Meditation technique to be aware of your self at every moment, in every action

All your entertainment is nothing but trying to forget yourself.

All you have to do is remember yourself, remember I am – when you are eating, drinking, walking, talking. Be aware that I am and discover within your self an ever-living current.

All your entertainment is nothing but trying to forget yourself. Do not try to forget yourself. Trying to forget yourself will only add more and more difficulty to your life.

Whatever you know about yourself or whatever was taught to you about you, try to relax from it. Just remember I am.

Self-remembering is not thinking, it is simply awareness. If you think I am, you have missed the point. That is what we usually end up doing – repeating the words, I am, I am. The words are not the experience. Don’t verbalize. Just feel, I am. You don’t have to think about your body, your mind, your status or your position, no thinking is needed.

When you are walking, stop for a moment and be aware that you exist. When you touch something, just feel the sensation. When someone touches you, feel the touch, and feel the one who is being touched – that is you. Your consciousness will become sharper.

Carry this awareness with you everywhere. Be aware that you are experiencing the sun on your face, the wind in your hair. Be aware of the one who is experiencing. Just feel, I am. For a moment, you will be thrown back into yourself. You will catch a glimpse of deep silence, of reality.

source: Living Enlightenment

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