You feeling so happy to live in your body, you feeling so happy to live with you, you feeling so blessed to be who you are! End of the day this is the result I wanted!

You are a hardware – this body.

On this there is a software, the programming which operates this body.

There is a electricity connection.

Now the software with which you were operating and the electricity, this two is completely screwed up. That is when the hardware also has started getting destroyed. I am doing two things: Continue reading →

Intelligence is the quality that witnesses the mind because of which thoughts are simply dissolved

Thinking arises from the mind, which is actually one of the most marvelous mechanisms. But the problem arises when the mind becomes your master instead of a tool in your hands.

A small story:

There lived a king who had a very faithful servant. He was so loyal he had even risked his own life to save the life of the king on a couple occasions. On one such occasion, the king highly pleased with the servant asked him for anything he wanted.

The servant humbly replied, ‘I don’t need anything, O King. You have given me everything I need.’ But the king insisted. Finally, the servant said, ‘Ok. If you really want to give me something, please make me the king for one day.’

The king was a bit uncomfortable but he had already promised and had to keep it up. The morning of the day the servant became the king.

He simply pointed to the king and ordered the royal guards, ‘Kill him!’

The king was shocked and asked the servant, ‘Do you know what you are saying?’ The servant calmly replied, ‘I am the king today. I can do what I wish to.’ The king was killed and the servant remained king forever. Continue reading →

Worries are the knots in the handkerchief. When we look at them with awareness, we will know how to dissolve them

Worry is a deeply embedded pattern in us. It happens independently, without any solid, valid embedded pattern in us. It is an addiction like smoking and drinking. I read about some recent research conducted at the American College of Chest Physicians. It said that the proportion of people classified as highly nicotine dependent has increased by thirty two percent in the last eighteen years!

Any addiction happens because we want to maintain our patterns. The same is true with worry. You worry to maintain patterns. It becomes your nature.

Understand that the mind is like a piece of hardware programmed with the software called ‘worry’. For example, let us say you experience depression, or worry, every morning at ten o’clock when thinking of all your unfinished office work. Ten o’clock gets recorded as a low mood time for you. Everyday at exactly ten o‘clock you will experience a disturbance in your mood. Many of you might have experienced this. The same low mood happens on Sunday when there is no office to go to. Then you tell yourself, ‘No, today is a Sunday. I don’t need to go to the office. I don’t need to think about those things.’ Then you have relief but the mind goes back again and again to the same mood, because our mind is programmed hardware. Continue reading →

It is awareness that transforms pain to bliss which is the energy that exists no matter what the external situation may be!

The root of pain and pleasure is the same.

It is the same sensation with two names. It is like two people receiving a body massage from the same person. One concludes that it was a beautiful rejuvenating process while the other decides that it hurt! The same massage will appear like pain or pleasure depending on the person receiving it.

Life has both of these opposites, pleasure and pain. Both pleasure and pain are from the mind. The mind always moves from one extreme to the other. It rarely falls into the middle path. From pleasure you move to pain, from pain you move to pleasure. As we saw earlier, pleasure and pain are completely dependent on the person feeling the pleasure or pain. Something may seem like pleasure to you, while the same experience may be pain to someone else.

In the Bhagavad Gita, the great scripture that teaches the various paths to Self-realization, the enlightened master Krishna says beautifully, ‘He who regards alike pleasure and pain, and looks on a lump of earth, a stone, and a piece of gold with an equal eye, who is wise and holds praise and blame to be the same, who is unchanged in honor and dishonor, and who treats friend and foe alike, is said to have gone beyond the modes of nature. Pleasure and pain are the same to him and he is ready for enlightenment.’ Continue reading →

You are not in worry but You are worry and mind is not a thing but a process!

Worry and stress are closely interrelated. They are like parent and child. One cannot exist without the other. What works for one works for the other as well. However, given that stress is considered the biggest destroyer of health in today’s world, it is worth going into more depth on this subject.

Four hundred years ago Rene Descartes declared, ‘I think, therefore I exist.’ This has formed the basis of modern thinking. Billions of people in this world have followed Descartes* for generations believing that unless each one outthinks the other they cannot succeed in this world. Descartes was right, and he was wrong. He was right in that that the human system does not know how to live without its mind, without thinking. As a result human beings become slaves to their minds. They live in bondage.

Many centuries before Descartes, a vedic sage declared that man does not begin to exist till he stops thinking. Adi Shankara, at the age of eight, faced his future master across the waters of the holy Tungabhadra river. The master asked him, ‘Who are you?’ In response Adi Shankara- said  ‘I am not the mind, I am not the intellect, I am not the ego and I am not the senses. I am beyond all that. I am pure consciousness.

