Life has no conflict, conflict has no life. If you have given life to conflict, if it is hurting you, just move it to the life! Give power to life continuously!

Learn the art of prana pratishta. Learn the art of prana pratishta, giving life to what you want. Then you will just live in conflict free life. Understand it is a very simple truth. I think I would have explained, this villager with whom I had a very strange experience.

During my wandering, I was resting in the noon time under a tree putting my head on a small stone which had the turmeric, all that, little puja was done on that. But I did not expect that it is worshipped by someone as God. I thought maybe some, in every village, every stone, every tree is worshipped.

In India, that is why when British put the milestones, first it was all painted in yellow, suddenly they saw in one week, all milestones have a, fully dressed, decked with flowers and people have started worshipping and everything has become temple.

In your life even though you gave power to all the conflicts after you start perceiving it, you forget you gave power to those conflicts.

So they have to change the color. No British had really tough time stopping the villagers worshipping the milestones and it is perfectly shaped like a shivalinga. That is why I just bow down to this civilization. How many thousands of mistakes this civilization may have, how much backward it may be, but just worshipping everything. Whether it is a stone or a tree, the ability to worship everything, it’s not a joke, understand. The ability to bow down to everything, the ability to surrender to everything, the ability to trust everything!

One of the greatest gift from the ganges civilization to the whole cosmos, is the ability to surrender, the ability to worship, the ability to trust, ability to dissolve. It’s the greatest gift from the Ganges civilization. It is not a joke, when you feel an individuality, the ability to just relax, trust. The ability to trust more than your boundary. There are some many, many peculiar diseases only the ego based civilizations suffer. One is osteoporosis. They don’t trust their own bone structure. Many of the disease the ego based civilizations suffer does not even exist, because these guys just knows how to bow down to anything.

Go to a village, whether it is the small kids or an officer going to an office, anybody, when they walk on the road, see every street will have 20 temple, small or big they will bow down in front of every temple and go. And they will bow down in front of every temple very sincerely. Even in my school days, if school starts at 8:30 I’ll start from my house at 6:30. And the school is maybe only 2 km, not more than that. Because I’ll have to bow down in every temple, every diety. On the way, at least 25 temples are there so I need five minutes in every temple. But I’ll always be late for the class if at all I reach the class! So I had an agreement with my maths teacher, I will make one more round for you, you give attendance for me. Usually maths will be the first class, first usually because the kids will be more aware that first session, maths will be the first session and I keep my promise, he keeps his promise. Usually in Indian village schools they don’t take attendance for every period taken. Morning they mark the attendance, than that’s all for the whole day. So majority of the days, I will be going around the temple for him and he will be giving attendance for me.

I put my head on this stone, I should not say stone, deity for some body. See if it is deity for some body it should be deity for everybody. But the foolish unfortunate civilizations do the other way. Once he sees somebody is accused somebody, it is accused for the whole world. That should not be the case. If he is deity for somebody, deity for everybody! And if he is accused for somebody, he is accused for that person. And we do completely opposite. So I put my head by mistake without knowing the deity, on deity. Usually when there is a turmeric powder smeared snakes will not come there. That is why in the snake holes before worshipping they will put the turmeric powder. Snakes won’t come. So I thought that is maybe the area where the snakes are too much, somebody before resting they have put turmeric powder, they rested. So I put my head, maybe in one hour, some villager from two, three kilometers away, he was running towards me shouting.

When he came near me he said, because you are a sadhu I am leaving you otherwise I would have broken your head. How dare you put your head on my Shiva. He had a telepathy connection with that deity. He was sleeping in the house, noon. Normally afternoon villagers rest. See morning they work before the sunrise say around 5 o’clock to 8 o’clock, 9 o’clock they work in their field then once it becomes very hot, especially Madhya Pradesh, too hot. They rest in the noon time, evening they come back and work in the field till, maybe 4 o’clock they will start till 7 o’clock, until it becomes completely dark they will work. So this guy was sleeping in his house and he ran and came and said I saw in my dream someone is disrespecting my deity, my Shiva. So anyhow, you are a Sadhu I am leaving you, don’t do this anymore. I really felt bad that I had abused somebody’s deity. So I apologized to him, but I was so happy that somebody could have a telepathy connection.

