No verbalization based excitement, no visualization based inspiration. Allow only the pure Oneness to excite you and push you, drive you to live your life. Deity Alankaram and Goseva are the best lubrication for body to settle down with the new fuel, Kundalini Shakti!

Understand. Shakti, power, can be generated in your system through 3 ways.  Certain words, ideas can generate Shakti, like when you have a hope, thought current, that your future is going to be very rich, brilliant, bright. Those words, generate certain kind of enthusiasm, excitement or visualizations.  It can be simple as visualization of your vacation – “Wow, if you do all this, end of the day you are going to have “weekend” or a sexual visualizations – “ I am going to have this pleasure.” Understand. Sex does not mean only the physical relationship. I call everything which you consider pleasure under the title “sex.” It can be coffee, it can be some special food, it can be some special music, it can be some special place or a time with a special person, anything, anything visually excites you and makes energy ooze out in your system. Read More

What is Deeksha or Initiation, Muscle memory, Bio-memory, Bio-energy ?

I’ll define Deeksha. Super Consciousness intensely, electrocuting…..understand the word ‘electrocuting’….your existence and raising you to the frequency of it’s existence, is Deeksha.

It can happen through Guru, through the Deity, through even a tree, river, hill, with whoever Deeksha has happened for you, He is – that is, your Ishta Devata. Understand. Deeksha means Super-Consciousness electrocuting you, please understand, it will always be electrocuting. It can never be mild 120 volt. No. Not even 240. It will always be 10,000 volts. 120, 240, all that does not really carry the strength of the word when I am uttering ‘electrocuting.’ It is only 10,000. Literally, lightning landing on your system. Read More

In the dream state and waking state, you are too engrossed in the details and opinions, you never look at the Source

 Listen. Now I will try to compare with some of the ideas, they try to express in the Matrix. The various bio-memories you can open up, will open up various planes of existence for you. Various bio-memories you can open up, opens up various planes of your existence. When you open up the bio-memory of your dream, you open up the dream plane for your existence, perception, experience. When you open up the dream space, you experience dream as your reality. When you open the dream bio-memory, you experience dream as your reality. When you open waking state bio-memory, you experience waking state as your reality. Poor are those who experienced only lower bio-memory opening and lower levels of existence. In the dream state and waking state, you are too engrossed in the details and opinions, you never look at the Source. That is why it called lower planes, lower planes where details become too much. Details become suffering. I have seen people, who get shaken even for a small injection or even hot water. If it was little more hot and they touch unexpectedly, the way they jump and roll, make the drama and finally tumble the tub and pour the hot water all over, get burnt.

That is what you do. By mistake if you touch the hot water, the way you jump and roll, you tumble the whole bucket and pour it on you. I have seen people doing it. For the sake of small temporary mood swing, they create permanent damages into their system. Small temporary mood swing, permanent damage is done to their Being. Read More

Anybody who practices Agama, develops tremendous respect for themselves about themselves!

Mahadeva described these four components beautifully. Charya, Kriya, Yoga, Jnana.

Charya means lifestyle. It starts from the personal hygiene, keeping the place clean and keeping your inner-space clean, everything. Everything put together is Charya, lifestyle. How you should wake-up? How you should brush your teeth, wash yourself, take bath? Everything. From the time you wake up till you go to bed, purifying your whole muscle-memory is what Mahadeva is teaching through Charya.

Kriya means the spiritual process, the spiritual process. Please understand: Agama is the only science, even though ‘science’ is a small word, I am using that word. Agama is only spiritual inner-science to manifest anything you want as Reality.

If you want to bring God into a stone and want to make Him live in that stone, there is a kriya, there is a process.

If you want to heal your stomach pain, there is a kriya, there is a process. If you want to heal somebody’s cancer, there is a kriya, there is process.

If you want to bring rain, there is a kriya, there is process.

If you want to stop the rain, there is a kriya, there is process.

If you want to bring the Sun, there is a kriya. If you want to stop the Sun, there is a kriya.

Everything, everything you can achieve it, through these certain kriyas, processes. You many not do all the Kriyas, but knowing that science and few kriyas, helps you to manifest the reality as you wanted; to manifest the reality as you wanted. Read More

Seeking and Living Enlightenment is nothing but reorganizing yourself, not developing yourself


Understand last 15 verses of Isavasya Upanishad, the essence in one word is Seeking.

