In the post corona world, the confidence you have about life and consciousness’ ability to live without krodha centric mascharya (hypomania) is going to be the main thing. Don’t be stupid in carrying on the violence. Drop all the shit and load and carry on with absolute non-violence.

When you remove hypomania from all the decisions you are making now, your being not only gets healed, it starts intensely manifesting powers. If you can heal, complete, correct, all the past decisions you took due to your hypomania, you will reclaim, retrieve all the powers and energies you destroyed in your past through this methodology and process. You will evolve a being which will not waste time in the future and which will retrieve so much of energy and powers from your past. Literally it will raise you beyond your imagination, expectation about life.

.This can be an immediate path, method, for your enlightenment and power manifestation, to radiate the state, space and powers of Paramashiva.

 I will explain elaborately:

.Today what I am trying to explain, if you implement, if you start manifesting, not will be free from all your delusions, you just know how this whole world runs in delusion.

Krishna says “mama maya duratyaya” – my maya is difficult to grasp.

Hypomania is the core maya, core delusion, trobhava.

Definition of hypomania – hypomania is seeing things which are not there due to your delusion which leads to depression, powerlessness, life negativity, even suicide.

Seeing God in Guru, Linga, Sangha and deity, seeing Paramashiva in Paramashiva linga is not hypomania because it does not lead you to depression, powerlessness, life negativity, suicide. It makes you feel healed, comforted, relaxed, peaceful, alive, settled, awakened, and you manifest powers beyond logic and nature obeys you and you become so life positive, that not only animals; ever wild nature obeys you.

Hypomania is seeing something out of your agitated reactionary assumptions.

Definition for hypomania: a condition similar to mania, the symptoms are similar with elevated mood, increased activity, increased need for sleep and the like. However hypomania episodes, getting into the delusion mood, you start seeing things which are not there but it intensely shakes you, shatters you. Literally gets into your nervous system.

When I was mapping the message from Paramashiva into the language you understand, I was feeling the inadequacy of english.

Krodha centric delusory projections are called mascharya. That is what exactly I mean by the word hypomania.

Example: somebody comes and joins the sangha as disciple. After some time he becomes very greedy for the wealth of the sangha and plans how to grab it. So he conspires with a gang. In India political connection helps you to rob Hindu Organization property easily. He attacks the guru. But because Kalabhairava is protecting, the guru escapes and he is saved with Kalabharava’s protection. So this whole kulnari gang fails in its endeavor to grab the wealth. After becoming successful, the guru continues with his life positive work, what he is supposed to do. In this situation, not only I save my time from not getting wasted, I develop a mental setup and ecosystem around me which does not get pulled and pushed in this revenge mechanism. There is no just punishment in the human punishing mechanism. If guru decides to punish those abusers and takes legal action and they are put in jail for so many years, either the punishment will be less or more but the karma chakra will not be complete.

If the person thinks the punishment is more, his inner space imprints this pain inside and he comes back next janma and tries to take revenge again on the guru and sangha. And again the guru and sangha have to react. This karma chakra goes on because of this “krodha centric mascharya”. I will use this word instead of hypomania. By not taking revenge on all the abusers who are trying to eliminate me, I am once for all breaking the karma chakra.

My disciples should know: “multiple lives and karma coming back” is true. I am the best strategist and I made best things out of my life, I am only 42 and I literally made a nation. Direct blessings and grace of Paramashiva and protection of Kalabhairava is with me.

I will teach you how Paramashiva teaches me and makes me do the strategy. If you learn, this you can do wonders.

Multiple life is the truth of the cosmos. Don’t be stupid to say that you have only one life and “let us strategise and destroy, and what comes in front of our eyes, let us manipulate…”.

No! Life is longer than you think and every good, bad comes back. Karma theory is true. If you do some bad, that pain has to come back to you. Just to go through that pain you have to take one more birth.

Because I decided not to participate in krodha centric mascharya, for example: people attacked me, I decided I am not going to get involved in this, I am liberated and this karma chakra does not continue for me and my sangha. But those people who tried to eliminate me, will carry their mental setup and will continue to do crimes to others because that is what is their cognition about life and they will create hell for themselves.

