Meditation technique to withdraw from senses and experience thoughtless inner space

Even if you experience that thoughtless rest for two or three seconds, it will give you so much energy that you will feel you had eight to ten hours of sleep!

Duration: 5 minutes a day or 1-2 minutes, five times a day

This is an anytime meditation. Initially you may not be able to do this meditation for five minutes at a time. You can reduce the time to one or two minutes, but try to do it five times per day. You can try once in the morning before breakfast, once before lunch, once before dinner, and also twice between meal times.

Wear loose clothing; let nothing touch your body. Read More

When you continuously expand your mind to go beyond, you will be in the present moment!

Duration: 10 minutes

The moment you perceive anything, the moment you are able to think about it, it becomes past.

For example, in the beginning, when you are told to think of something that is beyond your thoughts, you may think of the entire solar system. But the moment you think about the entire solar system, you have already made that into one more thought! So now, drop that. Read More

When you understand that all the reflections have the same one Source, you can relax in the peace.

Just as you see the one sun reflected on the water as many suns, in the same way see the one real Source and be free from all types of bondage.

Duration: 11 minutes

If you keep ten water pots outside in the sun, you will see the reflection of the sun as ten suns in the ten water pots. If you break every pot one by one, the number of suns will come down. Suddenly if you break the last pot, there is no reflection at all, only the sun. There is only one sun, but there are so many reflections in the water. In the same way, there is only one superconsciousness, one Source, having many reflections in all of us! Read More

At least once in a day, try to keep everything out for just ten minutes, you will see the tremendous peace and silence happening inside you

Keep everything out of your inner space – whatever you heard, saw or read. Keep everything out, and see what happens to your inner space. If any thought appears, just know that it does not belong in your inner space. Either the thought came from someone else, or it is a byproduct of some other thought or thoughts that came inside your inner space earlier. Read More

Witness the wandering mind and relax into the real you

Duration: 21 minutes

Close your eyes. Sit in a very relaxed way.

There is no need to control the mind.

If your mind is going somewhere outside, dwelling on things other than you, it is called external wandering. Just remember you are there and your mind is wandering. The moment you remember you, you will remember your name, or some idea about you, that is internal wandering. Read More

When you feel you want to criticize some person, try this.

Before criticizing, discover a positive alternative for whatever criticism you wish to give the person. If you are not able to find a positive alternative, wait. It is useless to give a non-constructive feedback to someone. Get the positive alternative and then present the problem as well as the suggested solution to the person. Then your criticism will be useful and constructive.

source: Living Enlightenment

Look at things without bringing in any words

Learn to experience, beyond what words can describe. You will experience the real beauty of Existence. Then life becomes eternally joyful.

When you are looking at a flower, just look. Do not verbalize out loud or even silently, saying for instance, ‘Beautiful rose!’ Just see, being fully aware. That is really looking at the rose. Only then you can truly relate with the rose. Only then the rose reveals its reality to you. Read More

Jump to the present moment!

Ask yourself, ‘Are you there?’

As soon as you consciously ask yourself this, the thinking will stop. Now, reply to your question, ‘yes.’ It will directly bring your awareness to the present!

You can try this particularly before going to sleep. Otherwise, anytime and any number of times is okay

source: Living Enlightenment

Consciously relax from any tension that you hold in any part of the body while doing

Relax from any tension. Feel love for anything that you do. Be aware of your day-to-day actions every minute. Be consciously relaxed whatever you may be doing. Consciously relax from any tension that you hold in any part of the body.

Accept yourself just as you are. Accept and welcome every moment for the gift of life it has brought you.

Whatever you are doing, do it with love and joy. Be total and authentic in whatever you do and feel. The very quality of your ‘being’ and ‘doing’ will change.

source: Living Enlightenment

Technique to melt to the higher intelligence

If you notice, almost all the time, you like to say ‘no’ – it gives a solid feeling to your personality, your ego. Saying ‘no’ makes you feel you are somebody. Saying ‘yes’ makes the ego feel inferior, subservient to someone. Read More

Zazen meditation technique

Duration: 21 minutes

This meditation is drawn from Zen. The Zen word ‘zazen’ means ‘just sitting’. The most difficult thing is to just sit, doing nothing! Your mind will come up with all kinds of arguments, reasons, or excuses for not doing this technique.

It will try to convince you that it is a sheer waste of time. If you persist, the mind will become sleepy, it will daydream, it may even start hallucinating. Read More

Meditation technique to increase awareness

Normally we don’t chew and eat food, we just gulp it down our throats. We hardly taste the food.

Now whenever you eat, eat with awareness. Taste it completely. Become the taste.

When you really feel the sweetness of the food, you can feel it not only in the mouth but also in your entire body.

While drinking water, feel the coolness of the water as it goes down your throat and into your stomach. Close your eyes and drink it slowly, enjoying every sip. Feel the coolness intensely, not only in the mouth but also in the entire body.

source: Living Enlightenment