Just with a stone. When you worship as a deity, he’s so strong with his feeling connection he was able to just connect with that deity. Just with the trust, so I apologized and I moved. There was a small temple in that village, I stayed in that village, in that temple and I was talking about this incident to a few people. Some foreigner came to that village as a tourist, his guide who can speak a little English, little Hindi. English or Hindi. That guy was taking around that foreigner and he wanted to show that foreigner an Indian sadhu. So he brought that foreigner to me and he was telling about Indian sadhus few things. And I also tried, those days I can’t speak fluent English. I can manage but not fluently. Neither Hindi nor English but somehow I managed my wandering. Broken Hindi words are enough for sadhu you don’t need to speak much.

No in north India they will give you food and take care of you, great people. It’s a very beautiful civilization in the north they have respect and love for the sadhus and for the tradition. So I was explaining, so like this happened, I put my head on the deity and that guy came running, he had a telepathic experience with that deity, that he felt like he should protect it, that somebody is abusing it. Then he came running, I apologized, I told the whole story. This foreigner was really, got the curiosity. Wow! He wants to meet that villager. So anyhow, this local guy says I will get that villager, don’t worry because I described how that villager looks and this guide took that Westerner to that villager. I also wanted to see the fun, I went there. I also went. And during the conversation, he asked that villager, what happened and all that and that villager described, mmm like this I had a vision that my Shiva is being abused by somebody I ran and saw this sadhu was putting his head on that Shiva and I drove him out. He described all that story and then that foreigner asked, that Westerner asked, how did you feel this, how can this happen? He said, no I feel it is Shiva for me so through this deity, Shiva responds to me.

That foreigner I don’t know whether he wants to test that villager or really offer. He said if I give money, will you give this. I’ll give you $5000 means two and a half lakh. I don’t know at that time what value, at least few lakh hmm? Few lakh is not a small money, maybe that villager his whole property will only be that much worthy. Whole thing only will be $5000 worth. And I thought really that villager was going to jump on foreigner and finish him off. Shout at him, abuse him and drive him off, saying how dare you bargain, fix a price for my God! For my Shiva? I thought there was going to be a ruckus, chaos, big scene. I was just keeping quite. I was really surprised, that villager just simply said, please take it. He gave it away! He said please take it. Give the money and take the deity. And that Westerner really wanted to carry it as a souvenir. So he gave the money and took it. I think he gave it in Indian rupee and took it. That guide, he also made a little commission in the fixing the bargain. Everything was done, I was very shocked. Then after that Westerner went away I caught hold of that guide and caught hold of that villager and asked how dare you sell your God. He was very cool and I tell you honestly he had a telepathy experience with that deity. It was not lie. It was truth. He was very cool and he told me very cool way, Swamiji I did not sell my God I just sold a stone which I thought was worshipped as God. I put another one stone and not only that with this money, I’ll build a temple for that stone. See he was very clear, I will put another one stone and do prana pratishta and that will become God. Now I did two thing, satisfied a Westerner and inspiring him in the tradition, see he will carry this, it will be a God for him. So in a way I am responsible for spreading Vedic tradition to one person. True! He said, naturally he is going to carry it and worship and I know the science of doing prana pratishta. I’ll put another one stone and worship as a God and this stone is going to do the same work for me as the old stone was doing.

So I have the ability to do prana pratishta. I was really shocked, understand see especially when you have some extraordinary experience with that stone it is not an easy joke to retain that clarity. I put energy into it, even though it speaks to me, it is my own trust. It is my ability to do prana pratishta. This is what I call, even if you have the deva bhakti you should ultimately have the truth it is atma bhakti. Your own atman you are seeing it as God outside. So the deva bhakti should lead you to the depth of atma bhakti. I was shocked a villager can have so much of clarity. And that guy really did not spend that money on himself and he put another one small deity as Shiva, and built a small temple, not big temple but small temple he built with that money. Still that temple is there. Ability to do prana pratishta. The clarity to have prana pratishta.

Understand now in your life also, because you gave life to the conflict, conflict appears as reality and you really perceive it. Because you perceive it you forget you gave power to it. Don’t forget, even if you perceive it as reality you gave power to it. That villager, even if he is able to experience that stone as a God, he did not forget the truth he gave power to it. He did prana pratishta to it.

But in your life even though you gave power to all the conflicts after you start perceiving it, you forget you gave power to those conflicts. Remember, retain the ability to do prana pratishta.