Intense decision to have seeking. I tell you, the ferociousness of seeking is powerful enough like the fire of Kalabhairava to burn everything which needs to be burnt and destroyed. Please listen, I’ll repeat:

the ferociousness of seeking is powerful enough, as the fire of Kalabhairava, to burn everything which need to be burnt inside you – laziness, tiredness, boredom, everything which needs to be burnt inside you, everything which needs to be taken out of you can be just like that burnt. Just like that taken away. Just like that cleared, by seeking.

Listen. How many microseconds it will take for negativity to disappear in front of Kalabhairava’s ferociousness? Not even micro millisecond! Same way, the seeking, deciding to seek your home, deciding to seek where you can have eternal rest, deciding to seek where you can have eternal peace, deciding to seek where you can have eternal bliss, that decision itself, that seeking itself is powerful enough, listen,  powerful enough to give you the freedom to reorganize yourself. Read More

Mother worship is the direct method to bring completion in your bio-memory

Understand, your day-to-day habits, the way you respond. Whether you get angry or you are always cool. What for you should get angry. What for, for what you react politely. How nasty you can get when you get angry, or when you are polite, how you behave, your good bad, all these habits. Understand the word habits, are from father, he teaches you, that stays in your muscle memory. But how you cognize you, the inner most image you carry about you comes from mother, it stays in bio memory.

Understand, your behavior, responding patterns are from muscle memory, that stays in your muscle memory. That is from father, usually he educates you about the outer world. He contributes a lot to your outer image. He contributes a lot to how you behave with the world. How you relate with the world, what you should, and should not. Vidhi and Nisheda, do’s and don’ts – Vidhi and Nisheda, do’s and don’t s. That comes from your father that is why if you had a father who is instable, your relationship with outer world will be very instable.

That comes from your muscle memory, but the way you cognize as you. Your inner image come from your bio memory that stays in your bio memory. Completion with mother only can heal and complete your bio memory. Mother worship is the direct method. Understand, mother worship is the direct method, that is the word I will use. Most direct method to bring completion in your bio memory.

The attitude, the bhāva which forms the basis for the way you connect with life, with the world. The same attitude forms the basis for you to connect with yourself. Please understand, that is what we called karma in Vedic tradition.

If you judge, you will be judged. Why you know, because the basis with which you relate with the world, the same thing will be the basis with which you will relate with yourself. Don’t think when it comes to others, you can utter the strong words. When it comes to you, you can just be very cute and friendly, no!

The strong word which you utter towards others, will be the same strong words you will be uttering to yourself. Listen, the strong word which you utter towards others, will be the same strong words you will be uttering to yourself. The attitude you built towards others will be same. That will be same way you will be relating. That will be the basis for you to relate with yourself also. That is why I insist bring motherliness in all your relationships with others. You will bring so much of motherliness in your relationship with yourself. You will be able to heal you. You will be able to fill you. You will be able to complete within yourself. When you bring tremendous healing energy of mother in your day to day attitude with everything. Suddenly you will see you will be so cool with yourself.

I tell you the best thing can happen to a human being is ability to be cool with yourself; because you can’t be cool with yourself, so much of frustration with yourself. You go on abusing left and right anybody comes in front of your eyes. You said this fellow has cheated me, that fellow has cheated me, that fellow has cheated me, that fellow has exploited me. He has swindle me. He robbed me. Understand, your inability to be with yourself. Your inability to be cool with yourself is the frustration in your system. I tell you, understand, I really want to tell you, bring mother worship as part of your cognition, you will be so cool with yourself. You will be so complete with yourself. You will be so settled with yourself.

The fear, frustration because of frustration inside. How you possess objects or things or persons. Understand, when you are frustrated, suddenly, you will have so much of possessiveness to the property you have, or the car you have, or the bank balance you have or the persons in your life. you will just suffocate the objects and person who are part of your life. I tell you, let the car in the garage, not in you.

Let things be in their place. Your inner space should have only place for completion and joy, bliss. The moment you start cognizing frustration with yourself, the first thing you so, then I don’t have anything in the life, come on. Catch, like octopus, the wealth you have, persons who are in your life. when the grabbing starts, understand, it feeds into your frustration. It doesn’t heal your frustration.

