Meditation technique to experience peace just by balancing the body

  • Sit comfortably cross-legged on the floor. If this is uncomfortable, sit on a chair but without resting your back.
  • Try not to support the weight of your body through the feet.
  • Try consciously to lift the calf muscles a bit, naturally you will then put your weight on the backbone. Initially it will be difficult because we never balance our body. Feel the points of the body touching the ground. Because we hardly bring our awareness to such things, it may take a few minutes to become aware.
  • Try to focus on the two points, which are touching the ground, through which you are transferring your whole weight to planet earth.
  • If you can feel the two points through which you are transferring your weight to planet earth, then you can start moving to the next step of balancing.
  • Balancing means finding the center in which you are weightless.
  • Bend forward slowly as much as you can and feel the weight of your body.
  • Feel the heaviness of the body. Then slowly, very slowly, come back inch by inch. 
  • Feel the weight of the body as you move. Slowly, straighten the body.

  • You will feel the body weight reducing step by step as you straighten. Come to the point where you feel completely weightless, where you feel completely light.
  • If you are able to find your center where it is weightless, start moving your body backwards. As you move your body backwards, feel the heaviness again.
  • Now slowly, very slowly, bring it back to the earlier straight position where you don’t feel your body weight at all.
  • At least two or three times move your body forwards and backwards in this fashion, each time coming to the center straight position where you feel weightless. After a few times, you will be able to correctly catch that point or moment or center, where you feel weightless.

At the point you feel weightless, remain. Be in that same space. There is no need to remember anything or concentrate on anything. Just be completely balanced in the space, in the center in which you are feeling weightless.

Try to balance your body for at least ten minutes a day at home in this fashion. Try for just ten days, and you will get the knack, and you then you will start sitting in that same weightless pose the whole day!

In this posture, not only will your body feel steady and comfortable, your mind will also be free from the body! You will experience the space in which you are totally balanced, where you are beyond intellect and emotion, where you are beyond the identity you are showing to the outer world and to yourself.

You will experience deep peace just by balancing the body. There is nothing else that needs to be done. You may be thinking, ‘How can I experience peace just by balancing the body?’ Just do it, then you will see!

source: Living Enlightenment

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