The purpose of all great spiritual practices is for you to become ONE; for you to be complete, integrated!

Kṛṣṇa is giving you the science of creating the right inner space. Let us see how we work, or how our mind moves. In a graph of your being, material life is the horizontal line and spiritual life is the vertical line. You continuously worry about whether to choose the horizontal line or the vertical line; whether to go on this (horizontal) path, or that (vertical) path. You are always stuck somewhere on the horizontal line or somewhere on the vertical line. You try to move but you are always caught in the dilemma of whether to go this way or that way.

Mind is nothing but dilemma. Whatever you choose, whether material life or spiritual life, you will always feel you are missing the other part. You will continuously feel you are missing something. As long as you think you are the mind, as long as you live with the mind, you will have this problem of material life verses spiritual life. Just like people have goals in material life, they have goals in spiritual life too. There are so many people who say, ‘I should meditate for seven hours daily. I should become enlightened. I should become that, I should do this.’

A man who has fallen into his being, one who has dropped goals, who has tasted the beauty of purposelessness of Existence, who has realized the space of completion, who has fallen into his being, explodes in 360 degrees, in all dimensions. He simply radiates completion in all directions!

Please listen, goals in material life and in spiritual life; both drive you mad. If you want to become mad, continuously think of some goal. But if you can just withdraw into your being, you will just forget about the goal. And you can still work. By withdrawing into your being, you stop trying to locate a purpose somewhere all the time and running towards it. The man who runs behind the material goals, will always feel he is missing the spiritual goal. That is why all rich communities invariably follow spiritual masters. They carry a deep guilt and fear that they are missing spirituality. The person who travels along the horizontal line feels he is missing the spiritual life and the person who travels along the vertical line feels he is missing the material life. Both are trying to fulfill each other cerebrally. The materialist fulfills the spiritualist’s ideal and the spiritualist fulfills the materialist’s ideal.

The man who realizes the purposelessness of both these goals, the purposelessness of the running, just falls back into his being. When you realize that whatever you consider the purpose or goal of your life is ultimately meaningless, the very moment you realize this and the glamour is gone, that very moment the need for perspiration is also gone; you stop running. Mind you, it is not inspiration; it is just perspiration that you give up! The moment all respect for the purpose is gone from your life, you will simply fall into your being.

One important thing: The moment you fall into your being, you explode! Not only do you start flowing in the direction of both horizontal and vertical lines, but you also explode in 360 degrees in all dimensions. Whatever you can imagine and whatever you can’t even imagine will start happening. Only then do you become a truly multi-dimensional being. A man who has fallen into his being, one who has dropped goals, who has tasted the beauty of purposelessness of Existence, who has realized the space of completion, who has fallen into his being, explodes in 360 degrees, in all dimensions. He simply radiates completion in all directions!

The space of completion or incompletion, purposelessness or purposefulness does not work horizontally, logically. It works vertically and explodes in all dimensions. A man who is in the space of incompletion can fall vertically down. A man in the space of completion flies vertically up. He starts experiencing the ultimate bliss of spiritual life and the ultimate happiness of material life and something more! Only he enters into eternal bliss or Kṛṣṇa consciousness. Travel with completion or incompletion is not horizontal, it is vertical. Whether you fall vertically down or fly vertically up, your idea of horizontal or linear traveling is wrong! As long as you are caught up with material goals or spiritual goals, you travel only in one horizontal direction of incompletion, because you think you are body or mind.

Sometimes people tell me, ‘I don’t want spiritual life. I don’t want these four tattvas, life principles.’ It is like saying, ‘I don’t want to breathe. I don’t want blood circulation.’ You need to understand that there is no such thing as spiritual life and normal life. Life has no purpose. Life is Life! The more you are caught up with purposes, the more you think you are the body or the mind. When you realize the purposelessness of it all, you will straightaway fall into the depths of your being. Actually, to become complete and enlightened, you don’t need the whole Gītā. This single verse is enough to make an individual enlightened. Then why am I talking about all the verses? It is only because there are so many different kinds of individuals. If you can, just look into yourself and understand this one verse for your self. Whenever I speak, understand that I am speaking to you. Don’t prepare notes in your mind to go and repeat it to somebody else. When you do this, you are sure to miss the experience yourself!

Just allow this one idea to work on you: the truth of the purposelessness of life. You can just close your eyes and think, contemplate for two or three minutes: ‘What is really the purpose of my life? Why am I doing what I am doing? Where am I going? What is happening?’ Many times you do not even know what you want to achieve in life; what the purpose of life is. It is just because of incompletions. See, it is like each part of your incompletion claims, ‘I am you!’ For example, if your name is Sundar, each part of the broken you claims, ‘I am Sundar!’ ‘I am Sundar!’ and who screams loudly, he thinks he is Sundar. And one of the worst things is one part of you spends so much of energy to disprove that the other part is not you. So finally, whoever wins, whoever loses, who is the loser? You! One part of you winning is not you winning. Even if one part of you wins, you are the loser! Unless your whole wins, you are a loser!

Understand, each part of you screaming that that part is you finally lands you in deep confusion. Unless you heal yourself and bring yourself to purposelessness, unless you align yourself as one being, life doesn’t start for you! Only with deep completion you even become one being. The purpose of all great spiritual practices is for you to become ONE; for you to be complete, integrated! If your inner eye opens, if your inner space experiences the beauty of purposelessness, that is enough to experience the space of completion. You will fall into your being. As of now, you can experience neither material life nor spiritual life because when you are here, you are looking there and when you are there, you are looking here.

When you don’t have integrity, the life you want to have around you will change hour by hour. In the morning you will have one idea of a certain kind of life, at noon you will have a different idea and the next morning you will have some other idea. With lack of integrity, there is such a huge confusion. Your mind is not where your body is. You are not living inside your boundary. The grass on the other side of the river always looks greener. Something else is always calling you. Only when you align yourself to integrity, you will experience the beauty of purposelessness, only then will you be able to understand what Kṛṣṇa says throughout Karma Yoga.

When you bring integrity into your thinking, you become aware of every anxiety you go through, every fear you go through; you see how you are responsible for creating negativity in your life, and you also see how you can align yourself with yourself, and the world can just align itself with you. When you are one being, the reality you want, the reality you need and the highest Reality, all three become one and the same. Relax! This one idea can transform your whole way of thinking with integrity, working with authenticity, and living with responsibility.

When you understand there is no purpose of life, you will start enriching and enjoying every single moment; you will start living intensely in every single inch of your body. Every moment will become meaningful. When you think that life as a whole has a purpose, the individual moment will lose its meaning. If you think one month of your working time is worth 50 thousand dollars, you will judge the value of that one month as being only 50 thousand dollars. Suddenly, if someone says, ‘I will give you 50 million dollars, give me your life,’ will you be able to give him your life? No! But, this is the way you are calculating and working! We are ready to sell our mind, our moments, our inner space by calculating the value of our lives. You forget the work itself or living itself. If you think the whole has a purpose, then the part loses its meaning. When you realize that the whole has no purpose, the part will become meaningful. Your very living, every day itself, will become very beautiful. Your life every day, your living, your sitting, your walking, your standing, everything will become a joyful, complete experience. That is why they say Sat-Cit-Ānanda, which means ‘the bliss of the very Existence.’ Your very existence is blissful. You don’t have to think that at the end of your life you will have bliss. Your very Existence is blissful.  The meaning of existence is bliss, eternal bliss, Nityānanda. But you need to take steps towards that bliss.

source: chapter 2, Bhagavadgita Decoded verses, 3.5 – 3.8

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