Restful Awareness Technique to manifest Will Persistence through Third Eye

A restful awareness is the vātāvarana, atmosphere for Third Eye to flower.

Listen, listen carefully, today I am going to reveal some of the important sacred secrets about Third Eye. The first, you need to know about Third Eye, I’ll be talking, like a series, so that all over the world, people who are interested in the secret science of Third Eye, can start using this secret science, and open their Third Eye, experientially.

The first instruction, sacred secret, listen.

A restful awareness is the vātāvarana, atmosphere for Third Eye to flower. A restful awareness is the vātāvarana, atmosphere for Third Eye to flower. WILL grows, expands in the space of restful awareness, never in the space of chaos or tension.

Listen, whenever you remember you, you will always have certain tension in this area (forehead region). Only with the tension in that…in the muscle, the forehead muscle, you can even remember you. Consciously practice for next 48 hours to keep that area in a restful awareness. Remember, no tension there, no stress there. Pure restful awareness, a cool breeze feeling, inside and outside. Inside the skull, outside the skull. A cool breeze feeling, not hard clay. If you are having hot clay feeling, that is what is inside, the skull. 

Consciously remember, decide to have the cool breeze feeling, actually that cool breeze feeling is the atmosphere, vātāvarana where your WILL can grow, the WILL persistence can become more and more matured reality. You see, whenever you create a WILL, if the stress is generated, in this ajna region, you will not be able to hold on that WILL because there is fight inside you. How long you can keep the stress? No! You can’t.  So naturally, you give up on your WILL, and it leads to WILL failure. WILL not being fulfilled, WILL arrogance, WILL pain.

The WILL persistence happens if this region, the forehead, ajna region is kept in the restful awareness. If you are in the Bengaluru Aadheenam, I can give you a very powerful technique, just pick up one leaf of the banyan tree, which is dropped by banyan tree as the prasadam. Please understand, any leaf dropped by the tree by itself, is the prasadam to all of you, but you can’t pluck the leaf, from the tree. Take any prasadam leaf, put it on your forehead, lie down, which you always do 24 hours. Anyhow, so nothing new about it. Just in your usual posture, just put the banyan leaf prasadam, on your forehead. Decide to be in the restful awareness, where the ambiance, atmosphere, vātāvarana, in which, your WILL persistence can grow and your Third Eye can flower. 

Listen, you can tell even banyan tree leaf, Sadāshiva….See, that tree…..the banyan tree itself is nothing but breathing of Sadāshiva. It is literally Sadāshiva. So the leaf, the prasada of the banyan tree, is literally Sadāshiva prasada. Tell Him, create a vātāvarana, atmosphere, space, where my WILL persistence can grow, and my Third Eye can flower. You will see that restful awareness, start happening. This (forehead) muscle not having any tension, being in the restful awareness is the basic condition for the Third Eye to flower, for the WILL persistence to become reality. If you fall asleep, that is okay, but it will not be like a regular sleep. It will be the space of restful awareness. Today, I wanted all of you to practice this, at least once.

If you are able to keep this region, in a relaxed, no stress, restful awareness, you will be able to work, whole day and night, casually, happily, lovingly, enrichingly, you will be living your life, because you are living on WILL persistence, not on will arrogance.

If you are not in Bengaluru Aadheenam, pick up the sacred ash, Vibhuti, from our temple or given by me, apply that. It is Sadāshiva prasada, apply that on the forehead.  If you are in Bengaluru Aadheenam, pick up the prasada leaf, from the banyan tree and put it on your third eye. If you are, anywhere other than the Bengaluru Aadheenam, put the sacred ash, lie down, support your head and tell yourself, “Oh Sadāshiva, let the vātāvarana, the atmosphere, ambiance, for the Third Eye to flower, happen, which is restful awareness.”  This whole muscle, this forehead muscle, should be completely relaxed. Whether, you are awake or asleep, no matter…. it doesn’t matter.  This (forehead) area need to be relaxed.

