When you realize Master’s ferociousness is not a hit, but a blessing out of sheer compassion for you to grow, you will realize the beauty of it and welcome it even more

The stronger you hold on to an ideology or to a person, the deeper will be your depression. If you hold on to a person, say your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife, your son or brother or father, you will be bound by the sway of the relationship, and you will invariably fall into depression and start blaming that person. This is how depression happens. In the same way, if you hang on to your ego or identity or ideology, again you will face depression.

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When you surrender both doubt and faith at the feet of the master, you will see something called trust happens in you, which is neither doubt nor faith!

Whenever you have a doubt, surrender the doubt and faith both at the feet of the master. You see, the master is the one who gives you the faith and he is the same person who gives you the doubt. When you are stuck with doubt, tell the master mentally, ‘Master, it is you who gave my faith in you, it is also you who gave me doubts about you. I am surrendering both at your feet. I don’t want to play this game. I have suffered enough with this game. Please take care.’
When you surrender both doubt and faith at the feet of the master, you will see something called trust happens in you, which is neither doubt nor faith. It is the courage to experiment with the truth. Read More

Being open to the master so that he can shower his love on you, and you can receive it in all its glory and divinity and grow is true disciple hood!

Upanishad means ‘sitting’. When a disciple sits in the presence of the master the same experience that happened in the master is reproduced in the disciple. The disciple who experiences the master and within whom the master has been reproduced, writes down his recollections on how this process happened. The disciple or the master or someone else writes an account of how the experience was reproduced in the disciple – what happened when the process began, how it ended and what happened when it ended. This report is referred to as an Upanishad.

The master-disciple relationship is the deepest relation possible in Existence, it is the ultimate love affair Read More

Swamiji, why do you insist on being in the presence of the master?

The master is the ultimate luxury in your life. When the master happens in our lives, nothing else is needed. If he does not happen, nothing else is of use. He is a channel to bring wisdom to our life and to update it, according to our need.

Life energy and the master are not two different things. Masters again and again emphasize the beautiful concept called experiencing the master inside. Only until you experience the master inside, you think you need the master from the outer world. Once you experience the master inside, you don’t need the master from the outer world. See, when a meditation technique is done with a master, it becomes an alchemy process. If you do it alone in your home it is called meditation. When you do it along with the master, in the presence of the master, guided by the master, it becomes alchemy. It is like boiling you. The process becomes so alive and intense. Read More

As long as you trust your senses, you will be a human being. When you trust the Master you will experience that you are a spiritual being.

In medical terms, we have a term called ‘placebo effect’. A patient takes a dummy medicine but he is told it is actually the real medicine, and he is cured of the ailment! But recent research indicates that the placebo effect is actually far more revealing.

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When you surrender to the Master, you can never feel drained and exhausted because you are directly connected to the one who is an embodiment of the infinite energy!

In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna is confused completely about what is the path he should follow. The ultimate teaching imparted by Krishna to Arjuna in the last chapter is the best technique to realize the Ultimate. After giving various techniques like meditation, devotion and knowledge, finally Krishna reveals the straight, sure and ultimate technique, which is that of surrender.

Be very clear, when you surrender to an enlightened master, you are actually surrendering to one who has no ego, no identity and hence no vested interest of his own. He is one with and overflowing with Existence. By holding his hand, you ask him to take you also to the ocean of bliss he is in. Read More

When you come near, an Avatar’s body which is practically like an atomic energy station, whatever emotions are in you start boiling

Someone asked me, ‘Are my samskaras, that is my engraved memories pertaining to my previous lives, an obstacle to becoming your disciple?

Samskaras themselves are not an obstacle. But when the master works on them to operate or to remove them, you should understand he is working on you because you requested him again and again directly or indirectly.
When I work on your samskaras, you may think I have my vested interests of fear or greed. Be very clear, when you think this of me, you are only projecting the fear and greed that you have on to me and think that I have them. Enlightened masters as such don’t have any fear or greed. I work on your engrams because you requested me thousands of times in thousands of births! Read More

At that time of death, only the spiritually intelligent events in your life, or conscious decisions that you made in your spiritual journey will shine in multicolor!

Understand, the disciple will not know about his ignorance because he is in darkness. The responsibility is of the person who is in the light, not of the person who is in darkness. You don’t know how many births you have struggled or prayed to have a master. You are not even aware of your own true yearning. Understand, for a master to happen in your life, it is not a joke. You yourself don’t know how many births you have struggled and prayed intensely to have a glimpse of a living master. Read More

The master’s love is perhaps the only unconditional love there is, totally unselfish, without expectations, just giving, asking for nothing!

The master’s love is detached and radiating all the time. It radiates whether you are there or not. All you need to do is to stand with your bowl and take your fill again and again. Usually for a man, it is his ego that is the major block in receiving. By nature man is less given to emotions than a woman, and more prone to acting out of the intellect. To give into someone, to accept someone as a master unconditionally is almost impossible for the mind unless the heart takes over. When he is with the mind, giving in means loss of personality, loss of identity, death of the very ego. It becomes too much to lose. But with awareness, by seeing where one is missing, it is possible to melt and give in. Read More

The most magical moments in life happen in the moments of love and trust from a disciple towards the master!

A master is one who fulfills the longing of your being. It is a very deep, delicate love affair. As you come closer to the master in your love, in your trust, there is born a deep silence. It is not the dead silence of a graveyard but the vibrant silence of life and love.

The more you awaken to the purpose of your life, the more your life becomes a celebration. A deep joy arises for no reason at all. You feel an ocean of bliss so deep that you can just share and give infinitely. You may have felt this harmony and connectedness in other relationships a few times, but the intensity when it happens with the master is on a different plane altogether. Read More

Sudden click or connection with the master and his teachings of truth is what I call ‘initiation’

Whenever you need to heal yourself, whenever you need inner healing, you need to bring yourself again to the life energy. Many times you can see, a simple disturbance from the outside world or from the past memory inside you can drain your energy.

Another thing that drains your energy is taking too many decisions. You can try this. Go and sit in your office, don’t do any work, just take some five to six major decisions. You will feel tired.

The truths, ideas or words which bring you out of that tiredness or depression, and give you the energy and confidence, are what I call shaastra-shastras or knowledge-weapons. Read More

When you are caught in an engram, just be in the Avatar’s presence, you will be completely healed of it.

A beautiful incident from the enlightened master, Ramana Maharishi’s life:

There was a disciple who was writing the Ramana Purana, verses in praise of Ramana Maharishi. But he had what you call the ‘writer’s block’ and he was stuck at one point. Somehow, whenever you write with ego, the ‘writer’s block’ will happen. Anyhow, that disciple came to Ramana Maharishi and said, ‘Bhagawan, I am not able to write further, please help me.’ Bhagawan said, ‘Put that paper down and leave. I will talk to you later.’ The disciple put the
paper down and went out.

The next day when he came back, he saw that the whole poem had been completed! Ramana Maharishi had written 300 lines himself. When the book was printed, the writer enclosed those 300 lines within quotes and below he put a footnote, ‘These 300 lines were written by Bhagavan Himself.’

Bhagavan saw the book and asked, ‘Oh! So then, the other lines are written by you? Alright!

The disciple later says, ‘Something simply broke in me when he said that. Tears rolled down, and I just dropped at the feet of Bhagavan and never got up again.’ 

Just that one comment was enough for this disciple, Muruganar to become enlightened! Read More