Look at things without bringing in any words

Learn to experience, beyond what words can describe. You will experience the real beauty of Existence. Then life becomes eternally joyful.

When you are looking at a flower, just look. Do not verbalize out loud or even silently, saying for instance, ‘Beautiful rose!’ Just see, being fully aware. That is really looking at the rose. Only then you can truly relate with the rose. Only then the rose reveals its reality to you.

Look at the moon in the night sky. Drink in the moon. Just watch, don’t think how beautiful it is, or that you know it is the moon or anything of that sort.

Sometimes you can look at your own self in the mirror. Look intensely at yourself in the mirror. Just watch, just witness. You will see how beautiful Existence and its creations really are, and how your words reduce everything to mundane matters

source: Living Enlightenment

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