Understanding karma theory saves your time and makes you the greatest strategist.

Even if you feel the attack done on you in unjustified and you have been wronged, decide to be in ahimsa, non-violence and in the space of Paramashantaswarupa, you will have so much of life positivity energy. If you messed up in the past due to krodha centric mascharya, hypomania. Sit and iron out all those decisions. Do not entertain the suicidal arrogance. Have courage and boldness to correct those decisions, because otherwise you have to come back once more again and again! Eating the same shit, living a boring tiring life. Especially post corona world is going to be really boring! You can’t even go for vacation! Why you want to come back again and again?

All dharma is centered on this one principle, ahimsa.

When you decide to acid wash your being with ahimsa, the krodha centric mascharya decisions can be cleansed.

First time when I felt injustice was done to me was when the small ashram my gurus built for me was forcibly taken away from me, after my gurus left the body. My gurus begged and made an ashram for me even before 1990’s, when I was hardly 10 years old. It was maybe in 1985. It took a long time to complete the building. Kuppammal used to carry water from her home to build the building! Isakki swami, Raghupathi Yogi, all my gurus, even Ramsuratkumar, gave all their savings. Annamalai swamigal asked his devotees and disciples to give money because he himself did not have money.

With a lot of struggle they built the ashram and gifted it to me. When some anti-hindu elements attacked me and drove me out of the property, it was the first time I felt injustice was done to me. But I was very clear: I am not going to allow this karma chakra to continue. I just know I need to surrender to Paramashiva, live in the space of non-violence and continue with my mission. I994 – they did the Yoga Pattabhishekam and handed over successorship. 1995 all three of them passed away. Isakki Swamigal – 1991, and Raghupathi yogi and Kuppammal in 1995. I was driven out the same year.

The atmosphere created was such that I cannot live there. But I was very clear I am going to be absolutely life positive. From that time, every time injustice was done to me, I continued with life positive non-violent attitude and continued with my work. The people who tried to attack me, got caught in some other problems, in the karma chakra, due to their innate violence and they all have suffered. Now they are also not enjoying the property that they grabbed from me. If I had reacted violently, with krodha centric mascharya, which they expected, as it was one of the plots, of course I would never have reacted out of reactionary assumptions, but if anyone in my position had reacted violently, either the person would have gone to jail or wasted their whole life retrieving the property because the karma chakra will not allow you to move further.

I am giving you multiple examples so that you can map these teachings in your life and understand how to constantly keep you liberated.

Whenever you believe you are wronged, you are destroying yourself. Nobody else needs to destroy you anymore.

If you believe you have been wronged and you start operating from krodha centric mascharya, no one needs to destroy your life anymore; you are your enemy. I was very clear that even if factually I was wronged, I will not react in any life negative way or go for any reactionary assumptions; I will not go for krodha centric mascharya, I will continue with my life positive attitude and lifestyle. In just a few days, people who attacked me will become irrelevant to me.

In 1995, those who attacked me became irrelevant to my life in 1997. People who attacked me in 1997, became irrelevant to my life in 2002. People who attacked me in 2003, became irrelevant to me in 2005. People who attacked me in 2010, became irrelevant to me in 2012. I don’t even remember their names. All of you waste your whole life just by taking decisions our of krodha centric mascharya. That destroys your existence. Get out of hypomania; you will be an amazing leader. Undo all decisions you made in your past based on hypomania – krodha centric mascharya.

I will define mascharya from Saptakalpa dhruma, the nikanthu dictionary. It means “having hatred for good happening to others.” anya supa dveshaha is mascharya.

Krodha means, “having the feeling to destroy others, when a situation unfolds as injustice or unfairness.” All this revenge based heroic persons will be cheap, lower middle class. Only if you can roll your life based on larger vision, what I call knowing the cosmos’ grand narrative about you, your grand narrative about cosmos is matching, in tune.

