Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has the power to transform you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Let me explain what I mean by health in these four areas.

Physical health means digesting whatever you eat and having that food become part of your body. Mental health means digesting all the ideas and problems that you encounter and forming a clear solution. It is living without conflict. Spiritual health means receiving all the great teachings and energy, digesting them and living a liberated life. Having all three is total health.

If your digestive system is working perfectly, that is physical health. I tell you, you don’t need anything else. If your digestive system is perfect, you don’t even need food. Your physiology will be so intelligent that it will take the energy directly from the ether. If your digestive system works efficiently, you will need very little or no food.

Meditation is also a complement to medication. Through meditation, you can regulate your blood pressure and blood sugar, you can increase your body’s resistance to disease. Through meditation, it is possible to heal even chronic problems like skin allergies, asthma and arthritis. No disease can escape the power of meditation. On the mental level, meditation enhances clarity of thought. Meditation is also a proven way to improve concentration and memory power. Above all, meditation leads you from intellect to intelligence to intuition.

Intellect is when you make your decisions with pure logic. Intelligence is when you respond to a situation in a more creative and constructive way. Intelligence is nothing but the ability to respond to life moment to moment, to be awake to the challenges life throws at us. Intelligence is to be aware of the situation, to alter your answers according to the demands of the moment. Intuition is when the decision simply happens as a revelation! It happens from the energy of your being, not from the space of the mind. Meditation puts you in direct touch with the Divine energy that lies latent within you, within every individual.

With meditation, you go beyond the mind, into the being. In the being no rules exist. You become free to explore your full potential. That’s why with meditation you will suddenly find yourself at ease with your surroundings, easily able to cope with new situations. You rediscover your spontaneity.

source: Living Enlightenment

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