Restful awareness remembrance of you. Listen, whenever you remember you … remember you, it is always a tension in the forehead, stress in the forehead. That is why it is always the…. WILL fight, WILL arrogance. Now, bring yourself to the WILL persistence – that can happen, only if you don’t get stress whenever you remember you. Whenever you remember you, if you don’t get stress only, you are going to develop, WILL persistence. The moment, you remember you, there should not be any tension, in this region (forehead). That is what I call restful awareness. That is a basic vātāvarana, atmosphere, ambiance, space, where Third Eye can flower. It can be brought, just by simple declaration and practice.

Whenever, you make a WILL, if there is a stress, in this area (forehead), it is WILL arrogance.  It is not going to be successful. Whenever you make a WILL, if there is a restful awareness, in this area (forehead), it is WILL persistence. You are going to be successful. I am giving you, physical measurable scale. So, bringing, the restful awareness and the stress free ambiance on your forehead, the Ajna chakra, this region, is a very primary practice. I don’t….I am not saying preliminary. Understand, there is a difference between preliminary and primary. When there is a step by step, I should say something is preliminary, something is secondary. When it is all together, I can only say, primary. Understand, you are not on Patanjali Yoga. You are on Sadāshiva Yoga. Even one word, instead of primary, if it is uttered as preliminary, OVER! It’s a primary component of Yoga, especially to awaken the Third Eye.

Put the Banyan leaf, remember to bring, restful awareness in that region, means remembering that region, in a very relaxed way, light way, without being heavy about you and life. Whenever you become heavy about you and life, in this area (forehead), the heat increases and then you get more and more, empty ground. Stressful remembrance of you, will only lead WILL arrogance. I am not saying, everyone who is bald, is having this issue. I am saying, this is also one of the issue.

Listen carefully, stressful remembrance of you, whenever you remember you, if there is a stress in that area that is not going to help you, to be successful. Any WILL you generate, you will not hold on to it. You will give up, inside you. Even if it happens outside, you are not responsible for it, it’s only an accident. Your success, maybe because somebody failed, not because you succeeded. If you succeed, because somebody failed, it can be only accidental success. It may happen once or twice, not more than that. If you are success, because you are success only, it can be a repeating phenomena in your life. Repetitive phenomena in your life. For that, the first basic truth you need to do, this region (forehead) need to be stress free remembrance of you. If you are able to keep this region, in a relaxed, no stress, restful awareness, you will be able to work, whole day and night, casually, happily, lovingly, enrichingly, you will be living your life, because you are living on WILL persistence, not on will arrogance.

So, I wanted to share, only this one secret – Sacred Secret, from the Sacred Secret science of Third Eye awakening. SSS – Sacred Secret Science of Third Eye awakening. When you say 3 ears, 3 eyes are opened. Yes, yes, yes 3 eyes are opened. Saying, 3 ears means, your whole Being, is in tune. There is a big difference between,  “But, I love you. I love you, but…” There is a big difference, between these two statements – “But, I love you. I love you, but…” There is a big difference between YES and yes, yes, yes. May look, too simple but there is a big difference. So, triple “yes”, opens the Third Eye. Sacred Secret Science of Third Eye.

The first truth is restful awareness, on your Ajna, Third Eye region, whenever you remember you. That is the first secret. Practice this and come back. So, whoever is going to practice with Bhasma or the Banyan leaf, you have to do at least 21 minutes, minimum 21 minutes, maximum 42 minutes. If you are doing more than 42 minutes, you have slept! So have an alarm or somebody to pour, a cold water on you. Don’t tell them to pour, hot water, because……..No, they may not get hot water ready then they may have to………and they may not run and search, for hot water…. that’s all. No, I have not said anything, but everyone understands something…..How come I think… this the power of Third Eye or telepathy…….Alright.

Third Eye region with restful awareness, consciously practiced, self remembrance without any tension or stress on your Third Eye region. Please do it. Practice it at least, this 24 hours. Whatever, you may be doing, 21 minutes dedicated specially for this, by lying down, closing your eyes, and putting the Banyan leaf or the Bhasma on your Third Eye. After this practice, come back, I’ll give you the next step, for making your Third Eye, experience, express manifest, the powers of Sadāshivoham.

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