Technique to melt to the higher intelligence

If you notice, almost all the time, you like to say ‘no’ – it gives a solid feeling to your personality, your ego. Saying ‘no’ makes you feel you are somebody. Saying ‘yes’ makes the ego feel inferior, subservient to someone.

Now try to exactly reverse this. Decide for the next twenty-four hours, you will start with saying ‘yes’ in every situation. Watch how the ‘no’ just jumps up at the slightest incentive. In any situation, your mind will feel like saying ‘no.’ Now watch the ‘no’ begin to rise, and drop it. Consciously say ‘yes.’

You will feel yourself soften and melt, and you will experience a new ease within you. Others will also feel that you are a much softer and more open person.

source: Living Enlightenment

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