I was sitting outside my room in samadhi in such a way, there were two mirrors, in one mirror this body was reflecting and in the other mirror, the vast open sky was reflecting. When I slowly settled down and came out of samadhi and opened my eyes, I saw, I saw both mirrors are reflecting Me! This body is one phase of me, this Cosmos is one phase of me. I want all of you to experience this. This Cosmos is one phase of you, your body is one phase of you.

I will narrate My inner space:

this Cosmos, its grand narrative about Me, means what ocean feels about this wave (me) and what the Cosmos feels about Me as My grand narrative, and what I feel about this grand narrative of the Cosmos, what wave feels towards ocean, there is no blind spot in any of this. It is absolutely in tune with each other. It is called Paramashivatva.

What this Cosmos thinks about me and what I think of the Cosmos, both are in absolute oneness. We are in love with each other. It is like, I know what He thinks and He knows what I think! This oneness is what I call Paramashivatva.

Taking decisions based on non-violence, life positive, knowing the vision of the cosmos, knowing the grand truth of Existence, all this are one and the same. You should know that with non-violence and Paramashantaswarupa, I saved my time and life….Saving time means saving life, not just money. Without hypomanic reactions, I have liberated myself.

When you feel injustice is done to you, most of the time it is delusion. But even then, go for non-violence solutions. The people who attack you will become relevant to your life. They are never going to become irrelevant in your life if you go with them.

I will give you secrets of how I make success in my life. No one can deny my success. The media – when they tried to burn me alive in 2010, and I escaped, they made a big controversy that I escaped me through black magic. They show me being burnt live in national television, they locked my room from outside…..And they are doing live show, and because they didn’t see my dead body, they started cooking up the story: “how did he disappear? He did black magic.” those terrorists tried to attack me, because I didn’t do any violence and I started doing life positive work, we just tried to give a police complaint and even the police within a year, those terrorist gangs, exactly the faces you see in that video, within next two years became irrelevant in my life and he did some other terrorist act and publicly he was beaten. He was not able to kill me but I did not initiate any violent response. But he was not able to keep quiet. The fuel for his life is continuous terrorism.

All my best contributions have come out after the assassination attempts on me. I decided that I have to deliver as much as possible to the world and started working more with more hard work and sincerity.

You can see in nithyanandapedia, the amount of spiritual products I brought after 2010 and shared with you all…. Whether it is the 108 kriyas or the science of levitation or science of enlightenment or science of power manifestation or science of completion, or yoga vinyasa kramas…..I started accelerating my actions in a life positive contributing way. I did not engage with them and create the karma chakra.

Every time people tried to assassinate me at the most we will try to give police complaint which never works. Then we will carry on with life as our legal responsibility. If you don’t give police complaint, they will give police complaint on you and arrest you! Because I did not initiate any karma chakra, any krodha centric mascharya, in such short time of 40 years…. I was ordained, declared as inheritor of this tradition in 1994, when I was 16. 26 years of public life, 2018, Kailasa started functioning formally…I am successful in my mission because of non-violent mental setup, inner space, no hypomania, no krodha centric mascharya, and even if I find krodha centric mascharya is encouraged, I always try to support and help them in the dream or waking state and try to keep the space of Paramashiva that is in me, in them. I do absolute honest sincere hard work.

Decide not to do any krodha centric mascharya. What I am talking about the happenings of my life, if you map, you can see many of your divorces, career change, business change related decision are absolutely krodha centric mascharya.

If you do not cherish violence, and go on supporting people to support non-violence, you create an amazing ecosystem around you which protects you. Even once if I had reacted violently to them, I would not have created this amazing ecosystem that is protecting me – the kedya – protection armour.

Even though multiple times I faced assassination attempts, terrorist attacked, lawfare, property grabbing, destruction of property, cyber pulling, any crime was done to me, I was very clear, I am not going to do any krodha centric mascharya, violence based reactions. And I am not a fool to get destroyed by them. I am protected by the Kalabhairava kavacha.