I have never seen anybody healing their frustration by grabbing and possession. No, it doesn’t, it doesn’t.  Understand the mother energy, completion with mother and connecting with life as mother. Bringing motherliness in your every relationship. Not only connecting with the source of life as mother. For whoever you are as source of life, letting them connect with you as mother. That is what I say, be a child to your source and be a mother to all the people whom you are a source. This brings so much of inner healing.

Understand, the most powerful ultimate asset you can have in your life is inner healing. It is not economically costly but it is psychologically costly. Psychological to live the life of inner healing, you may need to sacrifice a lot of stupid things.

You may need to remove many garbage. I think, oh god, this garbage were there with me for the last 25 years, how can I give upon them so easily. Mother worship will bring so much healing. So much healing.

Mother worship will allow so much completion. Try, try connecting with your god and guru as Mother, you will have so much inner healing, peace. Navratri is the time to connect with cosmos as mother.

Celebrate cosmic mother.

Vegetarianism, technique to awaken third-eye

The human body is naturally designed for vegetarian food. The inner mechanisms like feeling, thinking, words, everything is designed to function with vegetarian food. It is like having a generator which can handle only 220 Volt current, or a UPS which can handle only 220 Volt current, but it is given 20,000 Volts current. What will happen? It will get fused. Same way, if the system is designed by the nature for vegetarian food and non-vegetarian food is constantly dumped into it due to ignorance, the results will need to be faced. Many people present unwarranted arguments like, “No, in the ancient times, human-beings were non-vegetarians.” No, they were fruit-eaters. They were vegetarians, leaf eaters, fruit eaters. Only when they started killing animals to save themselves, to protect themselves, they started thinking that disposing of the dead animals is a very difficult job; eating them might be a better way of disposal. That is the way first human beings started making their stomach a graveyard for animals. Originally, humans were not designed for meat eating. Basically, the human body is designed for vegetarianism.

The food without anxiety, fear, depression bio-memories, if they are consumed by a person, the energy with which they think, the energy with which they utter words, the energy with which they act, the energy with which they feel, everything will be aligned to the natural source of energy; it will be aligned to nature which is the inner potential energy. Unfortunately, the food with fear, depression, anxiety bio-memory, because of its popularity and availability became a mainstream lifestyle. This was one of the greatest calamities that happened to humanity. In Sanskrit we have three words: Jaati Dosha, Nimitta Dosha and Aashreya Dosha. They mean: food getting impure “by its nature”, “by its muscle memory”, and “by the persons handling it”.

Jaati Dosha – By its nature: if it is obtained by stealing or killing, or depriving somebody, it is impure food because if it is stolen food, even while you eat, you will have the anxiety to quickly grab it, finish it off before it gets snatched away. By its nature if it is stolen, robbed, after killing, it is impure. In the first level itself, non vegetarian food is impure because the flesh of an animal is stolen after killing it.

Nimitta Dosha – By its muscle memory: the way the food comes to someone. When it comes to someone, the non-vegetarian food comes with so much of anger, fear, depression bio-memories filled in it. It can never be anywhere near to pure food.

Aashreya Dosha – By the people who handle it, touch it: Non vegetarian food is touched by people who kill the animal! Anything which is touched by a murderer is going to carry that energy in it. So, the person adds a little more poison as his contribution This explains the amount of impurity the non vegetarian food carries. Vegetarian food, on the contrary, is a natural part of the whole bio-energy. With the vegetarian diet, the thinking becomes more subtle and settled. The agitation, aggression disappears.

I have seen in my life, in my travels all over the world – meeting different cultures, civilization, people and I can tell you from my experience, people who live as vegetarians, their bio-energy is very high, their bio-memory is very high. I can give you various deeper understandings about it. Constantly, the emotions that are cherished become the source of bio-energy. Whatever is the source of someone’s bio-energy impacts their thinking. It is like a vicious circle. Just the right food, the pure food, which is pure by its nature, by right persons handling it, and right way it is brought to you, this pure food alone is enough to kindle, awaken the natural energy you are carrying, what I call ‘Kundalini Shakti’ or ‘inner potential energy’ or your ‘bio-energy.’” – Paramahamsa Nithyananda

