Nine levels of Unclutching

  1. From outer world problems related to name, fame, money etc.
  2. From outer world identities related to professional, social, national, racial, caste etc.
  3. From thoughts i.e. verbalization and visualization happening inside. When you stop inner chattering and visualization, you become unclutched. Even feeling boredom and restless is one more thought or verbalization or visualization.
  4. From Emotions like pain, pleasure, fear, anger etc
  5. From Inner world identities — Ahamkara => Identity you project to others which is higher than you.                                                                         Mamakara => Identity you believe about you which is lower than you.
  6. From Biomemories. Unclutch from very patterns you are carrying – pain, suffering, worrying, irritation, addiction
  7. Unclutch from physical body itself
  8. Unclutch from idea of Time
  9. Unclutching from the very idea ” I ” . ” I ”  is the source of everything you perceive.

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