What should one do if you they are new to meditation ?

The first thing is, be sincere. Keep an open mind. Have the openness to experiment. Be enthusiastic.
There is a beautiful term in the Zen tradition to describe the attitude – the beginner’s mind. It means looking at every single thing in life as new, so everything in life excites you.

The second thing is, be optimistic. Bliss is a perfectly realizable goal for you, even if you are completely unfamiliar with meditation.

Once a man approached the great enlightened master Ramana Maharishi and asked him, ‘Bhagavan, am I qualified for spiritual life?’

Ramana answered him with a question, ‘Are you alive?’

The man was startled. He said, ‘Yes, of course!’

Ramana replied, ‘That is enough. You already have the necessary qualification for spirituality!’

The very aim of human life is enlightenment. The possibility of becoming enlightened lies in the Kundalini shakti, an extraordinary potential energy which is hidden inside every human body. If it can be awakened, it will take you to a different plane of consciousness, a different plane of Existence. The possibility to become a different conscious being is present only in human beings. Animals don’t have this potential to become enlightened, to become different conscious beings.

The third thing is, be playful! Meditation is a big adventure. To become serious about meditation is to miss the whole point. Celebrate meditation. Simply enjoy it!

The fourth thing is, have patience. Don’t start worrying about results the moment you start meditating. If you are greedy for instant results, you actually prevent the process from settling down in your system. You yourself block the whole process.

The fifth thing is, enjoy solitude. Give yourself a chance to experience your inner environment. When meditation becomes a part of you, bliss will flower naturally.

source: Living Enlightenment

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