All human beings who are seeking the spiritual life should live a vegetarian lifestyle. If one understands this truth – ‘You become what you eat, what you eat becomes you’ – one can see very clearly how the non vegetarian food adversely impacts the bio-memory and muscle-memory, and how vegetarian food comes to you with higher intelligence like producing energy directly from ether, air and space, and going to become part of you.” Non vegetarian food destroys all possibilities of manifesting powers and awakening the Third Eye. All powers manifest from Oneness with Sadashiva. Non vegetarianism is completely opposite to the principle of Oneness. When operating from Oneness with the Whole, one cannot even think of killing another being for a snack! The depressed bio-memory of the killed animals, when ingested, does not allow the body and mind to settle with higher experiences and elevated states of consciousness. It continues to keep the body and mind in binding, depressing thought currents. Vegetarianism is the biggest pre-requisite for manifesting the powers of Sadashiva. It not only supports Third Eye Awakening , but also tunes the body and mind to receive and retain the highest experiences and initiations when showered by The Avatar™. Vegetarianism is the lifestyle of enlightenment.

courtesy: Manifesting Shaktis

If you think your life span is much more, then the idea of your pleasures will become different.

14th verse of the Isavasya Upanishad.

sambḥutiṁ ca vināśaṁ ca yastad vedobhayaṁ saha |

vināśena mṛtyuṁ tīrtvā sambhūtyāmṛtam aśnute || 14 ||

Listen. Understand. Cognize your existence, cognize the existence of the life, universe, God, everything with the larger vision. Listen, why you do what you do? Why you think the way you think? – should be based on larger vision of life not just an immediate ‘agitational gratification’. Please understand, all your so-called luxury, the sensory pleasures are agitation gratification. Please understand, the agitation you feel in the tongue you gratify it with the food which destroys your health, but gives you temporary gratification. Read More

Dear Swamiji, if we are working with you now and we break our patterns, does that mean that they will never come back again or can they get created again? Is it possible to live life without patterns?

The question is, “Dear Swamiji, if we are working with you now and we break our patterns, does that mean they will never come back again?”

Be very clear, it never comes back to you again in your inner space because I clean to the depths of your being. The level in which I clean is not superficial, not skin. I clean your very bone marrow, your very bio memory, very DNA pattern. That is why your DNA layers get awakened. Cleansing is deep and thorough, that is first thing.

Second, you are asking, “can they get created again?”

There is a possibility you can create a new pattern. Old pattern itself will not come back. They are cleaned once for all. But you need to have little bit of awareness and atleast little bit of spiritual practice. When I say little bit of spiritual practice, atleast only one quality – everyday Satsang, wherever you are; now I am reaching out to you. Just have a iphone. That’s all. I am there. Nothing else. I have reduced the whole spiritual practice to just one small thing—morning Satsang. Maximum I speak 1 to .. one and half hours. That one hour or one and half hours, it is not even boring, everybody only enjoys it. Atleast have that one habit so that you are constantly reminded not to create new patterns. That s all. See, new patterns, creating new patterns is not a joke. It is very difficult job. It is like building the building. But if you are never in touch you may just unconsciously build that building / new patterns. Even if you are in touch with the Master — you don’t need to practise much, many things; even if you are just reminded, “hey! You are building the building newly!” . You will immediately demolish it. Just Satsang alone is enough that you will never create new patterns again.

You are asking, “Is it possible to live without patterns?”

I tell you, it is verily possible. Not only me, thousands of my disciples around the world are living without patterns. Living with a spontaneous freedom, living with spontaneous inspiration, living with spontaneous joy and bliss. It is possible, I have made it possible, I will make it possible for you also.


Muscle-memory to Bio-memory, Bio-memory to Consciousness

Whatever you do in your life every day, like how you wake up from the bed in the morning, how you brush your teeth, how you clean your body, how you dress up, how you eat, how you play or do some physical exercise, or how you work, or lie down, or sleep, all these physical activity which you are doing using your muscles, those patterns get engraved in your muscle-memory. Please understand, in your muscle-memory, they get engraved. For example, if your muscle-memory is programmed to sleep that morning five o’clock, even if you sleep whole day, that morning five o’clock you can’t open your eyes. Unless you complete with your muscle-memory, you can’t open your eyes even if you sleep whole day. Next day morning you may think, ‘Oh, yesterday whole day I slept. Today morning I will be able to get up five o’clock and go for Rudrabhishekam.’ No! Five o’clock, you will see you can’t even open your eyes, because, muscle-memory is programmed! Unless you complete with that muscle-memory and re-programme it, you can’t make.