When you gave power, when you perceived conflict, take the power back, put the power on life. It is you who is going to decide, whether or not to give power to conflict or life. Again life has no conflict, conflict has no life. Life has no conflict, conflict has no life. It’s the truth.

So, yesterday I received a question from on LE participant, Swamiji sometime the conflicts are so real if I go on feeling it is not true, it is not true, is it not like cheating myself? Where is the line? Understand, he was asking where is the line for the optimism? Be extreme optimistic. There is no line. There is no line. You cannot be more optimistic in more worse situations than me. Understand? Be extreme optimistic. There is no such thing as being border for optimism.

I tell you, give power to life continuously! Don’t even a moment slag and give power to conflict. Optimism means giving power to life. Doing prana pratishta to life. So there is no extreme in optimism. Lean how that villager, he was able to put God in that one stone, understand immediately he was able to put one more stone and put God in it. Same way, have the ability to move life.

If you have given life to conflict, if it is hurting you, just move it to the life! That’s all, nothing else.

See what has happened, even though these guys have tried so much, all possible conspiracy, abusal, scandal, finally imprisoning. What has happened 53 days, I prepared my body so thoroughly and downloaded all the techniques, I come out, people are levitating. And I am telling you honestly, in 53 days, I made you so thoroughly, so perfectly, I downloaded a new science. Means actually I added something more to me and for my life, and for the field in which I am. Just this year, beginning of this year we were sitting and discussing some of the corporate people were sitting and discussing, they were telling, Swamiji any organization whether it is a spiritual or corporate or business or for profit or non-profit, by 7 or 8 year, usually they say by end of the seventh year they call it stagnant graph. That graph will become stagnant. It’s the usual trend in all organizations. That is the crucial year either you are going to give a big breakthrough so that it is going to take off or die down. This is the trend Swamiji. And you are facing that crucial time this year.

How are you going to give a breakthrough? For take-off?For flying? I just made a simple statement, very casually, I think we have video record, I said, alright I’ll make everybody fly! We’ll take off. And now we know! Now we have a break, big, great breakthrough. A new science has landed in the body, new science is expressing. Of course, I know when the samana balancing happens this levitation or floating on the water, different siddhis starts expressing. But visibly now it is getting reproduced in anybody and everybody! Any bio memory sits in the front and ready to go through the process, simple readiness, willingness, the initiation is happening. And too fast, really I tell you. For Raghupati Yogi it took six years for him to make me levitate. Six years it took for him. And I think we have not even completed 6 days of LE process. Already 50 people at least have experienced. 50% have at least experienced psychological and physical levitation. 50 people have experienced at least the physical levitation. And it is not easy joke, you cannot cheat, see especially in padmasana and samana mudra, try to push your body, you will see nothing will happen, you can push only your hand. Your body can never be lifted. Only when it is really getting lifted by samana balance it can happen. Now I saw the stagnant graph is broken. Now, we have taken off. Literally taken off, never to land anymore. No more landing on planet earth. If at all there is a landing it is only in Nithyananda loka.

So be extremely optimistic. Even in the last moment of what you think as the worst crisis life can take over, understand. Trust the life, it is, it has the ability to create miracles. Trust life, it has possibility of miracles. Trust life, every moment is pregnant with the possibility of miracles. Every second can express miracles. Understand. Whatever small miracles that masters express is just to remind you life is miracles. Life is miraculous. Understand, this is just like visiting card. Just to remind you, life is miraculous. So have the extreme optimism. Even in the last moment, what you call as life and death situation, even at that moment, life can just take over and tell you I am here and create miracles. So have the ability to do pranapratishta continuously for life.

See whenever you have a conflict, life, two are there in you. Give power to life, not to conflict. Give more attention to life, not to the conflict. Reduce your attention, time thinking process which you supply for conflict. Add more life, more power, more time, more intelligence to life. Spend more time thinking about life. Spend more energy thinking about life. Give more life to life. Give more prana to life. Do more pranapratishta to life. Don’t spend too much time thinking conflicts. Don’t spend too much energy in conflicts. Give more life to life. That is what I call doing prana pratishta to life. So worship life.

Do prana pratishta to life. That’s the only way to be out of depression. So again, conflict free life .The only way to be out of depression.


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