We are merely a bio-machine as long as we think we are mind and body. We are just a shade better than the animals we ascended from as long as we allow our senses to guide us. But the true potential of human beings is not merely to think and prove that we are superior to animals.

The purpose of human life is to transcend the mind and ascend to a higher state of consciousness.

In that state we are truly in the divinity that we descended from. Till we reach that state of unity with what we truly are, we are in turmoil. This turmoil, this confusion between our true nature and what we pretend and strive to be is what we call stress or tension. Continue reading →

Context is more important than God itself in Hindu Tradition!

अनेजदेकं मनसो जवीयो नैनधेवा आप्नुवन्पुर्वमर्षत् |

तद्धावतोऽन्यानत्येत तिष्ठत् तस्मिन्नपो मातरिश्वा दधाति ||

Anejadhekam Manaso Javeeyo Nainadhdheva Aapnuvanpurvamarshath |

ThadhDhaavathonyanathyetha Thishttath Thasminnapo Maatharishva dhadhDhaathi || 

All these qualities are described:  “Consciousness is unmoving, One, and swifter than the mind”.  I may not want to say “One”; “Oneness”!  The qualities of Consciousness are described here so that you won’t miss the context.

Listen!  If you go to a temple without having the right context, it may be just a nice art, kind of a museum, stone carved in beautiful shapes, sizes.  Nice; that’s all.  But, if you know the context and go, it is a place to connect with God, Consciousness.  It is a place to celebrate enlightenment, Living Advaitha. Continue reading →

Nithyanandam Swamiji, so what leaves the body and assumes the another body is the soul from my understanding..

Conscious reflection. Please understand, this is the Cosmic Soul, if I keep the mirror here, the reflection is the individual soul. When the mirror is damaged, the reflection stops. There is no such thing as the reflection leaves & comes back. It stops reflecting. And there is some other place, some other mirror with the same quality, the mirror is made and again it starts reflecting.

Questioner: So mirror is the body ?

Swamiji: And mind.

Questioner: so, what leaves the body, does it carry all the memories ??

Swamiji: Llisten.. listen.  Cosmic soul stops reflecting. But this mirror cannot keep quiet because it  still wants to enjoy something through this reflection. So that bio-memory assumes another one body and again this reflection continuous to reflect there. Your soul, My soul has no difference. Your Bio-memory & My Bio-memory only has a difference.  All your souls and My soul, all our souls are reflection of the same soul. Only our bio-memories are different. Your bio-memories only carry and create another one body. On death you can ask any question today and I commit with you I am giving the answer exactly from the cosmic archives, as it is. Now Kaalabhairava is conducting the death session. Its exactly the truth from the Kaalabhairava’s archives I am opening it.

Questioner: So, when the body passes away, does the bio-memory also leave the body with the soul or bio-memory is recorded

Swamiji: The mirror(shown by left hand on one side), reflection(shown by right hand on left hand). This is cosmic soul (shown by right hand which is placed away exactly opposite from left hand), reflection is the individual soul. The mirror broken does not mean disappear. All the broken pieces put together travels and gets assembled in some way in another one place. That assembly again the reflection starts.

Questioner: so, the mirror travelling is the soul?

Swamiji:   Mirror travelling is what you call as individual soul travelling, but the individual soul cannot travel own, because it has no independent existence. It is only a reflection of the cosmos, Cosmic soul.

The first aggression

By your very nature, your consciousness, your existence is immortal. It cannot get destroyed. It cannot lose any of its glory. It cannot lose any of its attributes, powers. It can neither be damaged nor be destroyed. Even if you carry the desperate fear, anxiety, anger, even your desperation cannot make your consciousness lose its glory, its existence, its immortality. But, unfortunately, when you start believing that you are mortal, you can be disturbed, you can be damaged, you can be harassed, you can be abused, you can be killed, you can lose some of your original qualities, physically or psychologically, when this belief settles in your system, that survival instinct, the instinct to protect yourself which becomes the basic root cognition of you, the survival instinct which is awakened in you, please listen, that is the first aggression in your system, primary aggression.

Primary aggression goes on speaking, never listening. It goes on acts, never receives. The primary aggression that you have to do something to save yourself, protect yourself, Oh God, that is the biggest joke, tamasha. The frightened child thinks he needs to protect the whole world which cannot be destroyed. In this whole situation, there is only one thing that can be destroyed, that is the frightened child. But the child is so intelligent, he doesn’t say he is waging the war to protect himself, he says he is waging the war to protect the whole world which is not going to be destroyed! He doesn’t want to believe…..

