All you need to do is, vote for yourself, that’s all. You need to choose yourself, nobody else needs to choose you. Just decide consciously, from today I am going to live reality, the truth of my being. That is all the decision you need to make. You have become the master, that’s all.

I always tell people that when I say I became enlightened on a particular day, do not think something had happened in my system. Of course, something had happened, but that is not the important thing that I want to convey.

First thing what happened is that very consciously I decided, let me live my enlightenment. When I decided this, as a side effect, something started happening in my body and mind. People always think that first the experience should happen and then you decide. No! First the decision has to happen and only then the experience happens.

source: Living Enlightenment

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