What is Deeksha or Initiation, Muscle memory, Bio-memory, Bio-energy ?

I’ll define Deeksha. Super Consciousness intensely, electrocuting…..understand the word ‘electrocuting’….your existence and raising you to the frequency of it’s existence, is Deeksha.

It can happen through Guru, through the Deity, through even a tree, river, hill, with whoever Deeksha has happened for you, He is – that is, your Ishta Devata. Understand. Deeksha means Super-Consciousness electrocuting you, please understand, it will always be electrocuting. It can never be mild 120 volt. No. Not even 240. It will always be 10,000 volts. 120, 240, all that does not really carry the strength of the word when I am uttering ‘electrocuting.’ It is only 10,000. Literally, lightning landing on your system. Continue reading →

Start seeing everything as if you are seeing it for the first time, without bringing in your engrams, your past engraved memories!

What I call enlightenment is experiencing the same intensity of life that you feel inside yourself, outside your skin also. You are not alive just inside your body. You are also alive inside every other individual, tree, and rock. Your hold over your physical body is transformed into a hold over the cosmic body! You are alive in every cell in the cosmos. Every cell is a complete, fulfilled part of the cosmos. Continue reading →