Please listen! The frightened child, he wants to protect himself; but if he says openly that he wants to protect himself, that looks too cheap, too selfish. So he wants to look good to the onlooker. So he says, ‘No, no, I am waging the war to protect the whole world!’ Fool! The world is not going to be destroyed! Only you are going to be destroyed! Same way, your consciousness, YOU, you are immortal; but your agitated, desperate mind goes on telling you and everyone that it is fighting continuously to save your consciousness, to save you, to protect you. In you, only one thing can be killed; that is your desperation – your desperate mind, your agitation, and your aggression. Other than that, nothing needs to be killed, nothing can be killed! Nothing needs to be killed, nothing can be killed.

Please listen! The desperation, the idea you need to defend something, protect something, that aggression, because of that aggression in your inner-space, you go on being active. Please understand, aggression in your inner-space is you talking to you. Receptivity in your inner-space is you listening to you. I can just define two of the major principles in one line.

Please listen!

You talking to you is always incompletion.

You listening to you is always Completion.

That’s all! “You talking to you” means, are you associating yourself with the dimension which is talking to you, or the dimension which is listening to you. As on now, both actions are happening. Your inner-space is like Mahabharata war-field. That is why….. Listen! Listen! Duryodhana all the time shouting, aggressive; Pandavas always ready to listen; both are there in you. Whenever you associate yourself with Duryodhana – aggression – talking, talking, talking to you, you will be in the space of incompletion. Whenever you associate yourself with the listening component of you, listening, listening, listening, you get into the space of Completion. Whenever you are in the space of Completion, the consciousness in you stops the aggressive guy talking and he relates with you. That is why Krishna, whenever he wants to talk, he stops the whole war and Time! Whether he wants to talk to Arjuna, or he wants to talk to Bhishma, or he wants to talk to Drona, or he wants to talk to Karna, he stops Time and the war! The aggression cannot be talking while the listening is intensely listening.

Listen! Whenever you associate yourself with the listening, don’t ever have the fear the aggression part is going to be speaking to you and you are going to be listening to it. No! Whenever you get into the space of listening, the Lord will speak to you, Bhagawan will speak to you, Mahadeva speaks to you, the Advaitha Sathya, the truth of Advaitha speaks to you.


Manana means all your thinking is concentrated on your Inner Image, Outer Image, Others’ Image and Life’s Image betterment. Please understand, Inner Image is the ideas you carry about you. Outer Image is the ideas you project about you. Others’ Image is the ideas others carry about you. Life Image is the idea you carry about others and life. Constantly concentrate your thinking to make all these four better, better, better. Betterment of all these four leads to intense thinking and intense thinking leads to betterment of all these four.

Thinking to better all these four is what I call “manana”.

Vague thinking is one of the biggest mental disorder, psychological disorder, conscious disease, disease with which your consciousness is suffering. First thing, let your thinking be aligned to your Inner Image, Outer Image, Life’s Image, Others’ Image. Anything which is away from these four, consciously, decisively complete with that pattern. Let your energy be intensified just on these four. Stop this vague thinking. Learn to think.

Take four days off from your regular routine. Go somewhere where you are not demanded, where you are not expected to follow any routine. Wake up whenever you want. Start writing down your usual thinking but if you wake up, naturally your usual thinking will start. Pen down. After you pen down half-an-hour or one hour, when you don’t have further any thoughts, then read what you wrote, see how you can align your thinking to the betterment of these four – Inner Image, Outer Image, Others’ Image, Life Image. Whatever is not in alignment, complete with those thought patterns.

For example, if you are a sannyasi and if you have a thought pattern of the lust or power, then sit with yourself and complete with that root-pattern. Find out why that parasite patterns exists in you. I tell you, at some point you would have felt powerless, weak; that is why you wanted social power or political power as a alternative to your existential power. So complete with that pattern. I am not saying you should not have social power or you should not have political power, no. All I am saying is, having social power or political power due to the powerlessness inside is something seriously wrong. That powerlessness has to be completed, has to be attended. Complete with all the root-patterns which is not in sync, alignment with your Inner Image, Outer Image, Others’ Image and Life’s Image, which is not helping you to better all these four. Betterment of all these four is “manana”. Please listen if your thinking is vague, you do not align yourself with these four.

Authentic thinking, authentic thinking is Manana. Please understand, our thinking, is it going hand-in-hand with the way we want to build ourselves? If your thinking is bettering your four identities, then your thinking is your friend. If your thinking is functioning in the opposite direction of your four identities, if they are not bettering that four identities, then your thinking itself is your enemy. Please understand, first you need to find out whether your thinking is acting as a god inside you or as a demon inside. Whether it is acting as a god inside you or as a demon inside you. Sometime many of you are possessed by ghost. What is that ghost? Your own thinking which is not in alignment with the betterment of your four identities.

