If you feel ‘Whole day I am working, but end of the day, I don’t know what I have done’ means all parts of you still have not woken up!

Listen carefully. Somethings you need to understand about the state of consciousness, to understand the biology, chemistry and physics of the Cosmos. Every night when you fall asleep, it is not that all of you fall in the same deep sleep state or dream state. You are all cut to pieces like a mutton – chicken. One chunk goes to dream-waking, one chunk goes to waking-deep sleep, one chunk goes to dream-deep sleep, one chunk goes to sleep-dream, one chunk goes to sleep-sleep, one chunk goes to dream-dream. You are actually a….sorry but truth….you are a disgusting disaster, not bipolar – multipolar part-part. Your liver goes and settles into dream-deep sleep and kidney goes and falls into sleep-sleep and eyes are into dream-dream. Brain coma-sleep. No, you fall…..no please understand – you fall into different states, when you wake up, don’t think all the parts are retrieved. No! Liver still does not come out of it’s sleep, that is why it is sending the signals of lethargy into your system. Lethargy is nothing but your liver still not come to waking state.

Fundamental problem is – you are out bed does not mean you are awake

Daydreaming is your brain still not cognized waking state. Understand.

When you wake up, it is not that all your parts are integrated and comes to waking state or turiya state or turiyatita state. When you wake up, collecting your whole Being and establishing on turiyatita is what is Sandhya Vandana. That is what is precisely the science of Sandhya Vandana.

Unfortunately, you……even Brahmins have lost…the bond Brahmins have lost being practicing Brahmins. Forget about the other 3 Varanas. The Varana which was dedicated for this purpose itself has stopped doing. That’s the most unfortunate thing. We have so many Brahmanas, who don’t know they are Brahmanas. We have lot of Brahmins, but they don’t know…. Many of them really, “What Sandhya Vandanam…what what? I know Sandhya, I know Vandana.. Sandhya and Vandana together – which movie?” “No, I know Sandhya, I know Vandana, together they have done any movie? That movie I don’t know.”

If you feel, “Whole day I am working, but end of the day, if I see, I don’t know what I have done!” Listen carefully. If you feel, “Whole day I am working, but end of the day, I don’t know what I have done! Neither I feel I have done something nor others feel I have contributed something. But day has passed.” It means you have this same sickness – multiple disastrous disgusting….we can create our own word…..homo, somo, coma, aama, bama, boma – memia. Because there is no name for it.

Listen. Parts of your body – biology, parts of the chemistry  and parts of your physics – happening, still not out of your deep-sleep or dream state or sleep-dream or sleep- dream-sleep, that lower states, when still part of you are stuck in sleep-sleep, sleep- dream, dream-sleep, sleep-wake, wake-sleep, wake-dream, in those lower states you feel, “The whole day I am working, but end of the day, neither I am feeling I have done something nor others are feeling I have contributed something. What is wrong?”

Everything is wrong!

Still you have not woken up!!

Fundamental problem is – you are out bed does not mean you are awake. You are just…… If you get a chair, with a back support…… and able to get a secret place in dorm somewhere, where nobody will come and knock the door or where nobody will ask you to get up…… and now with this new gadget also, 24 hour Facebook is available….  Actually now, we’ll have to add….it is not 24 hour….25 states anymore – Facebook state! That’s one more state. It has to become now 26. Understand. At least, full 2 cycle, means 42 minutes, if you are breathing long and keeping your body active through some yoga or jogging, only then actually you wake up. That is why Pranayama. Pranayama is to wake up, nothing else!

Either you do the long breathing for that 42 minutes through various pranayama technique or you do this 108 Asanas, what we have given newly as Rajashekara Vinayasa Krama, the 108 Asanas with the versus. Only then all the parts bits and pieces which you threw in the night, liver in the deep sleep, kidney in the chutney and heart in dream state, brain in dream-dream state, eyes are in dream-sleep state wherever you have dropped, you have dumped, all of them need to be collected. You need to wake up. You need to wake up, only then I can train you. I cannot help you if you are sleeping.

See, Kaavi is alive-alive….is the space where you feel like power manifestation. So you can make that Kaavi into power manifestation, instead of alive-alive, power manifestation. You feel like you are….you’ll manifest powers and you’ll start manifesting.

source: nithyananda.org

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