When you are caught in an engram, just be in the Avatar’s presence, you will be completely healed of it.

A beautiful incident from the enlightened master, Ramana Maharishi’s life:

There was a disciple who was writing the Ramana Purana, verses in praise of Ramana Maharishi. But he had what you call the ‘writer’s block’ and he was stuck at one point. Somehow, whenever you write with ego, the ‘writer’s block’ will happen. Anyhow, that disciple came to Ramana Maharishi and said, ‘Bhagawan, I am not able to write further, please help me.’ Bhagawan said, ‘Put that paper down and leave. I will talk to you later.’ The disciple put the
paper down and went out.

The next day when he came back, he saw that the whole poem had been completed! Ramana Maharishi had written 300 lines himself. When the book was printed, the writer enclosed those 300 lines within quotes and below he put a footnote, ‘These 300 lines were written by Bhagavan Himself.’

Bhagavan saw the book and asked, ‘Oh! So then, the other lines are written by you? Alright!

The disciple later says, ‘Something simply broke in me when he said that. Tears rolled down, and I just dropped at the feet of Bhagavan and never got up again.’ 

Just that one comment was enough for this disciple, Muruganar to become enlightened!

Understand, just like Muruganar’s one engram or engraved memory of writer’s ego, you also carry many engrams. When you are caught in an engram, just be in the master’s presence. You will be completely healed of it. The big problem is that the engram will not allow you to acknowledge that you even have an engram. It will justify itself because it is a question of survival for itself.

That is why I always tell people, when you are caught in engrams, when you are overwhelmed by these powerful unconscious drivers of anger, lust, greed, fear, depression or jealousy, never make a major decision. Just be in the master’s presence. Never miss that wonderful opportunity. You will be completely healed and you will be able to come out of it. Never escape from the master when you are caught by engrams.

Whenever somebody is depressed and he leaves me, I feel so much for him. It is not because I have one person less in the mission. No! It is because he left me at the time of depression. If this same person leaves me when he is happy, it is alright. It is a normal relationship. He will carry me in him wherever he goes. But if he is in a depressed state, not only will he not grow, but he will never come out of that engram also. It will become a serious wound in him like a cat that is burnt by hot milk. It will never again go near milk. Never decide on anything when you are in the low mood. The low mood will naturally itself distort the facts for you. It is not the right condition to take any big decision. You have to wait to swing to a good mood when things will be clearer. Always take a big decision only when you are in a cheerful mood, when you are in a positive state of mind. Just like how you decide anything in the light of day when you are awake and not in the dead of the night when you are asleep, in the same way decide this too when you are in awareness and not when in turmoil.

Be very clear, the low also will pass just like the high mood passed. That is the very nature of the mind, it is like a wheel. What is down has to come up. Neither the ‘up’ nor the ‘down’ can be said to be more real than the other. They are both there, that’s all. Trusting the positive more is a choice that you have.

If someone decides to leave when they are in depression or low mood, the problem is his mind will come back to a high and when that happens he will repent his decision. Then it will be difficult to come back because he will be caught in guilt and will not feel qualified to come back.

I always tell people, never leave when you are depressed. If you are depressed, that is the right time to be around me. Trying to move away from me when you are caught in engrams is just as if you are sick and you do not want to be with a doctor! This is actually the right time to be with a doctor!

source: Living Enlightenment

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