The day-to-day activities done with the help of the muscles get programmed in muscle-memory, and the ideas based on which you make this decision, ideas based on which you make this decision, they get programmed in your bio-memory.

Please understand, I am defining Biology. Biology, please listen, Biology is the zone where your very core existence touches your body to operate. The heart, the heart muscles, heart muscles does not have muscle-memory, please listen. Heart, your physical heart does not have muscle-memory. That is why, fortunately, it is running on its own! It does not have muscle-memory. It cannot be controlled by your muscle-memory. It is controlled by your bio-memory. The brain tissues, they do not have muscle-memory. It is controlled by your bio-memory. Wherever your consciousness, your soul, the Jeeva, the Individual Soul connects with your body to operate your body, means, the decision-making points, where the decisions are made, where constantly the decision-making mechanism is stored, that point is what I call ‘bio-memory’. Listen to these terms, because, if you understand this, it can really open up the experience of Shivoham in you.

Listen! ‘Muscle-memory’ is your actions, pattern of your actions. ‘Bio-memory’ is pattern of your decisions. ‘Cause’ is bio-memory; ‘Effect’ is muscle-memory. Listen! ‘Cause’ is bio-memory; ‘Effect’ is muscle-memory. If this pillow is muscle-memory, what is the cause of this pillow? The cotton, source material; that source material is bio-memory. Read More

Nithyanandam Swamiji, so what leaves the body and assumes the another body is the soul from my understanding..

Conscious reflection. Please understand, this is the Cosmic Soul, if I keep the mirror here, the reflection is the individual soul. When the mirror is damaged, the reflection stops. There is no such thing as the reflection leaves & comes back. It stops reflecting. And there is some other place, some other mirror with the same quality, the mirror is made and again it starts reflecting.

Questioner: So mirror is the body ?

Swamiji: And mind.

Questioner: so, what leaves the body, does it carry all the memories ??

Swamiji: Llisten.. listen.  Cosmic soul stops reflecting. But this mirror cannot keep quiet because it  still wants to enjoy something through this reflection. So that bio-memory assumes another one body and again this reflection continuous to reflect there. Your soul, My soul has no difference. Your Bio-memory & My Bio-memory only has a difference.  All your souls and My soul, all our souls are reflection of the same soul. Only our bio-memories are different. Your bio-memories only carry and create another one body. On death you can ask any question today and I commit with you I am giving the answer exactly from the cosmic archives, as it is. Now Kaalabhairava is conducting the death session. Its exactly the truth from the Kaalabhairava’s archives I am opening it.

Questioner: So, when the body passes away, does the bio-memory also leave the body with the soul or bio-memory is recorded

Swamiji: The mirror(shown by left hand on one side), reflection(shown by right hand on left hand). This is cosmic soul (shown by right hand which is placed away exactly opposite from left hand), reflection is the individual soul. The mirror broken does not mean disappear. All the broken pieces put together travels and gets assembled in some way in another one place. That assembly again the reflection starts.

Questioner: so, the mirror travelling is the soul?

Swamiji:   Mirror travelling is what you call as individual soul travelling, but the individual soul cannot travel own, because it has no independent existence. It is only a reflection of the cosmos, Cosmic soul.

In our muscle memory memories are stored. If there is memory in your muscles, you will live a blissful life. If there are many memories in your muscles, you are trapped in big problems. When there are many memories in your muscles, many incompletions are stored, you are in a complicated situation. This is like democracy, where for taking every decision there are many decision makers. Then in your life you don’t even know what you want. If you are living this kind of life, then you are not living but just waiting for death. When you bring completion, the conflict inside you goes away. Then your muscle memories come to a state of peace.

Sit with yourself and do completion. Completion can bring a huge peace to your muscle memory and bio-memory. 

The incompletions in your muscle memory is like sleeping volcano. You don’t know when they will awaken. Because of incompletion your life becomes a crisis. Work on your body, you will be liberated of depression and other mental problems.

Every night completion and every morning yoga and heavy weight-lifting just these two are enough to be established in enlightenment. In the morning after heavy yoga have bath in a huge water body that is at least 100 times the volume of blood flowing in your body. I declare that whoever considers me as their guru, for them these two are mandatory, i.e. every night practicing deep completion and every morning practicing heavy yoga and weightlifting.