Modern day cinema, entertainment industry cult and mass media cult brainwash you that the violence is heroism. No it is not! Non-violence is heroism! Non-violence has saved me, made me productive, made me contribute what I need to contribute to the world.!

I will reveal the secret to go to Kailasa once for all: All violence is delusion. 99.9999% of the material out of which you are made and I am made is not only the same stuff, they also know that it is same stuff. That .0000001% only is the little arrogance, anger that makes you and me feel separate inside you. I call it delusion.

The worst delusion in the universe is feeling of separation. One day, quantum physics and science will catch up with what I am declaring. That will be the greatest thing for humanity. Now, decision makers may or may not take me seriously. But in some time, people who they trust, the scientists, will come to the conclusion I am declaring now. They will come to the same conclusion, because humanity has to be saved.
Feeling separated is the most stupid and worst delusion. It is from the ‘feeling separated’ stems violence. Violence is rooted in feeling separated.

What I am talking to my kids is the most important secret strategy.

Gurukul kids remember, I am sitting with you in Kailash courtyard with one hand on your shoulder and telling you, like how during power manifestation I give precise instructions, not one word extra, one word less because power manifestation needs intense, integrated atmosphere, and even if a little cheating happens, it takes time to heal the vatavarana again. I am telling you, secrets of my success which will make you successful is, never ever get frustrated about life. Never ever get angry about life. Never ever get violent about life. If you cut and check me inside, there will be zero percent violence, not even one iota of violence. That is the secret of my success.

The metal out of which you and I are made, this universe is made, Paramashiva is made, is same. That is the great news. The greatest news is, this material knows we are all same! It is not that you need to build this enlightenment step by step. This material means: your body, mind, core cognition, individual identity, and all your close people like ‘my father, my mother, my friend, my friend or me’. Meditate on this truth. Whatever power you want to manifest, tell me. You will manifest it. You and me are one and the same and you know that we both are one and the same. That is the great news!

What I am talking to my kids is the most important secret strategy. Top people who administer and promote vaccines don’t vaccinate their kids! Top people always have some secrets only for them and their family. Whatever they do with their family is the most right and secret strategy. I am talking this to my kids means this is the most right and secret strategy – Raja vidya Raja guhya – royal knowledge, royal secret!

“Feeling separated” should be handled by the tool of completion, not supported by your arrogance. When you feel separate, do not try to support your thought currents with arrogance. Try to deal with yourself with completion.

I am telling you basic truths.

Inside, decide, no violence, no separation. If there is a separation feeling, no question of encouraging that feeling.

You are dreaming as if a tiger is chasing you and you are shouting, ‘please somebody give me a revolver, a weapon, I have to kill this tiger and save myself!’ unless your wife is really angry with you, she will not give you the revolver because if you get that revolver in that deluded state, you will kill yourself or the people around you, not that tiger you are seeing in the delusion. So all you need is somebody just pouring a cup of water on you or slapping you to wake up! You need alarm, not revolver!

Inside you, healing and understanding the delusion in separation and from that starts all violence and violence strategy, you will become non-violent your whole life. You will not have birth and death. You will not have strong violence which will pull you down again to planet earth.

Factually, so many murder attempts happened on me. So many people tried to kill me with lawfare, abuse, harassment, injustice, destroying my whole hard work and sangha. Evidences are there all over the internet for all this. But I decided not to hurt myself because they are trying to hurt me. They trying to hurt you, your enemies attacking you, is violence. If you react with violence, your enemy has got one more person which is ‘you’ to support him to destroy you.

Because of my clarity that separation is delusion, I operated from the Cosmic logic – dharmo rakshati rakshitaha – if you protect Dharma, Dharma will protect you. I operate from the cosmic logic. I never become violent. I only started analyzing what should I do now to fulfill my mission. It is to bring all the great things from Kailasa, Paramashiva’s grace, the state, space, powers, being, superconsciousness and Kailasa of Paramashiva – all the technology, methodology and knowledge, and sharing it with the world.

When Skandamata starts talking, understanding, communicating, this is the first truth I will teach her: you and me are one and the same. You and everyone around you and Paramashiva is one and the same! She is my favorite papa! To her, this is the first gift I will give her as her guru. This is the most valuable gift I got from my guru Paramashiva, Arunagiri yogishwara!

I will give you tonnes of evidences from earlier researches done. I am declaring this from shastra pramana, apta pramana and atma pramana – the great shastras’ declaration, declaration of the earlier masters and my own experience and declaration…All are in alignment! With Ahimsa Paramo Dharmaha, when you get the evidences, you will not have violence. You will not say: ‘get it for me, see what I will do!’ there is tonnes of evidence. न भूतो न भविष्यति – ‘na bhooto na bhavishyati’ – means ‘neither before nor after’….