  • Today and tomorrow, sit and list all major losses you incurred in life due to your krodha centric mascharya based reactions, delusion, hypomania based decisions, and how you lost relationships, opportunities, jobs, best situations, multiple good things… And see if you can alter any decisions and pull yourself out that mess.

Beauty is, whenever you try to complete with past violence and move to non-violence, Kalabhairava supports you, helps and protects you. All help is available for non-violence, ahimsa, for manifesting Paramashiva, for life positive happening.

People ask me, “why same concept I am repeating so many times”? Because you don’t listen, I am repeating! Why don’t you understand that? You dont listen and you dont map what I am teaching to your life; that is why multiple ways I am repeating.

All divorce, all sufferings of life… There are multiple divorces – job divorce, spouse divorce, guru divorce, sangha divorce, linga divorce. All these are almost stupid krodha centric mascharya/hypomania, delusion.

From now don’t make decision based on krodha centric mascharya. That will save your future.
Pull out your past, review and try to redo, undo, clean up all the mess you made through krodha centric mascharya. You will have so much of fresh energy in your life, fresh inner space, confidence and courage to live the future.

Even one person if I retrieve from my past who had a misunderstanding with Me, make the person as part of Me through completion, I feel so confident that in the future I can build more people with more positivity, life positive energy.

If you retrieve even one relationship from your past mess up and complete and make them part of your life, you will have so much courage, confidence and life positive energy towards the future…Paramashanta swarupa centric lifestyle.

This advice is particularly for everyone of you. This advice is exclusively for everyone of you. Whenever something is said straight to us, we try to move out saying it is for someone else! So this is called sarva astra, it is for everyone! It is not for anyone particularly, it is for everyone particularly, don’t move out, if you think it is for others, it is specially for you. If you think it is for you, it is for you. If you think it is for others and you, it is for you!

If you built the inner space without krodha centric mascharya, you will not have one more birth. You will live a jeevan mukta life.

Sadhu is the person ready to wave the white flag at any point of the war, not only when he is weak, but even when he is strong in the war. He is ready to wave the white flag in the war and accept the peace. Bring sadhutva into your life, you will have so much of energy.

The internet age has made violence based success, war based heroism, everything irrelevant. Only contributing people are going to make it successful. White flag is heroism.

Decide consciously not to initiate new karma chakra, karma bandhana, krodha centric mascharya and sincerely heal and reclaim all the past mess up you did based on krodha centric mascharya.

The confidence you carry about life is the real wealth you have which cannot be taken away.
The media mafia created reasonless fear to manipulate you using corona and is now hiding information when it is reporting. Both times they are liars, manipulative. Neither I believed their lies and created unnecessary hype nor am I going to believe their information. Be very clear, protect yourself absolutely. Don’t compromise on your security, social distancing. Keep yourself safe.

Many governments are bothered about number. I am bothered about your life. They say death rate is not as high as other countries! Stop treating human beings as number, as statistics. So please protect yourself. Money is secondary, your life is first. Your consciousness’ ability to operate in your body in a healthy way and manifest enlightenment is your first priority, your first birthright. Money is your second priority.

In the post pralaya, post corona world, the confidence you have about life and consciousness’ ability to live without krodha centric mascharya is going to be the main thing. World is ending. Don’t be stupid in carrying on the violence. Drop all the shit and load and carry on with absolute non-violence. All your passport, visa will become irrelevant. Many people have this pride that they can go to many countries without visa! Invest your life in intense, joyful, non-violence-centered enriching, enreaching lifestyle.

Whether I will be able to see the temple or not I don’t know, but I am extremely happy that Rama temple is happening in Ayodhya. Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama. Remembering Rama and Sri Ashok singhal ji.

Essence of today’s satsang: withdraw from all krodha centric mascharya and hypomanic response. All the decisions you took in the past based on anger, violence, agitation and irritation, pull yourself out of those decisions without holding onto suicidal arrogance. You will have so much confidence and love for life, living enlightenment, energy, power manifestation.

source: Aug 4 2020, nithyanandapedia


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