Witness the wandering mind and relax into the real you

Duration: 21 minutes

Close your eyes. Sit in a very relaxed way.

There is no need to control the mind.

If your mind is going somewhere outside, dwelling on things other than you, it is called external wandering. Just remember you are there and your mind is wandering. The moment you remember you, you will remember your name, or some idea about you, that is internal wandering.

Watch the external and internal wandering. Any idea that comes about you, inside you, is also a wandering, an internal wandering. Witness these wanderings, relax even from them. If you are disturbed by thoughts, come back. Again remember the external wandering and internal wandering. Relax, and just be aware of the external wandering and the internal wandering.

Bringing awareness continuously to that which is not you, but which you are thinking is you, will bring a glimpse of the true you, which is the macrocosm, the whole cosmos.

source: Living Enlightenment

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