Just this moment accept yourself in the outer world and the inner world. You will go out enlightened. For so many years, completely accepting what the master said, Satyakama just was. What else can happen to him but enlightenment? You may think, ‘How can simple acceptance do such a big job?’ The problem is that even spiritual knowledge is approached by us with the space of an intellectual mind. It is from that intellectual space that we ask the ‘how’. Intellect always questions. Innocence straightaway starts practicing what the master says. That is the difference.

Shiva says in the Shiva Sutras, ‘Absorb the ultimate truth, senses shut down, and be liberated.

He means that in that utterly innocent and open state, initiation is enlightenment.

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In the Shiva Sutras, Shiva gives us techniques to achieve this innocence. If you follow Shiva’s life as is described in the Hindu mythological stories, you will not be able to see any social or traditional innocence in him. But there will be the pure and ultimate innocence. The place where he lives or the way in which he lives is not directly related to his purity or innocence. Shiva lives in a cemetery where bodies are cremated, surrounded by spirits and ghosts. The word Shiva in Sanskrit means causeless auspiciousness. This causeless auspiciousness, the energy to create bliss wherever he is, wherever he happens, arises out of his innocent inner space.

In the Vedic tradition, there are scriptural writings called Upanishads. The word Upanishad in Sanskrit refers to teachings of a master to his disciples as they sat with him. There are 108 such Upanishads. They are the essence of the enlightenment science handed down by the great masters of the Vedic times.

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Tantra, the mystical science of meditation techniques, says that to know the truth one needs only one condition, intensity. Be total in what you are, what you do. Live intensely in the moment and taste the real life. Otherwise, you are not living. You are just waiting for death.

When you eat, intensely eat. Let your whole attention and energy be on the food. Do not divert your attention and thoughts to what you need to get done at work tomorrow or where you want to go for your next vacation. Enjoy the food with all your senses. Taste the food in your mouth, enjoy the feast in front of your eyes, touch the food with love, and smell the aroma of the food. When you eat this way totally, you will enjoy every morsel and you will actually feed into your system the living energy the food is meant to give. If you are drinking water, drink it intensely. Become the thirst. Feel the coolness of the water going into your mouth, throat and down your food pipe. Let each drop of water that goes into your mouth give you the feeling of fulfillment. Read Full Article

Swami Vivekananda, the Eastern mystic, describes the motto for his mission as atmano mokshartham jagat hitaya cha – ‘For spiritual liberation as well as bringing good to humanity’. He implies that without taking up responsibility for the good of the world, you cannot talk of spiritual liberation.

A beautiful story:

In a place called Pandaripur in India, there was a boy who served his parents very lovingly and with great care. Bhagawan Sri Krishna took the form of Pandarinathar and came to see him. It was raining that day while the boy was attending to his parents. Krishna stood at the door of the boy’s house and asked to be allowed inside.

The boy asked Him to wait until he had finished attending to his parents. Krishna said that it was raining and slushy where He stood. So the boy actually threw a block of brick and asked Bhagawan Krishna to stand on it!

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This is an extremely powerful technique, most effective when practiced in the master’s presence or in front of a picture of the master’s eyes.

  • Step 1: Duration: 5 minutes
    • With your eyes closed, just see through your eyes, whatever images you are seeing behind the closed eyes.
  • Step 2: Duration: 5 minutes
    • Now open your eyes and through your third eye, look intensely at the master’s third eye in the picture. Look through your eyes.

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  • Length breadth depth is not He, he is the space. Logic, heart and cognition is not he, he is the space.
  • This 3 does not really constitute a person. And length, breadth, depth, size/shape doesn’t consitute a person. The space constitues a person. The Space you carry decides who you are!
  • The space you carry its smell, its flavor comes out of you like energy! Flavor of your space is what i call Shakti! The explosion happening in your inner space is Shakti.
  • Good news for you: The moment you manifest even one Shakti I have already entered into your inner space.
  • All power manifestation has to start from Space not from Depth.
  • Time is non-existent power layer. It is only when Space collides with length, breadth, depth the dust created is time.
  • Space is a energy. Length, Breadth, Depth is a mass. When these 2 collides the dust/the atmosphere generated is a time. If length,breadth,depth moves away from the space, the time will not have its existence. It will just settle down.
  • Even if you manifest one power once, I have drilled you already upto your space.
  • Inner space Shakti cannot dry out because it is not drilling to, it is drilled through your inner space to my inner space.
  • One power manifestation even once happening without any confusion, cheating, I already drilled through your inner space. Because only from the space, power manifestation can start.
    More and more power manifestation, the affect of time will not effect you.
  • Affect of time on your depth is boredom, on your length is tiredness, on your breadth is depression.
  • Affect of tiredness will not effect you if you do more and more power manifestation.
  • Understand, Listen carefully, nothing, nothing can tire you, depress you, bore you.
  • Boredom is 100 times worse than depression. Depression can be handled by reasoning. Boredom not.
  • Good news I have for you, even if you have manifested one power once. Initiation has happened, start manifesting more and more and more. More and more and more power manifestation, more and more of consciousness.
  • Purpose of human existence is manifesting higher frequency of consciousness, everything else is chunk of junk.
  • I tell you, do not trust, do not rely your abilities of length, breadth, depth for ur existence. Rely on your capacities of your space for your existence. That is what is Sannyas. Anthing you want only through your space abilities.
  • Plan your lifestyle, your death should not be a cultural shock for you.
  • Value yourself only based on your space capabilities, capacities of your space, manifestation of your space, then death will not be a cultural shock. It will be changing from one room to another. From Space what you can manifest celebrate based on that.
  • Your whole child idea boundaries, ownership, how silly they look when you grow up, sameway when you get matured all the possesion, ownership identity you built based on length, breadth, depth abilities will look silly.
  • Kailashavasi celebrates the manifestations of his space.
  • Manifestations of length, breadth, depth are so superficial, they are not worthy, they are not all worthy. Manifestations of space. Celebrate your capability based on your power manifesting abilities and space.