Neither before not after in Indian legal history, any FIR is filed without a rape victim or without even cooking up a false victim. They filed such an FIR because they did not have time? Neither before March 4th 2010 of Indian history nor after March 4th 2010 there was ever an FIR filed without a victim for a rape charge! They destroyed the respect for the Indian legal system. These corrupt police officers from Tamilnadu police…! They have brought shame on the whole Tamilnadu and Indian police. The police who signed on that FIR will be a black mark on the whole Indian legal system. There is something called natural justice system! All these are injustices done to me!

If you don’t have violence, you will be aligned with the real purpose of your life and you will feel you are productive to your goal. It is the ultimate completion you need when you need to leave your body. When I leave my body I will feel so aligned and productive to my goal. Feeling productive to your purpose, is called ‘fulfillment’.

My lawyers said we should file for malicious prosecution. Even if I do it, it will be 25 years by the time justice comes. I will be 60! So you want me to waste my whole life on this? That is the whole mediocre tendency. I operate from cosmic logic. I am here to deliver Paramashiva jnana and Paramashiva vijnana.
This dravish gang which is attacking me to eliminate me, their only aim is: I should not deliver what I brought from Kailasa. They don’t have any other personal hatred on me. I am in no way related to them and I never even spoke a word criticizing them. I don’t even know their names till they attacked me. There is no personal enmity. They tried to grab some of our property but just for the property they may not kill because they have grabbed the property of the whole country! So that may be one reason because I did not allow them to grab my property, but the persistent murder attempt is more ideological. They don’t want me to do the real spiritual work. Even if I win the war in the end, they would have wasted my whole life. Just by getting into the war I would have lost my whole life, the purpose for which I came would not have been fulfilled. That is why I am telling you, Ahimsa Paramo Dharmaha.

Inside me there was so much healing, completion, about Ahimsa Paramo Dharmaha. Because of that I never got agitated even though factually so much injustice is done to me. I never reacted or responded. Madhiyazhagan is the one who signed the fir. He has brought shame on the whole indian legal system. It is an attempt to kill me. They are using prosecution as a cunning way of legitimizing their attempt to kill me, thats all.

Paramashiva has given me the strength. Arunagiri yogishwara, when I was 10, has drilled in me this mission. That is so alive in me. I did not get deluded by these demons and devils. If I had got into the war, with Paramashiva’s grace and protection of Kalabhairava, I would have won, but when! By then my life would have gone. I would not have been able enlighten all of you. I would have been so busy there. Is that the purpose of my life?

If you don’t have violence, you will be aligned with the real purpose of your life and you will feel you are productive to your goal. It is the ultimate completion you need when you need to leave your body. When I leave my body I will feel so aligned and productive to my goal. Feeling productive to your purpose, is called ‘fulfillment’.

I want all my kids to learn this. My gurus are such honest people. All my love I poured in them they used it to make me enlightened. I tell my disciples: all the love you pour on me, I will be absolutely integrated to it and enlighten you. I will give the best things of the universe to you. That is my commitment.

It is like this: how your mother-in-law treated you, you will treat your daughter-in-law. Same way, how my gurus treated me, I will treat you guys! So I commit with you guys: I will be absolutely integrated to you. Whatever tantrums you through I will never hate you. I have done so many tantrums with my gurus. That karma is only coming to me now! They loved me despite my tantrums. I commit with you guys, I will behave the same way with you, I will not give up on you and never hate you. Even if you leave, I will wait for you to come back, I will never hate.

At 10, the kind of love I had for Arunagiri yogishwara! If He wanted to make a suicide bomber He could have easily done it. But He gave me the best. I will also give you the best what My guru gave Me.

Non-violence is the cosmic ultimate truth and law. Start applying that inside your relationship with yourself, that is where the grounding in the cosmos happens. Like how to build muscles you do work out, same way, to build consciousness, grind yourself with absolute completion. You will gain so much powerfulness inside. From that powerfulness, you will know the goal of life and you will strategize.

If I got into the fight with the dravish gang which was trying to kill me, whether I win the war or lose the war, I am the loser. Not getting into the war with them and continuing to do my work, what I need to contribute creatively to the world, is the most successful right strategy.

I was able to do this because my nerves were not pushing me to fight with them. I am so thankful to Arunagiri yogishwara and the vegetarian body he created for me. The only one time when some other blood got into my system is, when a small wound happened in his finger. I put his finger in my mouth and stopped the blood and some blood went it! Other than that no other blood went into my body!

