When I say ‘I will take care’, I am actually giving you the stick with which you should stand up!

When you are with the master, be completely open. Don’t be frozen. Understand that life is a lot more than logic. Let go of your logic and be completely open and aware. When you let go and are open, the master is such a live energy that you will be transformed. You will be a new being, you will be a new energy and you will be a new consciousness.

I can say it in just one statement:

you will be new! You will be ‘new’ and ‘clear’, you will be ‘nuclear’!

You will feel lighter. You would have lost the weight of the ‘tumors’ you were carrying but that were not part of you, that were a disturbance in you. Something that is supposed to be an inherent part of you can never be a disturbance to you. If it is a disturbance, it was never meant to be apart of you. So just be open so the ‘master surgeon’ can remove these tumors you have been carrying for life over life.

When you are with the master, be total. It is not a question of whether you agree or disagree with what the master tells you. You have to go beyond agreement and disagreement. When you see the sun rise, can you say you agree or disagree with it? No! It is, that’s all. In the same way, the master is, that’s all. Once that feeling becomes a part of you, nothing more needs to be done from your side. Then you have given the master the permission to reveal yourself to you.

To be a disciple means to be completely open to the master, not afraid in any way, not hiding yourself in any way, being totally authentic to the core. Then the master can do his work on you. He will push you in directions you would never have thought you are capable of handling. He will inspire you into moments and situations you would have been otherwise afraid of. He will expand your boundaries continuously till you ultimately realize there are no boundaries, there are no limits. Then you also become like him. You too become a completely free, limitless Paramahamsa! 

All you need to do is be open to the master, to Existence. When you are open, you are expressing your trust in the master. This trust is all that is needed to form the beautiful bridge between you and Existence.

A small story:

A disciple fell into the river Ganga. His master was sitting on the banks of the Ganga. On seeing him the disciple shouted, ‘Save me! Save me! God, save me! Master, save me!’

The master replied, ‘Fool! Stand up. Save yourself.’ The disciple shouted back, ‘Teach me your philosophy later. First save me. My life is in danger. Just save me!’

The master did not even move. He repeated, ‘Fool! Save yourself! Stand up.’ The disciple cried out, ‘I thought you were my master. Save me, save me!’ Now the master shouted in a loud voice, ‘Idiot! Stand up!’

The disciple got frightened and stood up… and saw that the water was only up to his waist!

You also struggle because you have ‘fallen into water’ but do not realize it is only up to your waist! It is only when you listen to the master and stand up do you realize the water just reaches your waist and you can simply relax. All the worries that you thought were destroying your life don’t really exist in reality. They are mostly only in your imagination. They never come out true.

So understand, when I say ‘I will take care’, I am actually giving you the stick with which to stand up. When the master says, ‘I will take care’, if you doubt it, you simply miss an opportunity to stand up.

source: Living Enlightenment

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