First, sit and pen down the four identities you wanted to have – the best Inner Image, best Outer Image, best Other’s Image, best Life Image. Have that four. Pen down. Then align all your thinking to it. If there is some thinking which goes in a completely different direction, complete with it, complete it. Declare spontaneous completion and drop it. Align your thinking towards these four identities – Inner Image, Outer Image, Others’ Image and Life’s Image.

Dense thinking, intense thinking, sincere thinking becomes authenticity. You don’t need to do anything special to be authentic. You don’t need to spend every day some time to become authentic. First, spend few days and learn authenticity, learn to think in an authentic way.

“Manana” is one of the biggest treasure, power, God has given you and unfortunately, you are not using it.

Sometime, when people come and stand here asking me for healing them, I really feel, ‘Oh, God, why are you coming and standing in front of me like a beggar? Narayana, why do you stand here like a “daridra” without realizing you are Narayana? You are capable of everything I am capable of!’

It is unfortunate, people have, their own head becomes a dead-weight on themselves. It is like a big rock is sitting on you, you cannot move your body. So their own thinking becomes a big rock on themselves and they feel they are bound, they are bound, they are bound. They are bound, they are bound, they are bound. So unfortunate. All you need to do is only one thing: align your thinking towards your four identities. That’s all. That’s all.

Your thinking can become your enemy; your thinking can become your friend. Bringing intensity into your thinking is Manana.


How can we get to the space of pure listening? 

Each time in our so busy daily lives I can give you simple few techniques:

Listen to your heart whenever you have a suffering thought, panic attack. Whenever you are confronting something , listen to your heart, listen to you blood flow, listen to your liver it will really help you. You will learn listening.

Once in a while, sit with a tree, sit with a river, sit with a water-body. When I say “water-body”, I mean hundred times more quantity water than your blood level is a “water-body” It can be anything; it can be a tank, pond, river. I think your body carries almost five to seven litres of blood based on your size. So, around seven hundred litre water if it is there, it can be considered as a water-body. Even a water-tank seven hundred litres water. If you sit with a water body and listen, it may look very funny in the initial level; but, I tell you, it’ll develop listening!

In the Inner Awakening Level-4, the first initiation you are going to have is “Shravana Deeksha”, initiation into Listening.

Listen when you are feeling confronted.

Listen when you are feeling conflict.

Listen when you are sick and tired.

Listen when you feel why life is like this.

Listen whenever you have a resistance towards something.


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The more words you use the more confused you are.

IMAGINE for a moment that the first half of this column is empty.

Imagine that the tape you are listening to is silent and has no content for just two minutes.

What happens?

Your mind races. Thoughts flood you.

What has happened, you wonder, what has gone wrong? Why are there no words? Nothing has gone wrong, nothing at all. Your mind cannot tolerate silence; that is all. Thoughts and words are a call of your consciousness telling you that your centre is unfilled.

There are two kinds of people.

One kind is the people who follow words and seek meaning behind the words.

Another kind is those people who ignore the meaning and seek the source of thoughts.

The first kind is the Commissar and the second kind is the Yogi.

Seeking words and thoughts cannot fulfill you. When you seek words you move into the outer world. You move into the space of sense objects, which results in pain or pleasure. However, many times you may experience the physical or sensual pleasure led by your thoughts, you still keep seeking the same pleasure. What one calls karma, is really the effect of these unfulfilled desires.

The meaning of thoughts and words is not to provoke movement towards these external experiences that can never be fulfilled but to move toward the centre, the core of your being. Only there will you find the comfort in silence. Words soothe your superficial mind the same way as scratching an itch seems to provide some comfort. In actual fact it makes the problem worse.

It is the same with words. The more words you use the more confused you are. Be careful of all those scholars and philosophers who use highly complex language and words to propound their theories. They themselves do not understand what they are saying, so they are forced to confuse others by using complexity as a tool. Whenever you ask questions, more questions arise. This is seen as the measure of intelligence in our system of education.

When one really understands, one realizes two things.

Firstly, one realizes that questions and answers do not lead to any understanding at all.

Secondly, one realizes that understanding happens when thoughts cease.

Truth resides in silence.

Truth resides in contemplation.

As you move inwards towards the source of words and thoughts, mind becomes still in simplicity. This stillness, this silence leads to fulfillment.

When you do not own, possess, feel one with the body you are carrying, you will have body and brain, not mind. Mind is the pollution created when you handle the body and brain.