I am so happy for the stable, powerful, nervous system Paramashiva has gifted to me. Because, if you are agitated inside about this so-called justice and injustice, your whole life is gone.

The sweetness and joy in my eyes is same before and after 2010. After relentless persecution and unable to rest even one night peacefully, my nerves could never be shattered. Anybody else with so much injustice done to them actually would have become violent at least for self defense.

I was very clear: I will find a place where I can sit non-violently and contribute what I need to contribute to the world. This is the greatest success because of non-violence as strategy that I adopted within me and with society.

Liberate yourself from the external facts. Let your life’s reality not be impacted by the external facts. Then you are a leader.

Non-violence has saved me, made me productive, made me contribute what I need to contribute to the world. I am not going to be violent in declaring that non-violence is the only way. I am telling how I adopted non-violence in my guru Parampara and how that has helped me in every level to deal with the most corrupt terrorist gang on the planet earth.

See the track record of the dravish gang. The number of murders they have committed, but never getting accused! They are such criminals, the world will not even know they are criminals! They are like a don mafia gang. Like how mine is the only FIR filed for a rape charge without a victim, same way, with Paramashiva’s grace and Kalabhairava’s protection, the only person who escaped from them is me.

So-called justice and injustice belongs to binary logic. Nonviolence is the ultimate cosmic law – the multidimensional logic of cosmos.

I will give you deeper secrets: the person who does not have reaction will have more time in the inner space to be more productive and workaholic. People ask me, ‘you worked only few years in public life. How come you did so much!’

When you don’t have reaction and you are non-violent, you have so much time available for you. Time expands. It is the truth. I will not lie or cheat.

This is the way I am going to bring up Skandamata. She will be sitting on the table and she will eat from my plate. I eat with both hands. I will put food for her also. When you and Me are eating from same plate, will I compromise on quality of the food? No. This truth I am sharing with you is like that. I will not compromise on the quality of the truth.

We often believe that exacting revenge is a form of emotional release and getting retribution will help us feel better. Especially this modern day cinema entertainment industry cult and mass media cult brainwash you that the act of revenge is gaining closure after wrong done. Revenge has the opposite effect. It is like the monkey feeling more itching and scratching itself, never settles down till it dies because it will create a wound and more infection and it will die. They tell you: violence is heroism. No it is not! Non-violence is heroism!

I have the total defamatory telecast done on me. Suvarna tv – 150 days, Samaya tv – 120 days means it if runs for 24 hours, it will amount to these many days. And I am neither dead nor having any nervous breakdown. It is all because of Paramashiva’s grace and Kalabhairava’s protection and strong powerful cognitions My guru Arunagiri yogishwara gave me.

You all are like Skandamata for me! I will not compromise the truths I am telling you. When Skandamata is sitting on the dining table and she and I are eating from the same plate, neither I will compromise the quality of food nor I will compromise the truths I am talking to her while eating, because that is the sweetest moment when the ultimate truths need to be shared. Imagine, I am in your room in the Nithyananda sabha and we both are eating from the same plate. I don’t have too many binary logic points to prove to you, but I will tell you step by step the Cosmic logic to make you understand ‘Ahimsa Paramo Dharmaha’.

All anger, revenge, takes life away from you. You will be controlled and manipulated through those emotions.

Injustice is done to me, no doubt. It is a fact. But external facts should not mould your life reality. Liberate yourself from the external facts. Let your life’s reality not be impacted by the external facts. Then you are a leader.

I did not allow my reality to be moulded by dravish demons. I did not allow these two gangs – anti-Hindu terrorists and anti-guru Hindu mafia  to mould my reality, even though they tried to mould my reality. I remained as leader, Lord of my life – Atmeshwara! I remained Ishwara for my soul and my life. Not only I did not react or did any violent reactions against these dravish gang, never I even turned to Arunagiri Yogishwara once and ask, ‘Swamiji, why did this happen to me?’ I can’t even think of it! When I turn to Him, I will have only a wide smile. It is intimate raw, wide, wild, intimate passionate, life-positive oneness with Him. The guru’s curse is not guru cursing you, it is you doubting your guru or questioning your guru.

In every level, nonviolence should be the strategy. It is more and more oneness. Non-violence strengthens oneness and oneness strengthens non-violence. Laziness and non-involvement, tiredness and boredom, is not non-violence. That is what Arjuna was trying to do in Vishadha yoga.

source: May 5, 2020

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